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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble


Angel Soundtrack - Coming Soon!

Angel Music Album gets US Release!
While Fox Music has made the Angel digital EP available on their website for download in a limited capacity, the long awaited complete soundtrack, originally announced to be sold only abroad, will now be fully available to US fans!

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Sarah's New Movie

Kelly Preps SF Southland Tales
Director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) told SCI FI Wire that he's set to make his sophomore film effort, Southland Tales, which should go into production this spring with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seann William Scott in the leads.

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Alyson on Veronica Mars

'Buffy' Star Shines on 'Veronica Mars'
On Tuesday, Feb. 22, former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Alyson Hannigan leaves demon-infested Sunnydale behind for the mystery-filled seaside town of Neptune, when she makes a guest appearance on the UPN Tuesday-night cult hit Veronica Mars. She's currently scheduled for one episode, with a possibility of the role becoming recurring.

Also of note, Alyson has will no longer be starring in the upcoming Jennifer Love Hewitt sitcom, In the Game.

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Tim Minear on Wonderfalls

Wonderfalls Completed On DVD
Tim Minear, executive producer of Fox's canceled Wonderfalls series, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming DVD set will include nine previously unseen episodes, in the order they were meant to be seen, which tell a full story.

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More Point Pleasant Tidbits

More info on Marti Noxon's new show. Don't forget that Point Pleasant premieres on January 19th at 9/8c on FOX!

New promo photos:

New video clips:
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Visit the official Point Pleasant website at fox.com/pointpleasant

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Point Pleasant premieres January 19th!

Marti Noxon, former executive producer on BtVS for Seasons 5-7 and a writer on the show since Season 2, has a new show premiering on FOX this month. Titled Point Pleasant, the show stars, among others, Elizabeth Harnois, Grant Show, Richard Burgi, Dina Meyer, and former BtVS actor Adam Busch (Warren). The show premieres Wednesday, January 19th at 9/8c on FOX, so be sure to check it out! A description of the show is below, for those interested in knowing what it's all about, as well as a promo photo of stars Samuel Page, Elizabeth Harnois, & Grant Show, and video clips from the show to give you a feel of the show's atmosphere. The official website is located at fox.com/pointpleasant.

Promo picture:
Video Clips:
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Show Synopsis:
The peaceful existence of a small seaside community will change forever when Christina Nickson is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard and brought to the home of local doctor Ben Kramer. The Kramers, take an instant liking to Christina and invite her to stay with them as she searches for clues to her past and attempts to find her mother a Point Pleasant native whom Christina never knew.

Christina is unaware of the profound effect she has on the town's inhabitants; her presence awakens repressed feelings, unlocks secret desires and heightens emotions. Tensions flare and long-buried secrets begin to surface, especially when the mysterious and charismatic Thomas Boyd (Grant Show) arrives and insinuates himself into Christina's new life.

As Christina seeks answers to her mother's disappearance, she will come to realize that she has never known her "real" father, either for Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil. While Christina struggles to control the demon inside her and the powers that come with it the fight for her soul has begun.

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David in a drama series

Angel No More
Hey, Angel fans I've got some good news and bad news for ya. First, the good news: David Boreanaz is sinking his teeth back into television. Now, for the bad news: He won't be playing undead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boreanaz has inked a deal with ABC to star in a drama series based on the life of undercover hit-man Jack Ballantine. Screenwriter Patrick Smith Kelly (Don't Say a Word) is penning the script.

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Serenity delayed until September 2005

Joss announces a change for the release date of "Serenity," the upcoming Firefly movie.

Originally scheduled for release in April 2005, the new release date for the film is September 30th, 2005. Mark your calendars!

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The Usual
The Usual

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