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Angel Gets in the Mood for Love

Since Buffy spun off her blood-sucking beau into his own series, he has bared his fangs at almost every conceivable kind of antagonist. But starting with tonight's season premiere of Angel (9 pm/ET on the WB), the undead do-gooder and his ghoul-crazy sidekicks will stare down their most terrifying foe yet, a cherub who is as handy with a bow and arrow as they are with wooden stakes Cupid.

"Everybody's going to be having feelings for everybody in an inconvenient way," executive producer David Greenwalt tells TV Guide Online. "Gunn and Wesley are both going to have eyes for [new regular] Fred, and Fred's going to have a big ol' puppy-dog crush on Angel."

Horror of horrors, a new romance could even be in the offing for the show's brooding title character. "The fact that he has this curse should not stop him from living," suggests Greenwalt, downplaying the crippling effect of the vampire's, er, 'drinking problem.' "So he's going to be moving on in a big way."

In part, that means Angel must accept that his former girlfriend has gone to Slayer heaven. "He will definitely be getting over Buffy," promises Greenwalt. "In the first episode, he deals with that. There's also a Romeo-and-Juliet-type couple out of his past that represents the kind of undying love that he had with Buffy."

That said, Angel isn't likely to be ready and raring to get hot and heavy again overnight. After all, this is the guy who, with one notable exception, shrugged off the come-ons of incendiary old flame Darla for nearly a year. And besides, he might wind up with more pressing problems than scaring up a date for Saturday night.

"Just as he is getting over Buffy, there's a big thing that comes back to haunt him," Greenwalt teases. "You'll see at the end of episode one what he has to deal with. So, whether he's going to be dating, he's certainly going to have his hands full."

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