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  • Site Owner / Maintainer: Anna
    • Site Index: Restless Innocence
    • Favorite T.V. Shows: BtVS, Firefly, Lost, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Angel, The X-Files, Sports Night
    • Favorite BtVS Mains: Buffy, Xander, Giles
    • Favorite Angel Mains: Cordy, Wesley, Fred, Lorne
    • Favorite Recurring: Tara, Faith, Lindsey
    • Top Five BtVS Episodes: Innocence, Restless, Chosen, Becoming, Once More, with Feeling
    • Top Five Angel Episode: Epiphany, To Shanshu in L.A., Five by Five, A Hole in the World, That Vision-Thing
    • Place of employment: Library
    • Interests: Reading, being with family and friends, traveling, Disneyland, spending time with my pets, organizing, maintaing websites

  • Episode Summaries / Character Bios: Zinna (pronounced Zeena)
    • Occupation: Urban Planning Associate
    • Aspiring Occupation: Novelist
    • Favorite BtVS Episode: I Only Have Eyes For You & The Wish
    • Least Favorite Episode: Where the Wild Things Are
    • Favorite Characters other than Buffy: Faith, Spike and Xander (for the most part I like them all)
    • Favorite Supporting Roles: Mr. Trick and Oz
    • Favorite Villain: Angel without a soul ties with Vampire Willow (although I don't think of her as a villain), Glory is a close second with the Mayor bringing up fourth place
    • Most Touching Episode: The Body
    • Favorite Movie: Bottle Rocket by Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson, Office Space (second)
    • Movie that inspired the most Awe: Memento
    • Least Fave Movie: I can't think of one, I generally enjoy all movies even the really bad ones. Bully by the guy who made KIDS was really hard to watch
    • Genre: Film Noir
    • Favorite TV Shows other than Buffy/Angel: NewsRadio, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Sex in the City
    • Favorite Authors (this is ever-changing): Aimee Bender and James Baldwin
    • Favorite Magazine: Esquire, Jane (second-runner-up), and I'm starting to dig Talk
    • The last really good book I read was: the perks of being a wallflower
    • Hobbies: Journal writing, hip hop dancing, my Kung-Fu classes, and making mixed tapes

  • Episode Summaries / Columnist / News Gatherer: Kristina
    • Favorite T.V. Shows: BtVS, Angel, CSI
    • Favorite BtVS mains: Willow, Xander
    • Favorite Angel mains: Angel, Gunn
    • Favorite new mainstay: Fred
    • Favorite recurring: Kate, Faith
    • Favorite BtVS episode: Becoming Part 2 (2nd - The Zeppo)
    • Favorite Angel episode: Hero (2nd - Sanctuary)
    • Interests: Buffy, Angel, reading, writing, music (play electric and string bass), web design

  • Columnist / News Gatherer: Little Willow
    • Site Index: Slayground.net
    • Watched BtVS since day one, March 10 1997. Same with Angel and its premiere two and a half years later.
    • Favorite BtVS mains - Willow, Xander
    • Favorite Angel mains - Cordelia, Wesley
    • Favorite new mainstay - Fred
    • Favorite recurring - Faith, Tara, Jonathan, Lindsey, Kate
    • Favorite BtVS episode - Prophecy Girl (2nd - Restless)
    • Favorite Angel episode - 5x5 (2nd - Untouched)
    • Fond of the dream sequences, literary allusions, character development, White Rabbit moments, epiphanies, revelations, score music, thoughtfulness and intelligence

  • Quiz Contributor / Support-o-Gal: Susan
    • Favorite T.V. Shows: BtVS, Angel, One Tree Hill, 24, Alias, Lost
    • Favorite BtVS Mains: Xander and Giles
    • Favorite Angel Mains: Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne
    • Favorite Recurring: Tara and Lilah
    • Favorite BtVS Episodes: Becoming 2, Prophecy Girl, Amends, Once More With Feeling, Grave, Angel, Hush, Blood Ties, Real Me
    • Favorite Angel Episodes: To Shanshu In LA, Ephipany, Sleep Tight, City Of
    • Occupation: Teacher
    • Interests: karate, Buffy, Alias, Harry Potter, reading, watching TV, Internet, Movies, good conversations, Iced Tea, the color blue, hanging with my friends and sister

  • Quiz Contributor: Thomas
    • Favorite T.V. Shows: BtVS, Alias, Firefly, The X-Files, 24, Profiler
    • Favorite BtVS mains: Buffy, Willow, Xander
    • Favorite Angel mains: Cordelia, Fred, Gunn
    • Favorite new mainstay: Anya
    • Favorite recurring: Tara, Joyce, Giles
    • Favorite BtVS episode: "Once More, with Feeling" or "The Gift" -- I can't choose!
    • Favorite Angel episode: "Sanctuary"
    • Occupation: Soon to be college student
    • Interests: Reading, chatting, web design, music, playing guitar

  • The Usual
    The Usual

    Random Quotage:

    So where were you? Did you go to Belgium?
    Why would I go to Belgium?
    I think the relevant question is why wouldn't you? Bel-gium!
    -Xander and Buffy (Dead Man's Party)

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