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Nicky and Kelly Brendon

Twenty-eight years ago, Nicky Brendon, Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made his debut three minutes after his identical twin, Kelly, in a Los Angeles hospital.  These days, Kelly, who spent the past five years working in film and TV production , is following Nicky---into acting.  But the pair, who share a two-bedroom L.A. apartment, occasionally part company.

Kelly: I'm the neat one.
Nicky: He's not neat.  He used to be really, really neat, but he's let himself go a little bit.
Kelly: I'm the clotheshorse.  He borrows more of mine than I borrow of his.
Nicky: Are you insane?
Kelly: I just steal your clothes and don't return them.
Nicky: Hands down, Kelly steals more clothes.  He also works out more.  I go to the gym because I enjoy it.  Kelly goes because he feels he really needs it.
Kelly: I have to become one notch more beautiful.
Nicky: I wake up and it's like, "Oh, God, I hope I look that pretty."
Kelly: As we get older, we're starting to look different.  Even our faces are changing a little bit.
Nicky: And I started growing my hair out.
Kelly: People still mistake me for Nick.  If a little kid comes up, I say, "yeah."  If an adult comes up and asks me if I'm the guy on Buffy, then I say, "No, we're twins."  They say "Oh, sure, you're twins."  Once, people did throw french fries and napkins at me when they didn't believe me.
Nicky: Kelly goes out too much. [Laughs]
Kelly: He pays me $200 a week to sign autographs.

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

Yep, yep, I knew this would happen. Nobody can be wound as straight and narrow as Giles without a dark side erupting. My Uncle Roary was the stodgiest taxidermist you've ever met by day. By night, it was booze, whores, and fur flying. Were there whores?
He was alone.
Give it time.
-Xander and Buffy (The Dark Age)

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