Caulfield Wept At Buffy's End
from Sci Fi Wire

Emma Caulfield, who plays demon-turned-human Anya on UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that she was surprised to find herself tearing up after filming her last scene in the series finale. "It was very bittersweet," Caulfield said in an interview at the 29th annual Saturn Awards, where she was recognized as Female Face of the Future. "I wasn't prepared for how it was going to affect me. I mean, I was pretty fine all day. I was fine. It was like, 'Oh wow. I'm never going to see that again.' And then as soon as they announced me as a show wrap, I just burst into tears."

Although the actress said she has no interest in appearing on the Buffy spinoff Angel, Caulfield had nothing but praise for her fellow Buffy cast and crew members. "It was a great group of people and the best ensemble cast I've ever worked with and probably ever will work with," she said. "They're the best there ever was. They're amazing. I was lucky."

Former Firefly star Nathan Fillion, meanwhile, told SCI FI Wire that he relished the chance to appear as this season's villainous Caleb. "My first chance to play a villain," he said. "No one would hire me to play a villain in town. ... [Buffy creator] Joss [Whedon] was the first to hire me to play the villain. ... And I really enjoyed the kind of villain that Caleb was, being that he was pleasant and sweet, but at the same time ... he was not all right in his head. His sensibilities were all out of whack, and then he was inhumanly powerful, so he couldn't be stopped. And that's got to play on his ego a little bit. ... I really enjoyed that."

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