1. You must be a "Chosen" fan. Why else would you want to join?

2. You must state your name, a valid email address, and country.

3. You don't need a website to join, but if you do the code must be up in a visible place at all times, and it MUST be up before you join. If we check your site after you apply and can't find the code, you will be added, but your site link will not.

4. If you would like, you can specify a favorite new slayer. This does not include Buffy or Faith (and it doesn't mean you like the new slayer better than either of them - it's your favorite from AMONG the new slayers).

5. Please also be aware that a potential who died before Willow's spell was cast, ie Molly or Annabelle, cannot be chosen. The girl must have been alive at the time of the spell to become a slayer.

6. If you need to update your info, use this handy form.

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