the girl who lived.

I'm Buffy. The Vampire Slayer. And you are...?

Born to parents Hank and Joyce in 1981, Buffy Anne Summers had a fairly "normal" childhood. She loved figure skating (Buffy even had a haircut like that of her idol, Dorothy Hamill) and her stuffed pig, Mr. Gordo. But while attending Hemery High School in Los Angeles, California, Buffy found out at the age of fifteen that she was much more than just a girl - she was the Slayer. The "one girl in all the world, a Chosen One, one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires." With this new knowledge, Buffy trained with her first Watcher, Merrick, and began discovering her new abilities. Unfortunately, Buffy's popularity at school began to wane as her duties as Slayer got in the way of her social life. Besides Merrick, Buffy's only ally was Pike, considered a loser by most in her school. Problems at home plagued her as well, with her parents fighting more and more. Buffy's parents, believing she was ill when she told them of her Slayer status, sent her to a mental hospital for two weeks. This prompted Buffy to begin lying about being the Slayer and to pretend she had made everything up, thus securing her release from the hospital. Eventually, Hank and Joyce divorced, and Buffy moved to Sunnydale with her mother. This worked out well for Buffy since she had been forced to burn down Hemery's gym in order to kill the vampires within it, and was promptly expelled for it. Her Watcher, Merrick, was killed by the local vampire master, Lothos, and Buffy assumed she could now leave her Slayer life behind and move on in a new town.

But upon arriving at Sunnydale High, Buffy found that her Slayer days were far from over. The new British librarian at school just happened to be Rupert Giles, Buffy's new Watcher. Giles was quick to inform Buffy that they were in for an exciting time because Sunnydale was "at the center of a mystical convergence" and that she "may, in fact, stand between the Earth and its total destruction" - Sunnydale was located on a Hellmouth. Buffy at first refused to resume her role as Slayer, but as deaths occurred at the hands of vampires, she couldn't turn away from her duty. Thankfully, Buffy now had help in the form of her new friends, Willow and Xander, both of whom discovered her Slayer identity and while shocked at first, quickly accepted the reality and helped in any way they could, be it research with Giles or fighting vampires and other demons at Buffy's side. Buffy also gained a powerful ally and love interest in Angel, a 240 year old vampire with a soul. With the help of Willow, Xander, Giles, Angel, computer teacher and technopagan Ms. Calendar, and even snobby Cordelia, the school's reigning popularity queen, Buffy was able to bring down the Master, a very old and extremely powerful vampire trapped underneath Sunnydale. Despite a prophecy that she would die facing the Master, Buffy confronted her fears and went to challenge the Master. The prophecy was fulfilled and the Master drank from Buffy and left her in a pool of water to drown, now that he was able to break free thanks to Buffy's blood. Xander and Angel quickly arrived to rescue Buffy and found her not breathing, essentially dead as the prophecy had foretold. But Xander attempted CPR and was able to revive Buffy. With renewed determination and strength, Buffy confronted the Master again, this time defeating him and saving the world. School ended for the year and Buffy spent her summer in L.A. with her distant father, while Sunnydale remained without monster activity thanks to the burial of the Master.

Upon returning to Sunnydale in the fall, Buffy had a hard time dealing with the reality that she had died, even if it was only for a few minutes. But seeing her friends in peril and she having to save them forced Buffy to conquer her fears and move on. She and Angel grew closer together and began to fall in love. But Buffy also faced a new challenge with the arrival of vampire couple Spike and Drusilla, both of who had a past with Angel. Dru had been sired by Angelus, and Spike had been sired by Drusilla - one big vampiric family. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Judge, a powerful demon brought forth by Spike and Dru, Buffy and Angel finally told each other of their love and took the plunge by consummating their relationship. But a moment of perfect happiness with Buffy was the one thing Angel wasn't supposed to have. The gypsy curse which had restored his soul was broken and Angel reverted to his soulless self - Angelus. Buffy was devastated by the knowledge that Angel as she knew him was gone and that her time with him had brought on the change. But she found solace in her friends and was able to face Angelus, who had reunited with Spike and Dru, and destroy the Judge. Although she was unable to kill Angelus, Buffy told him to "give [her] time."

