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BBC 'Buffy' Spin-Off?

Even as Buffy the Vampire Slayer's latest season kicks into high gears towards its 100th episode and finale, as well as a move to UPN, word has it that there may be a limited series Buffy spin-off in the works for the UK. While talking to SCIFI.COM, series co-executive producer Marti Noxon revealed, "There is the possibility of a limited series with the BBC, starring Anthony Head. It's not a done deal, but this is in discussion. There's an idea of taking the Giles character and doing a limited series in Britain next year, maybe just a limited run ... like a miniseries, perhaps, turning into a series." She adds, "It would be really awesome if it did happen, and I'm sure there'd be a way that people here would see it too. We'd hope."

The Usual
The Usual

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