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Bushwhacked Quotes
Bushwhacked Quotes

Zoe: Proximity alert. Must be coming up on something.
Wash: Oh, my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Whose flying this thing?! Oh, right, that would be me. Back to work.

Kaylee: Well, I guess that makes us one man short.
Jayne: Yeah, little Kaylee's always one man short.

Jayne: Tell you what I think. I figure that fella we ran into we ran into did everyone on board - killed them all - then he decided to take a swim. See how fast his blood would boil out his ears.
Wash: You're a very up person.

Jayne: It's impressive what 'nothing' can do to a man.

Mal: Um, what are you doing here and what's with the suit?
Simon: You're hilarious. Sadist.

Wash: What the tyen shiao duh is going on in there?
Zoe: Not now, dear.

Simon: Oh, yes... he's a real beast. It's a wonder you're still alive.
Jayne: Looked bigger when I couldn't see him.

Mal: Jayne's right - Reavers ain't men. Or, they forgot how to be. Now they're just nothing. They got out the edge of the galaxy, to that place of nothing, and that's what they became.

Mal: You tell me right now, little Kaylee - you really think you can do this?
Kaylee: Sure. Yeah. I think so. Besides, if I mess up, it's not like you'll be able to yell at me.

Alliance Commander: I want every inch of this junker tossed.
Kaylee: Junker?!
Mal: Settle down, Kaylee.
Kaylee: But, Captain, did you hear what that purple-belly called Serenity?
Mal: Shut up.

Alliance Commander: And do you love him?
Zoe: I don't see how that's relevant.
Alliance Commander: Well, he is your husband.
Zoe: Yes.
Alliance Commander: You two met through Captain Reynolds.
Zoe: Captain was looking for a pilot. I found a husband. It seemd to work out.
Alliance Commander: You fought with Captain Reynolds in the war?
Zoe: Fought with a lot of people in the war.
Alliance Commander: And your husband?
Zoe: Fight with him sometimes, too.
Alliance Commander: Is there any particular you don't wish to discuss your marriage?
Zoe: Don't see that it's any of your business, is all. We're very private people.

Wash: The legs. Oh, yeah. I definitely have to say it was her legs. You can put that down. Her legs, and her right where her legs meet her back. That, actually... that whole area. That and- and above it.

Wash:: Have you seen what she wears? Forget about it. Have you ever been with a warrior woman?

Alliance Commander: Seems odd you'd name your ship after a battle you were on the wrong side of.
Mal: May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.

The Usual
The Usual

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