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Felicity Defers to Buffy's Brilliance

For the first time, Felicity's Keri Russell is responding to some biting comments made by Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar in a recent magazine interview.

When asked her opinion of the October Jane magazine cover story in which Russell revealed details of her deflowering ("I lost it on the closet floor"), Gellar rolled her eyes and groaned: "I'm not interested in when or how [actors] lost their virginity. We give away too much information."

So, how does Russell feel about getting a lecture from her WB sister? "I would have rolled my eyes, too," she tells TV Guide Online. "I would be, like, 'Oh, my God!'" In fact, the actress believes that Gellar- who very quietly has begun dating matinee idol Freddie Prinze Jr.- is the quintessential spokesperson when it comes to issues of privacy. "If anyone understands that kind of stuff, she does," Russell says. "She's really private, and it's good."

Russell now admits she shouldn't have gone all the way with Jane readers. "I was so open and trusting and honest with everyone [back then]," she confesses. "I just felt like I didn't have anything to hide, and I had never been burned before so there was no reason for me not to be honest. All I can say is, I learn every day."

Indeed, she does. Consider Russell's cagey response to rumors that art is imitating life for her and her Felicity leading man, Scott Speedman, whose Ben character goes to great lengths to win her love on Wednesday's episode. "We are really good friends, and we do hang out a lot," she says. "But I also was sighted with [one of my girlfriends] and some magazine said, 'Keri Russell seen at a restaurant with hot Asian rocker chick.' So they also think that I'm dating my Asian girlfriend."

-Michael Ausiello

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