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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble



Hey folks! Just a reminder that the BtVS Season 6 DVD set is being released tomorrow, May 25th for North America. And elsewhere in the world, BtVS Season 7 is being released on the same day. Don't forget to pick up your copies! smile

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Comments from Joss

Just thought folks would like to see this. Joss Whedon posted this at the Bronze Beta a bit ago.

Can't stay long. Wanted to say thank you one more time, to all of you except anyone who ever criticized anything ever at all. I came on these boards in Buffy's first year and the support -- and even the criticism -- has been more helpful than I can type. I set out in television with one simple goal: to purchase a russian bride. Didn't work out. Immigration stuff -- it's complicated. But I did get to make this show, and that other one, and that other other one, and meet some of the best artists and the best friends I've ever known.

I had dinner with Tim Minear the other night, and we talked about what kind of show we want to make next. And it always comes back to the same themes... people getting strength. People helping out. People being thankful for whatever they have, be it power, a decent life, or a fun-tastic russian bride. And I'm thankful that for the last eight years my cohorts and I got to feel like the superheroes. 'Cause of y'all. I don't know if the Buffyverse is going to return to TV, but I hope so, and I know we'll be putting SOMETHING out there. Maybe on HBO, 'cause I like me some cussin'.

Keep you posted.


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The Usual
The Usual

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