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'Buffy's' Brendon Takes Fox Pilot Dip
by Nellie Andreeva

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" co-star Nicolas Brendon has been added to Fox's comedy pilot "The Pool at Maddy Breakers," while "Roswell" star Katherine Heigl has been cast in UPN's drama presentation "Vegas Dick."

Meanwhile, Stacy Galina has been tapped as the female lead in NBC's untitled Howie Mandel comedy pilot, Jon Tenney has been cast in the WB Network's comedy pilot "Sixteen to Life" and Tessie Santiago has joined UPN's "Old School."

"Maddy Breakers" revolves around three 28-year-old women who struggle with the reality that they peaked in high school.

Brendon will play the ex-boyfriend from high school and current friend for one of the women, with Eric Nenninger (Fox's "Malcolm in the Middle") and Matt Bushell cast as the exes of the other women. Brendon plays the sardonic Xander on "Buffy," which will bow out next month after seven seasons.

"Vegas Dick" centers on a former con man who becomes a casino detective. Heigl will play the guy's boss, the daughter of the hotel and casino owner who serves as the hotel and casino's manager.

In addition to her starring turn on "Roswell," which ran on the WB and UPN, Heigl's credits include the features "Valentine" and "Bride of Chucky." She next appears in ABC's TV movie/backdoor pilot "Romy and Michele: Behind the Velvet Rope."

In the Mandel project, based on the comedian's life as a family man who does hidden-camera bits for "The Tonight Show," Galina will play Mandel's wife, replacing Julianne Phillips.

Galina is a regular on NBC's comedy "Hidden Hills" and has guest-starred on the network's hit "Friends."

"Sixteen to Life" centers on a blue-collar teenage girl who juggles a busy job and taking care of her father and brother. Tenney will play the father; his series credits include "Dirty Dozen: The Series," "Brooklyn South" and most recently NBC's "Kristin."

In "Old School," an ensemble comedy about the everyday conflicts in a group of twentysomethings, Santiago will co-star opposite Natasha Lyonne. Santiago co-starred in NBC's freshman comedy "Good Morning, Miami" earlier this season. She also toplined the syndicated adventure series "Queen of Swords."


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