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Buffy Star's Wedding Worries

Aficionados of Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer suspect that like most TV weddings, the ex-demon's impending nuptials to Xander will hit a snag. "I really don't know if they will ever get to the altar," her portrayer, Emma Caulfield, tells TV Guide Online. "I don't know if [the writers] know, actually! But obviously, if Anya got her powers back, I would imagine domesticity would be out of the question."

Indeed, it is ironic that a man-hating demon whose full-time job was avenging spurned women could now crave marital bliss herself! Then again, such supernatural love matches have worked before. Think of Bewitched's Samantha and Darren or I Dream of Jeannie's bottle blonde and her Major Nelson!

"I think it could be fun," concedes Caulfield. "I don't think it would be normal... It would be [producer] Joss Whedon's version of domesticity, which would be just as skewed as everything else [but] wonderfully so. And probably more accurate than anything else [on TV]. I just like working with [Nicholas Brendon, who plays Xander]."

Speaking of domestic drama, which show's cast has stirred up more of it Buffy or her alma mater, Beverly Hills, 90210? "Oh, 90210," says Caulfield, rolling her eyes. "Well, I think, overall, people on Buffy are more happy to be there. On 90210, I think people were getting tired already... I don't want to say too much. It's just a friendlier place to be."

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