Angelus continued to wreak havoc in Sunnydale and preyed upon Buffy and friends. With his killing of Ms. Calendar and the devastating failure of an attempt to restore Angel's soul, which resulted in the death of fellow Slayer Kendra (who was called after Buffy's death at the hand of the Master) and in serious injuries for her friends and the kidnapping of Giles, Buffy was finally ready to take on Angelus and bring him down. Angelus readied himself to awake the demon Acathla, who would suck the world into hell. Meanwhile, Buffy learned from the mysterious Whistler that she would needed to stop Angelus before he awakened Acathla, otherwise, only Angelus' blood would close the portal opened by Acathla. Returning home for supplies, Buffy was confronted by her mother and forced to tell Joyce the truth of her being the Slayer. Joyce refused to accept the truth and warned Buffy not to return if she didn't follow Joyce's orders to stop being the Slayer. Knowing the fate of the world rested on her, Buffy turned away from her mother, and went to school to retrieve the only weapon that could kill Acathla, a sword given to her by Kendra. While at school, Buffy was spotted by Principal Snyder, who had always hoped for an excuse to expel Buffy. Since she was on the run from the police, who assumed she had killed Kendra when she was found at her side, Snyder took pleasure in announcing to Buffy that she was expelled. But this didn't stop Buffy; she knew what she had to do - kill Angelus. Unbeknownst to Buffy, as she headed for Angelus' mansion, Willow was once again attempting the spell to restore Angel's soul. With the help of Xander, Giles was rescued from Angelus, but Angelus managed to awaken Acathla and Buffy took Angelus on in a sword fight. Just as she was ready to deliver the final blow, Willow's spell came through and Angel's soul was restored. Not remembering what he had done, Angel was confused about his whereabouts, but Buffy reassured him that everything was fine. She told him to close his and "told him that [she] loved him... and [she] kissed him... and [she] killed him." The portal closed and Angel was sucked into hell, Buffy had no where left to turn... she had been expelled from school and turned away by her mother. Leaving her friends and family behind, Buffy rode away on a bus, alone.

Meanwhile, the Scooby Gang assumed Buffy's slayer duties while Giles searched for his lost Slayer. Buffy attempted to make a new life for herself, living in a small apartment and working at a diner in L.A. It took a trip to a hell dimension to make Buffy realize that despite hardships, she had a destiny to fulfill and a life to live in Sunnydale. She returned home and worked to rebuild her friendships and restore her relationship with Joyce, who had come to terms with her daughter being the Slayer. Plagued by dreams of Angel, Buffy had a hard time letting go of him, but with the help of her friends and a new love interest, Scott Hope, she was finally ready to move on. But as she left a memento of their love in the place where she had killed him, Angel suddenly appeared, somehow returned from hell. Confused at first, he soon regained his senses and Buffy began visiting him in secret, for fear that her friends wouldn't understand their rekindled relationship.

Another new arrival in Sunnydale was Faith, the Slayer called after Kendra's death. Buffy and Faith's relationship got off to a rocky start, but Buffy began to accept Faith as a part of the group, though Faith had a hard time seeing herself as one of the gang. Scott and Buffy's relationship didn't last for long and the end, though disappointing for Buffy, didn't seem to hurt her a great deal. Her friends soon found out about Angel's return and though worried and angry at first, they accepted his return when it became apparent he was no longer evil and felt guilt for the actions of Angelus. Buffy and Angel were finally able to begin a relationship again, though realizing they would never be able to be physically intimate again. Halfway through the year, Buffy also got a new Watcher, after Giles was fired (due to his fatherly love for Buffy), named Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. Buffy was constantly at odds with the young and stuffy Wesley and the Watcher's Council orders that came with him. Meanwhile, Buffy, Faith and the rest of the gang faced a new evil in the form of Mayor Richard Wilkins III. When Faith accidentally killed Deputy Allan Finch, Buffy attempted to help Faith comes to terms with her actions. However, Faith refused Buffy's help and though she saved Buffy's life, she turned to the Mayor and began to secretly work for him. Buffy and Giles soon realized this betrayal and with Angel pretending to have become Angelus again, they were able to expose Faith and learn what she knew of the Mayor's plan for Ascension - that it was to take place on graduation day.

