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CosmoGIRL! Loves... Marc Blucas

We staked out Buffy's boyfriend and discovered that he's had death-defying experiences offscreen too. By Jeffrey Epstein. Photographs by Stephen Stickler

We never thought that Buffy would be able to find anyone hot enough to replace Angel.  Enter Riley (a.k.a. Marc Blucas), who, faster than you can say "washboard abs," slayed the Buffster (and us!) with his cute-but-awkward charm.  Here's the lowdown on TV's hottest new kicker of vampire butt.

Q: When Riley first met Buffy, he got so nervous he acted like a dork.  Can you tell us about a time that you totally made a fool out of yourself in front of a girl?
A: Could I tell you about a time when I didn't make a fool out of myself in front of a girl?! There was one time when my best friend and I were on a double date with a couple of girls.  Everyone came over to my house and were trying to decide what to do.  I got the girls something to drink, and as I handed the cup to the girl I was with, I looked down and saw a gross bug swimming in it!  That turned out to be the most memorable part of the evening- for both of us.  Our relationship didn't go much further.  I like to tell myself it was because of the bug.

Q: So many bizarre things happen in Sunnydale.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience in real life?
A: The closest I ever got to "supernatural" was the time I had a near-death experience.  It was my first year in L.A. and I went bodysurfing in conditions that I should not have been out in, especially considering that I'm from landlocked Pennsylvania.  I got turned upside down underwater.  I didn't think I was gonna make it because I started to actually inhale water! That's when I went from completely panicking to feeling strangely calm, and the calm feeling was actually scarier than the panic: I thought my life was over.  I've barely been in the water since.

Q: It sounds like you should stick to dry land!  Speaking of which, before you became an actor, you were a total basketball star- you played for Wake Forest and in Europe.  Was it tough for you when you didn't make it into the NBA?
A: Yeah, it was a drag.  Until then, I'd dedicated my life to basketball.  I was good, but playing in the NBA is a hard gig to get, and I didn't make it.  That was the hardest truth I've ever had to face.

Q: Now you're slaying vampires on TV.  How different is that?
A: Very.  For one thing, I have never even been in a fistfight in real life.  I'm the kind of guy who believes you can talk your way out of any situation.  I don't think there's ever a call for violence- short of someone doing something totally insane like punching my mom.  But come to think of it, I did push someone in third grade because they wanted to date my girlfriend.  I wasn't gonna have it!  I laid down the law!

Q: So you've been known to fight for a girl's affection?
A: Totally.  Keeping a girl's affection is a constant battle.  I know, because three of my girlfriends- including the girl I'm dating now- were going out with someone else when I met them.  It's not like I set out to win them over- I just kind of put on the charm and tried to impress them, and it worked.  But I know that if I could take someone else's girlfriend, then another guy could take mine.  So even when you think you've won a girl's heart, you still have to keep her interested.

Q: Can you think of anything else that's so important to you that you'd fight for it?
A: I would fight for my relationships, be it my family or my friends, because that's the most important part of my life.  And I would fight for the right to express my opinion.  I mean, I'm the first to shut up and listen to what someone else has to say, but I should be able to have my opinion, too.  Oh!  And red velvet cake.  It's delicious.  I would definitely fight for that.

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