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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble


Exclusive Action Figure Fundraiser

In order to raise money to produce her second as-yet-untitled independent feature film, which currently in pre-production, Amber Benson has teamed up with Diamond Select Toys and CineQuest to create and sell a unique limited edition action figure.

This will be the figure of the year! Only 2,000 of this figure, featuring Tara in her outfit from the "Triangle" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, are being produced just for Amber Benson. You will not be able to obtain these figures anywhere in the world except through Benson Entertainment. Each figure will be signed by Amber. She will personalize the item and write any short message you wish!

CineQuest is supporting the fundraising by agreeing to handle credit card orders on Amber's behalf. If you want to pay by credit card, please visit http://www.cinequest.com and follow the instructions there.

This figure, produced by Diamond Select Toys, is limited to 2,000 total worldwide and will not be sold at retail stores or by Diamond Select. "Triangle" Tara, which is a standard blister-carded 6" figure, is scheduled to be shipped to Amber in October (subject to change by the manufacturer). Once she receives the figures, it will take approximately two weeks for the signing and personalization, then your figure will be sent out.

View the action figure here:

Large image

Medium image

Small image

If you place any of these images at your site, please do not directly source the files from this site. Thank you.

Note: Your credit card will be charged immediately for this figure in order to guarantee your item. The figure is being sold for $125.00 plus shipping. There is a flat shipping fee of $6.95 per figure ordered by U.S. customers. The figure will be sent out U.S. priority mail and insured. International customers will be charged standard USPS airmail shipping for the figure. Go to CineQuest to find out the shipping charges for your country.

To pre-pay and order, go to PayPal and submit your payment to bensonentertainment@hotmail.com Your order should include a shipping address good through October. If you want Amber to personalize or write a short message, please include all information in the order. Benson Entertainment will send you an email stating that the order has been received and that you are one of the people who will receive the figure. When the figure sells out, we will announce it on this site! If you wish to pay by certified check or money order please send a message to bensonentertainment@hotmail.com so a figure can be held for you until the money order or certified check is received. If the money (in US funds) is not received within 3 weeks, the figure will be released to the next person wanting to purchase!

Benson Entertainment will notify you when your order and payment are received. Again, please be sure to include your shipping address which is valid through October and any message or personalization you wish Amber to write.

Watch amberbenson.us for more information regarding the film as well as other auctions and fundraisers for the film!

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The Usual

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