Shortly before the prom, Angel told Buffy he would be leaving town, if he survived the Mayor's ascension. He didn't want to keep her from having a "real" relationship. After Angel was poisoned by Faith and the Watcher's Council refused to help cure him, Buffy quit the Council. In order to cure Angel, she needed the blood of a Slayer. Seeing no alternative and tired of dealing with the evils of Faith, Buffy planned to kill her and use Faith to cure Angel. Though she managed to stab her, Faith escaped from Buffy and was later found in a coma in which she remain for 8 months. Failing in this, Buffy decided to let Angel drink from her. Her blood cured him, and Buffy, though unconscious for a bit, recovered quickly and began planning how to stop the Mayor from ascending into a pure demon on at her graduation. She hatched an ingenious plan involving her fellow graduates. As the Mayor ascended into a huge demon snake-like creature, the students launched a full-on attack against the Mayor. Buffy, taunting him with the knife she used to "kill" Faith, led him into the school library where tons of TNT was planted. As she leapt outside, Giles set the explosion off and the Mayor was destroyed, along with Sunnydale High School. Having saved the day once again, Buffy watched Angel leave in silence and then sat down to reflect with her friends. "Guys, take a moment to deal with this - we survived... not the battle... high school." -Oz

Thanks to her excellent SAT scores (and despite her less than stellar grades), Buffy began attending UC Sunnydale with Willow and Oz the following fall. She moved onto the campus and after getting the typical college experience of a "roommate from hell," Willow moved in with Buffy. Still disillusioned from the departure of Angel from her life, Buffy fell in quickly with Parker, an older college student. He took advantage of her neediness and was able to manipulate Buffy into having casual sex with, much to Buffy's disappointment. Not long after the Parker incident, Buffy began to see Riley Finn, the TA in her Psychology class. She was glad to have a "Joe Normal" guy, but Buffy discovered soon after that Riley wasn't all that normal. He was actually a soldier in the Initiative, an underground government facility that captured and experimented on demons. Buffy's Psych professor, Maggie Walsh, ran the Sunnydale unit and upon discovering Buffy was the Slayer, she quickly recruited her for their work. However, when it became apparent that Buffy would not play by their rule, Maggie plotted to kill Buffy, losing both Buffy and Riley as a result of her betrayal.

Unfortunately, Buffy had bigger problems when Adam, Maggie's hybrid demon-human creation killed Maggie and escaped from the Initiative. And as if things weren't bad enough with Adam on the loose, Faith awoke from her coma and came after Buffy for revenge. Though Buffy tried to reach out to her, Faith refused and instead used a device left to her by Mayor Wilkins to switch bodies with Buffy. She managed to reverse the spell with the help of Willow and Tara (Willow's girlfriend), but Faith once again escaped, this time heading for L.A. where she went after Angel. Buffy headed for L.A. to help Angel, but found him counseling Faith and obviously not wanting or needing Buffy's help. Ending her trip on a bitter note with Angel, Buffy returned to Sunnydale where she came face to face with Adam and was sorely defeated. Angel followed her to Sunnydale to apologize and the two former lovers ended this encounter on a much friendlier note. Things with Xander, Willow and Giles were not going as well though. With the help of the now-Initiative-chipped Spike (unable to hurt humans, but still trying to be evil), Adam drove a wedge through the friendships of these four. But the wedge didn't last long when Buffy saw through the plot and realized Spike's part. Seeing that Adam was planning an attack within the Initiative, Buffy and her friends headed to the facility and by combining their individual strengths with Buffy, they defeated Adam. But the enjoining spell had consequences and the spirit of the First Slayer came after the four in their dreams, attempting to rid Buffy of her friends, telling her that the Slayer "does not walk in this world." Buffy refused to accept this primitive notion and was able to awaken, thus saving her friends, but still remembering the warning given to her in her dreams: "You think you know... what's to come... what you are. You haven't even begun."

