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  • BrownCoats.com - The unofficial Firefly FAQ site. A great resource for Firefly fans.

  • Browncoats: Official Serenity Fan Site - The official fan site for the upcoming movie "Serenity." Join and help promote the movie, while earning points for yourself.

  • Can't Take the Sky - A lovely fansite, as well as the official Firefly fanlisting. Go join and show you're a fan!

  • Captain Tight Pants - Charming site devoted to Nathan Fillion / Malcolm Reynolds. Also includes info on the show as a whole.

  • FireflyFans.net - A large site with loads of news items, episode info, message boards, and much more.

  • FireFlight - Wonderful site that includes a comprehensive episode guide as well as quotes, fanfic, and more.

  • Firefly: Immediate Assistance - Show your support of "Firefly" here and also get up-to-date news on happenings related to the show.

  • FireflyMovie.com - A fansite devoted to ensuring we get Firefly on the silver screen.

  • Firefly: Proximity Sensor - Gorgeous mini-site with Firefly trailers for download, as well as the theme and such.

  • Firefly's Glow Archive - Fulfillment for all your Firefly fanfic needs.

  • Serenity: Official Movie Website - The official website for the upcoming Firefly movie, "Serenity."

  • Two Evil Monks: Firefly - Loads of information for newcomers to the show, along with lovely screencaps.

  • Whoa. Good Myth. - An excellent "Firefly" resource site that includes transcripts and more.

  • You're pretty... pretty - A lovely Kaylee/Simon fansite, packed full of wonderful content.

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