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Buffy's Unholy Reunion

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's James Marsters says he's tired of his defanged character, Spike, pussyfooting around Sunnydale like a declawed kitten.

"He has powers, he just can't use them against human beings because The Initiative put that damned computer chip in his head," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "Basically, the writers had to find a way for Spike to stop trying to kill Buffy all the time, because he can't really kill her - and he can't keep failing at it or he'll look pathetic."

Rather than the obvious solution - getting the offending chip removed from the bloodsucker's brain - Marsters has offered producer Joss Whedon an alternative idea for Spike's destiny. "I'm hoping to go on [Buffy's spin-off series] Angel again because I think I can draw more blood there," he grins. "I could be a full-blown villain over there because I can still mess with other vampires. And I hate the man anyway, 'cause he took my girlfriend, so let's go!"

However Spike's storyline shakes out, the long-anticipated Nov. 14 return of his ex-ghoulfriend, Drusilla (Juliet Landau), means plenty of fiendish fun is coming up.

"She's going to be on a few Angel episodes and at least one Buffy," Marsters reveals. "And I get to kiss her. It's fabulous to have Juliet back again because there's a very romantic side of Spike which I haven't gotten to play on since Dru left. We were supposed to be a Sid and Nancy, so we were always trying to act perverse, in a real subtle way. Doped up and horny, that's Spike and Dru all over!"

-Daniel R. Coleridge

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