Buffy's second year at college began with her facing the most famous vampire of all, Dracula. He, along with the previous meeting with the First Slayer, awakened a desire within Buffy to learn more of her Slayer origins. Buffy once again began training with Giles, but this time she had a new challenge in her life - a younger sister named Dawn. Everyone, including Buffy and Dawn, seemed to believe Dawn had always been in Buffy's life since Dawn's birth. But Buffy soon found that Dawn was actually the Key, a mystical ball of energy being hunted down by a fallen hellgod, Glory. Monks formed the Key into Dawn, giving her memories, as well as Buffy and all of her friends and family, knowing that Buffy would protect her. Buffy accepted that even though Dawn was the Key, she was also her sister, because Buffy possessed the memories of Dawn and refused to abandon here. While attempting to thwart Glory and protect Dawn, Buffy moved from her school campus back into her house to help deal with her mother's health problems. Joyce developed a brain tumor and had surgery to have the tumor removed. The surgery was successful and things seemed under control for the moment. Between all her family problems though, Buffy hadn't had much time to spend with her boyfriend Riley and he took solace in letting vampires drink from him on a regular basis. Buffy was horrified to discover this and Riley, seeing that Buffy couldn't understand it and wanting more attention from her than he was getting, decided to rejoin the government's demon hunting force and left Sunnydale. Buffy realized too late that she didn't want to see him go and ran after him, but missed her opportunity. Dawn discovered that she was the Key, and though she couldn't accept it at first, she was able to with the help of Buffy who was wholly devoted to her sister.

Buffy was shocked and disgusted to learn that Spike was in love with her, but she didn't share his emotion. Soon after this, Buffy suffered a major loss when her mother Joyce died of a brain aneurysm, most likely caused by the surgery to remove her brain tumor. This left Buffy with the responsibility of fully caring for Dawn as well as the household duties and bills, and still trying to stop Glory from discovering that Dawn was the Key. Afraid that being the Slayer had caused her to lose her ability to love, Buffy went on a vision quest with Giles. She was met by a spirit guide which had taken the form of the First Slayer. The guide told Buffy that she was "full of love" and that "death [was] her gift." Disturbed by this message, Buffy returned home to find Glory coming closer and closer to unlocking Dawn's secret. When Tara was brain-sucked by Glory, Dawn's identity was finally revealed and Buffy and her friends attempted to escape from Glory's clutches, but Dawn was eventually captured by her and Buffy fell into a catatonic state at the shock of her sister being taken. Willow was able to rescue Buffy from her mind and Buffy was ready to face Glory and stop her from using Dawn to open a portal to her own dimension, which would then bleed all dimensions into one another, thus destroying the world. Buffy defeated Glory, but arrived too late to stop Dawn's blood from being spilt and the portal from opening. Dawn was ready to give up her own life to close the portal, but remembering what she had been told about her gift and realizing that Dawn was made flesh and blood from her, Buffy leaped into the portal, sacrificing herself to save her sister and the world.

