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Whedon Will Finish Fray
From Sci Fi Wire

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon told SCI FI Wire he will indeed finish his Dark Horse comic-book series Fray as soon as he and artist Karl Moline can coordinate their schedules. Dark Horse has published six of the promised eight issues of the comic, about a future vampire slayer.

"Oh God, I will [finish], I promise, I'm sorry," Whedon said in an interview. "I don't know the date. I think I'm just marginally ahead of the artist on pages, because he went to CrossGen [Comics], and because my life imploded. We both got really behind. I'm so embarrassed about it, but it will only take me a couple of weeks to finish the last issue and a half that I have left to write. Then it's a question of how we can schedule him to do the pages. I really want to get it out. I'm very embarrassed about that. I've known the ending since I've started it. All I have to do is write it down."

Fray takes place in the distant future of the Buffy universe, where a Slayer continues the duties of saving the world in a post-apocalyptic setting. Issues one through six are available through Dark Horse, with seven and eight at pre-order status.

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