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'Angel' Goes Musical -- Kind of

Well into its third season, The WB's "Angel" hasn't really gotten the kind of special attention that creator Joss Whedon has lavished on the show it was spun off from -- "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Whedon, who wrote and directed the premiere of the moody vampire drama, will return to fill both roles again for the Feb. 4 episode "Waiting in the Wings."

In the episode, Angel takes friends and co-workers Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn to the ballet only to recognize the prima ballerina from another show -- one he saw 100 years before.

When Angel and Cordelia go to investigate they find themselves at the whim of spirits of unrequited lovers and consumed with passion for each other.

This past fall, the cast of "Buffy" was subjected to all singing/dancing episode entitled "Once More with Feeling."

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