Heartbroken over the loss of their friend and assuming that she was stuck in a hell dimension, Buffy's friends used mystical forces to bring Buffy back from the dead. But what they didn't realize and what Buffy kept secret from them was that she was not in hell. She "was warm... and [she] was loved." She thought that wherever she was, she felt like she was in heaven, and her friends ripped her out of there. Buffy cut herself off more and more from her friends, and began to take solace in Spike, only able to confess her secrets to him and not her friends as they dealt with other problems in their own lives. But when a musical demon arrived in Sunnydale, forcing everyone to sing their deepest secrets, Buffy confessed her belief that she had been in heaven to her friends. Soon after, Buffy was left with another hole in her life as Giles departed for England, believing that he needed to let Buffy handle the problems in her life on her own - he needed to let her grow. Besides having to adjust herself to being back in the world, Buffy also had to deal with money problems due to her lack of a job and the mortgage on her mother's house, as well as problems with her sister Dawn. As the troubles piled up, Buffy shrank away from her friends and instead began a sexual relationship with Spike based mainly on lust and attraction in an effort to make herself feel something. Yet this relationship only made Buffy loathe herself for how she acted with Spike, knowing she could never love him. Concealing this from her friends in embarrassment and horror, Buffy continued to withdraw from her sister and her life. Seeing how much Willow needed her help in keeping away from the magicks that were consuming her, Buffy tried her best to keep her friend on a steady path, but she was still in need of healing herself. It took a visit from Buffy's ex-boyfriend Riley, who was living a happy life with his wife Sam, for Buffy to stand strong and say no to Spike, telling him that their relationship was killing her and that it was over.

Though still attracted to him, Buffy continued to refuse Spike, though he would not give up his pursuit of her. She was not yet ready to confess her actions with Spike to her friends, and tried to focus her attention of her "arch nemesises... ses" of the year - the Troika, three "nerds" who had banded together to gain fortune and power, but had eventually turned to murder. She also had a new job at a local fast food place, the Doublemeat Palace, needing money to keep her house and take care of Dawn. It was not a job she enjoyed and it only made Buffy feel worse about herself and her life. But she continued to plow along, and even when she was poisoned by a demon sent by the Troika, and had hallucinations that her life in Sunnydale had all been a part of schizophrenia and her parents were together, her mother still alive, Buffy stood strong and fought the poison, knowing the Sunnydale was her reality and her friends and sister were what mattered. Her relationship with Spike was revealed to her friends and though Xander had a hard time accepting the truth, he and Buffy repaired their friendship. Spike, however, was not so accepting of Buffy's rejection. He tried to force himself onto her, and despite a hurt back, Buffy was thankfully able to throw him off in time to prevent him from raping her. Crazed and angry at himself and at Buffy, Spike left town for a trip to Africa to get his soul and try to give Buffy was she deserved - a better man. But Buffy was still left with the remains of the Troika to deal with. Andrew and Jonathan were locked in jail, but Warren, the worst of the group, bought a gun, intending to kill Buffy. He managed to shoot her, but also shot Tara as well, killing her and driving Willow over the edge and back in the magicks. Set on revenge against Warren, Willow first saved Buffy and then came after Warren, ignoring Buffy and Xander's pleas to not destroy who she was just for revenge. Failing to stop her from killing Warren, Buffy next had to protect Jonathan and Andrew from Willow. She did her best, but Willow was much too powerful for her to handle on her own. But Giles returned to Sunnydale in the nick of time and as he dealt with Willow, Buffy set off to save Jonathan and Andrew. But a fireball from Willow trapped Buffy and Dawn in a deep hole in the cemetery. As Xander saved Willow and the world, Buffy and Dawn fought and climbed their way out of the grave - bringing Buffy full circle for the year, as she was finally ready to accept her life and be happy to live it and share it with her friends and her sister.

