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Cast & Characters
Cast & Characters

Nathan Fillion
as Mal Reynolds
Nathan Fillion, best known for his roles on the soap opera "One Life to Life" and the sitcom "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place," stars as Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the space ship Serenity.

Zoe, a soldier who fought with Malcolm during the war, owes her life to the captain of Serenity. She is played by Gina Torres, who has guested on episodes of "Alias" and starred in "Cleopatra 2525."

Gina Torres
as Zoe

Alan Tudyk
as Wash
Alan Tudyk, who has a starred in movies such as "28 Days" and "A Knight's Tale," plays Wash, the pilot of Serenity, who also happens to be Zoe's husband.

Newcomer Morena Baccarin stars as Inara, the companion (aka a high class prostitute), whose purpose on Serenity is somewhat of a mystery.

Morena Baccarin
as Inara

Adam Baldwin
as Jayne
Jayne, a mercenary who takes the best offer he can get, is played by Adam Baldwin, who who has been in movies such as "Full Metal Jacket" and "Independence Day," was also a frequent guest on "The X-Files."

Jewel Staite stars as Kaylee, the resident mechanic on Serenity. Jewel Staite has starred in shows such as "Flash Forward" and "Higher Ground."

Jewel Staite
as Kaylee

Sean Maher
as Simon
Sean Maher, a guest on "Party of Five" in the past, plays Simon, Serenity's doctor. Simon comes a wealthy upbringing and has constant disagreements with Malcolm.

Summer Glau, a prima ballerina whose only acting stint in the past was a guest spot on "Angel," plays River, a psychic and fugitive from the Alliance.

Summer Glau
as River

Ron Glass
as Book
Book, a priest and the eldest member of the crew, is played by longtime actor Ron Glass, who has been on a variety of shows such as "Barney Miller," "Rugrats," and "The Education of Max Bickford."

The Usual
The Usual

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