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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Three on DVD
From DVD @ IGN.com

Fox just announced the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a January 7th DVD release. The season will be presented across six discs with full frame transfers and Dolby Digital Surround sound. Here are details for each disc:

Disc One:

  • Anne (9/28/98)
  • Dead Man's Party (10/6/98)
  • Faith, Hope & Trick (10/13/98)
  • Beauty and The Beasts (10/20/98)

    Additional Bonus Feature:

  • Script for "Faith, Hope and Trick"

    Disc Two:

  • Homecoming (11/3/98)
  • Band Candy (11/10/98)
  • Revelations (11/17/98)
  • Lovers Walk (11/24/98)

    Additional Bonus Feature:

  • Script for "Band Candy" and "Lover's Walk"

    Disc Three:

  • The Wish (12/8/98)
  • Amends (12/15/98)
  • Gingerbread (1/12/99)

    Additional Bonus Features:

  • Featurettes: "Buffy Speak" and "Season 3 Overview"
  • Script for "The Wish"
  • Cast Bios
  • Still Gallery

    Disc Four:

  • Helpless (1/19/99)
  • The Zeppo (1/26/99)
  • Bad Girls (2/9/99)
  • Consequences (2/16/99)

    Additional Bonus Features:

  • Commentary for "Helpless," "Bad Girls" and "Consequences"
  • Interview with Joss Whedon on "Enemies" and "Consequences"

    Disc Five:

  • Doppelgangland (2/23/99)
  • Enemies (3/16/99)
  • Earshot (9/21/99)
  • Choices (5/4/99)

    Additional Bonus Features:

  • Commentary for "Earshot"
  • Interview with Joss Whedon on "Enemies" and "Earshot"

    Disc Six:

  • The Prom (5/11/99)
  • Graduation Day, Part 1 (5/18/99)
  • Graduation Day, Part 2 (7/13/99)

    Additional Bonus Features:

  • Interview with Joss Whedon on "Graduation Day (parts 1 & 2)"
  • Interview with monster maker John Vulich
  • Featurettes: "Special Effects," "Wardrobe" and "Weapons"

  • The Usual
    The Usual

    Random Quotage:

    Love makes you do the wacky.
    -Willow (Some Assembly Required)

    Where to Watch:
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