While Willow was learning to control her power in England with Giles' help, Buffy taught Dawn how to defend herself - especially with the reopening of a brand new Sunnydale High School, which Dawn would be attending. Worried that the high school would be as Hellmouth-y as it was during her high school days, Buffy explored the school and discovered it was as full of Hellmouth fun as always. She also discovered a rather insane and now en-souled Spike living in the school's basement. Buffy even managed to procure a new job for herself - as a counselor of sorts for the students - from the new principal, Robin Wood. Willow returned from England, now able to control herself and the power she had within her, but afraid of what would happen if she ever let loose again. Buffy helped her friend and encouraged her to begin attending college again, but also discovered something was amiss in Sunnydale. In her dreams and from demons she encountered, Buffy received the same warning: "From beneath you, it devours." After an encounter with a vampire she had known as a human student in her high school days, Buffy was left knowing and accepting more truths about herself - "You do have a superiority complex. And you've got an inferiority complex about it." - and with the horrifying knowledge that the now soulful Spike she had been trying to help was killing again. She soon that Spike was being controlled and forced to turn people into vampires, so Buffy took him to her home in an attempt to find out who was controlling him. When Bringers, which Buffy had seen before, attacked her home and kidnapped Spike, she realized what was controlling Spike and what she was up against - The First. The First used Spike's blood to open a seal over the Hellmouth in the school basement and released an Ubervamp - a true vampire, not tainted by human blood as the vampires walking the earth are.

But with the appearance of this new foe, Buffy also gained new allies. Giles returned from England bringing three girls with him, Potentials. These Potentials were not Slayers, but Slayers-in-Waiting. They had the potential to become the Slayer, but no one would be chosen until the current Slayer (Faith) died. Defeated once by the Ubervamp, Buffy vowed to stop the First at all costs with help of her new army. More and more Potentials arrived in Sunnydale and moved into Buffy's house and Buffy began their training. She killed the Ubervamp in a setting staged for the girls to see her power and know Buffy was not just about talking - she was about action. With the Ubervamp now gone, and no one guarding Spike, Buffy was able to rescue him from the clutches of the non-corporeal First. But this didn't stop the First from continuing to taunt Buffy and even driving one of the Potentials to hanging herself. Desperate to find a way to defeat the First, Buffy used an emergency Slayer handbag (given to her by Robin Wood - who was revealed to be the son of Slayer Nikki Wood) to travel back to the time when the First Slayer was created. Shadow Men of that time, who later became the Watchers, took a girl and filled her with the heart of a demon, thus giving her the Slayer's power. The Shadow Men were prepared to do this to Buffy as well to give her more power, but not wanting to give up her humanity, Buffy refused and fought against them. But before she was returned to her time, Buffy was given a vision of what was to come, what the First was preparing - an endless army of Ubervamps.

In the face of all her troubles with the First, Buffy was still devoted to helping Spike, whom she retained a soft spot for, seeing the changes and progress he had made after getting his soul. When Spike's chip began acting up, Buffy chose to have it removed, putting her faith in Spike that he could be a good person on his own with his soul. Spike's refusal to help find the cause of the First's control over him prompted Giles and Robin (seeking revenge for Nikki Wood's death) to attempt to kill Spike. But the attempt to kill him only helped Spike fight the trigger and he thwarted Robin. Buffy, appalled at Giles' betrayal, turned away from him, even with the impending apocalypse of the First close at hand. Thankfully, she had the arrival of now-reformed Slayer Faith to help her in the fight. But the First also had the arrival of an ally of its own - Caleb, a fallen preacher with a penchant for hating women. Upon receiving a message that Caleb had something of hers, Buffy planned an attack on him, but it turned out to be a trap set by Caleb. Two Potentials dead and Xander now without his left eye, thanks to Caleb, Buffy felt lost and more alone than ever. Realizing that Caleb really did have something of hers, Buffy wanted to plan another attack on him. But her friends disagreed and her trust was betrayed as Dawn asked Buffy to leave her house if she wouldn't give up her leadership of the group. Buffy gracefully gave the leadership over the Faith, telling her to not be afraid to lead, because despite the group's protests for democracy, they truly needed a leader.

