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This page exists to give credit to the people who help me with this site and to give thanks to people who provide support and their time.  If I've forgotten someone, I sincerely apologize, but my memory is pretty crappy, so feel free to refresh it.

This domain is hosted by the Dinix. Before that, it was over at Infinet and Simplenet, but that was taken over by the not-so-lovely Yahoo.

Captures used on the graphics within this site come from Can't Take the Sky and were taken by EB of heroinechic.net.

Many of the items that get posted in the News section of this site are thanks to a great many people who take the time to e-mail me, and they are credited in that section. Other news sources include Slayage.com, Whedonesque, and the JossFirefly list.

Pictures in the gallery come from a variety of sources. Episode and Promo photos are from The Official Firefly Site and Cinescape, IMDb, and Last-Beautiful-Girl.com. All scanned photos were done by me. Feel free to post or use, but PLEASE give this site credit with a link back.

Brushes used on graphics on this site were created by saava and Damn Apple. Thanks to them for those wonderful resources!

Most of all, thanks to some of my online buds for all their support and friendship: Rae, Little Willow, Freddi, Thomas, Connie, Tarina, Tlace, and most especially, Kristina, who saved Flights, as well as me, and is one of the nicest people I know.

And most of all, THANK YOU to Susan for her support, feedback on layouts and site stuff, contributions, and her friendship for the past 5 years. You are amazing, wonderful, and one of the reasons I'm still around and doing this.

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The Usual

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