My brain isn't really functioning on the higher levels. It's pretty much: fire bad; tree pretty.

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Season One
Welcome to the Hellmouth The Harvest The Witch Teacher's Pet Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
The Pack Angel I Robot, You Jane The Puppet Show Nightmares
Out of Mind, Out of Sight Prophecy Girl

Season Two
When She Was Bad Some Assembly Required School Hard Inca Mummy Girl Reptile Boy
Halloween Lie to Me The Dark Age What's My Line? Part 1 What's My Line? Part 2
Ted Bad Eggs Surprise Innocence Phases
Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Passion Killed by Death I Only Have Eyes For You Go Fish
Becoming Part 1 Becoming Part 2

Season Three
Anne Dead Man's Party Faith, Hope, and Trick Beauty and the Beasts Homecoming
Band Candy Revelations Lover's Walk The Wish Amends
Gingerbread Helpless The Zeppo Bad Girls Consequences
Doppelgangland Enemies Earshot Choices The Prom
Graduation Day Part 1 Graduation Day Part 2

Season Four
The Freshman Living Conditions The Harsh Light of Day Fear, Itself Beer Bad
Wild at Heart The Initiative Pangs Something Blue Hush
Doomed A New Man The I in Team Goodbye Iowa This Year's Girl
Who Are You Superstar Where the Wild Things Are New Moon Rising The Yoko Factor
Primeval Restless

Season Five
Buffy vs. Dracula Real Me The Replacement Out of My Mind No Place Like Home
Family Fool for Love Shadow Listening to Fear Into the Woods
Triangle Checkpoint Blood Ties Crush I Was Made to Love You
The Body Forever Intervention Tough Love Spiral
The Weight of the World The Gift

Season Six
Bargaining, Part 1 Bargaining, Part 2 After Life Flooded Life Serial
All the Way Once More, with Feeling Tabula Rasa Smashed Wrecked
Gone Doublemeat Palace Dead Things Older and Far Away As You Were
Hells Bells Normal Again Entropy Seeing Red Villains
Two to Go Grave

Season Seven
Lessons Beneath You Same Time, Same Place Help Selfless
Him Conversations with Dead People Sleeper Never Leave Me Bring on the Night
Showtime Potential The Killer in Me First Date Get it Done
Storyteller Lies My Parents Told Me Dirty Girls Empty Places Touched
End of Days Chosen

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