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A complete list of everyone who was involved in the making of this episode.

Opening Credits

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Charisma Carpenter
David Boreanaz
and Anthony Stewart Head as Giles

Created by:
Joss Whedon

Guest Starring:
Seth Green
Kristine Sutherland
Robia LaMorte
Brian Thompson
Ryan Francis

Special Guest Star:
Vincent Schiavelli
James Marsters as Spike
Juliet Landau as Drusilla

David Solomon

Gareth Davies

Executive Producers:
Sandy Gallin
Gail Berman

Executive Producers:
Fran Rubel Kuzui
Kaz Kuzui

Co-Executive Producer:
David Greenwalt

Written and Directed by:
Joss Whedon


End Credits

Executive Producer:
Joss Whedon

Executive Story Editors:
Rob Des Hotel
Dean Batali

Story Editor:
Marti Noxon

Teacher - James Lurie
Woman - Carla Madden
Student - Parry Shen

Gary Law

Unit Production Manager:
Gary Law

First Assistant Director:
Robert D. Nellans

Second Assistant Director:
Alan Steinman

Score by:
Christophe Beck

Theme by:
Nerf Herder

Director of Photography:
Michael Gershman

Production Designer:
Carey Meyer

Edited by:
Kimberly Ray

Original Casting by:
Marcia Shulman, C.S.A.

Costume Designer:
Cynthia Bergstrom

Production Sound Mixer:
Maury Harris, C.A.S.

Art Director:
Caroline Quinn

Set Decorator:
David Koneff

Gustav Gustafson

Construction Coordinator:
Steve West

Paint Foreman:
Lisa Gamel

Property Master:
Ken Wilson

Chief Lighting Technician:
Dayton Nietert

Key Grip:
Tom Keefer

Camera Operator:
Herbert Davis

Script Supervisor:
Kelly Akers

Location Manager:
Jordana Kronen

Production Auditor:
Edwin L. Perez

Stunt Coordinator:
Jeff Pruitt

Transportation Coordinator:
Robert Ellis

Hair Stylist:
Jeri Baker

Make-up Artist:
John Maldonado

Special Effects Coordinator:
Bruce Minkus

Production Coordinator:
Phyllis Saldutti

Script Coordinator:
Amy Wolfram

Assistant to Joss Whedon:
George Snyder

Assistant to Gail Berman:
Caroline Kallas

Assistant to David Greenwalt:
Robert Price

Assistant to Gareth Davies:
Marc D. Alpert

Post Production Supervisor:
Brian Wankum

Assistant Editor:
Golda Savage

Post Production Sound Provided by:
Todd-AO Studio

Supervising Sound Editor:
Cindy Rabideau

Re-Recording Mixers:
Kevin Patrick Burns
Todd Keith Orr
Don Digirolamo

Music Editor:
Fernand Bos

Special Make-Up Effects Created by:
John Vulich

Make-Up Supervisor:
Todd McIntosh

Post Production Services and Visual Effects by:
Digital Magic

Main Title Design by:
Montgomery / Cobb

Processing by:
Four Media Company

Vampire designs evolved from concept created by:
The Burman Studios

Copyright © 1998
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
All Rights Reserved

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws.


The events and characters depicted in this photoplay are fictious. Any similarity to actual person, living or dead, or to actual events is purely coincidental. Ownership of this motion picture is protected by copyright and other applicable laws, and any unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition of this motion picture could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability.

Mutant Enemy, Inc.

Kuzui Enterprises

Sandollar Televsion

20th Century Fox Television

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