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Buffy To Lighten Up
From Sci Fi Wire

Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that she's eager for the show to lighten up next season. "I think it's going to be a lighter year," Gellar said while promoting her upcoming film Scooby-Doo. "I think we've traveled to the dark enough already. Let's go back to happy Buffy."

The show's sixth season ended with the death of Tara, the transformation of Willow to evil and the departure of Giles for good. The show's sixth season was also characterized by storylines involving disillusionment, death, rape and addiction.

Gellar, meanwhile, told the Dark Horizons Web site that she's not eager to see a new feature-film treatment of the series, the story of which was first told in a 1992 movie of the same name. "I'm not into [a movie], and I've got to be honest and say that I believe that, first of all, it was a movie, it didn't work as a film, and we battled for so long, just getting out from underneath [what] was essentially a failed feature film," she told the site. "And I feel that, with the beauty of the story, ... the attachment you have and the ride that you take with these characters, ... I feel like we make a movie every week. So to take one episode to expand, it's kind of a waste. And I also feel it's kind of a shocking thing for television. I feel like it's saying, 'Well, OK, now we move on to bigger things, because you moviegoers expect it.' But ... I've always said I don't think it's right to be out, and I don't think it's fair."

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