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Whedon Details Giles Show

From Sci Fi Wire:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon offered a few more details about his proposed BBC spinoff series centered on the character of Giles, played by Anthony Stewart Head. Speaking to fans at the International Comic-Con in San Diego, Whedon said the show would be in the tradition of "classic English ghost stories" and would play on the theme of loneliness.

"I think of it as, the people who live there, it's all very isolated, and the demons that they've brought upon themselves ... that are most important in their lives," Whedon said. "[Giles] himself has been gone for many years. He was surrounded by a ... de facto family that he no longer has. And [he is] sort of picking up his life all alone, and then getting involved in sort of the underbelly of other people's lives, and sort of finding out about them. Loneliness is what I think of. It may not be the theme so much as the emotional intent of the series, but that's what really attracts me to it the most."

Whedon added that the series has not been green-lighted, but that he is working out a deal with the BBC for a six-episode series. The pilot is scheduled to begin shooting in the spring, and he added that he was confident any such show would eventually find a venue in the United States as well.

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