Buffy wandered the now empty town of Sunnydale, settling into a house to wallow, but was found by Spike who had returned from a mission with new information that Buffy's theory about Caleb having something was correct. Spike encouraged Buffy to believe in herself and take back her leadership of the group. With renewed spirit and strength, Buffy again faced Caleb, this time deftly avoiding his power-packed punches. Buffy found what Caleb and the First were hiding - a red scythe stuck in solid rock. Buffy, however, was able to pull it out with ease and knew immediately that it belonged to her - it belonged to the Slayer. With her new shiny weapon, Buffy headed off to save the Potentials, who with Faith, had been led into another trap by Caleb. Buffy saved the girls and returned to her home to reclaim her role as leader, but this time more willing to listen to her friends and work as a group. Armed with information gathered by Willow and Giles regarding the scythe, Buffy headed to a crypt in Sunnydale where she encountered a Guardian, the last of her kind, one of many women who have protected the Slayer line. It was these women that forged and hid the scythe for the Slayer to use, but the Guardian told Buffy she already had weapons. Caleb suddenly arrived and killed the Guardian, prompting another fight between Buffy and Caleb, who had just had his strength renewed by the First. Thankfully, Angel had a timely arrival from L.A. to help out, but allowed Buffy to finish off Caleb by splitting him in two. Angel was greeted with a kiss from Buffy, but unbeknownst to them, Spike was watching from the shadows as the First tried to taunt him once again.

Buffy asked Angel to give her the information he had, as well as the pretty amulet he brought, and then he was told to leave and start the second front - just in case they needed it. At first, Angel refused to comply, especially after finding out that Buffy had a relationship with Spike and that Spike was "in [her] heart." When asked, Buffy told Angel that she had figured out why she hadn't been able to make things work with a guy yet - she was cookie dough. "I'm not done baking yet. I'm not finished becoming... whoever the hell it is I'm gonna turn out to be. I've been looking for someone to make me feel whole, and maybe I just need to be whole. I make it through this, and the next thing, and the next... maybe one day I turn around and realize I'm ready. I'm cookies. And then if I want someone to eat m -- or, to enjoy warm delicious cookie- me, then that's fine. That'll be then. When I'm done." After sending him off with a reassurance that she did sometimes think about her future and his place in it, Buffy returned home with her scythe and the amulet. She gave the amulet to Spike because it could only be worn by someone with a soul, but more than human. After resting with Spike, but unable to sleep, Buffy wandered the basement of her home and was confronted by the First in the form of Caleb and then in the form of herself. Taunting her about being left alone, the First thought it had brought Buffy's spirits down, but instead, it had given her a plan - a plan that could make Buffy and her army win.

After informing everyone of the plan and the part they would play, Buffy spent a sleepless night before the attack the next morning. She entered the high school armed with Potentials, friends and with Dawn. Buffy shared a moment with her true friends - Willow, Xander and Giles - before she headed to the basement with Spike, Faith and the Potentials they re-opened the seal leading to the Hellmouth and entered to confront the First's army of Ubervamps. But upstairs, Willow carried out the true heart of Buffy's plan. Using the essence of the scythe, which was part of the Slayer power, Willow awakened the power in all the girls in the world who had the potential to be a Slayer - she made them all Slayers. Buffy's army now had many Slayers rather than just two and they bravely fought against the thousands of Ubervamps. Buffy was badly injured, but when mocked by the First about her wound, Buffy gathered her strength and stood up, fighting harder than ever. Spike was suddenly thrown backwards and his amulet was activated. As a stream of sunlight hit the amulet, sunlight was thrown all throughout the Hellmouth and the Ubervamps was dusted by the rays. As the cavern began to collapse, everyone hurried out, except Buffy. She stopped and stood with Spike, holding his hand. Seeing what he was doing to save the world, Buffy told him the one thing he had always wanted to hear from her - "I love you." Smiling, Spike answered her honestly, "No you don't. But thanks for saying it." Letting him go, Buffy hightailed it out of the building as Spike was consumed in the power and died. While the others were driven quickly out of town on a bus, Buffy ran across building tops until she was level with the bus and then leapt on top of it. The bus made it out of town and Sunnydale was left as nothing but a huge crater. As Buffy and her friends stood at the edge and pondered their win and where they would go from here, Dawn asked, "Buffy? What are we gonna do now?" And Buffy simply smiled.

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