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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

January - March 2002

Couple of nominations I keep forgetting to mention... first off, Buffy and Angel are up for a bunch of Saturn Awards. The Saturn Awards honor genre films and TV shows. To see a list of the categories the shows are nominated it and who they're up against, click here. The Saturn Awards will be presented this summer in Los Angeles.

And Joss Whedon has been nominated for one of the prestigous Nebula Awards for his screenplay for last season's "The Body". The Nebulas honor Science Fiction and Fantasy writers. Check out their website or see a list of the other nominees up for Best Screenplay along with Joss.

Next, a charming article/interview with Andy Hallett of Angel from Zap2it.com. Read that one here (I'm in love it with 'cause Andy rocks AND Moulin Rouge is mentioned).

Some upcoming TV appearances by Seth Green to promote his new Fox show, "Greg the Bunny" (premieres March 27). He'll be on "Live with Regis & Kelly" March 26, and that evening he'll be on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien". On March 28, he'll be on "The View" and the evening of April 2 he's scheduled to be on "Last Call with Carson Daly."

Last of all, Metro Entertaiment in Santa Barbara, CA is holding a signing on April 27th with Amber Benson, Stephanie Romanov (Lilah on Angel), Andy Hallett, and Mark Lutz (Groo on Angel). If you can't attend, they allow you to order personalized autographs. For more info or to order, check out their website, metro-entertainment.com.

For starters, the Season Two DVD for Region 1 (meaning North America) is now available for pre-order at amazon.com. You can order a copy right here for $44.99 to be shipped when the DVD is released on June 11. The DVD set includes commentary on "Reptile Boy" (David Greenwalt), "What's My Line" (Marti Noxon), and "Innocence" (Joss Whedon), as well as host of other extras.

Amber Benson is scheduled to be on KROQ's Loveline tomorrow night. For radio stations and times, I would recommend searching for your area at adamanddrew.com, which has a good listing of radio stations that carry Loveline.

James Marsters is featured on the cover of the April 2002 issue of Starburst Magazine. Read a portion of the article over at their site by clicking here.

And lastly in the MVP issue of TV Guide (March 9-15), both James Marsters and Joss Whedon are listed as some of the most valuable players in TV. James is one of the featured stars, and Joss is a featured writer. To see the blurbs about them, go here.

Couple tidbits and articles today. TV Guide Online had an article about Marc Blucas in relation to his appearance on this week's Buffy, as well as the upcoming opening of his new movie, "We Were Soldiers". Read that article here.

Some more "Firefly" casting news. Joining Nathan Fillion on the show will be Adam Baldwin (X-Files) as Jayne, Jewel Staite as the ship's mechanic, Sean Maher as a mercenary, Alan Tudyk (28 Days, A Knight's Tale) as Wash, Summer Glau (the ballerina in Angel's "Waiting in the Wings") as River, Gina Torres (Alias), and Ron Glass (Barney Miller). Joss will be writing and directing the two hour series premiere, which begins filming next week. For more info on the show, check out Firefly: The Premiere Fansite.

Not too much today... mostly some fun articles. First off, a bit of news regarding Joss' new show, "Firefly". Actor Nathan Fillion has been cast in the lead as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Read more about the show and the character over at Sci Fi Wire.

TV Guide Online had a cute article regarding romances on "Angel". That one can be seen here.

A wonderful interview with Buffy's geek troika (Danny Strong, Adam Busch and Tom Lenk) is up over at SciFi.com. Read that one right over here.

Just a few tidbits for today... first off, a reminder. If you haven't yet picked up a copy of Anthony Stewart Head and George Sarah's album Music for Elevators, do so now! It was released on the 5th and it's absolutely wonderful. You can order it here from amazon.com or from the official album site, musicforelevators.com.

TV Guide Online had a nifty little article about Andy Hallett and his character on "Angel" the other day. You can read that one over here.

And lastly, an "Angel" guide (like the Watcher's Guide for BtVS) entitled Casefiles is set to be released in April 2002, and can be pre-ordered for $13.56 from amazon.com. Just click here to find out more and order a copy. (Thanks Kristina!)

Just a couple items for today... first, it seems that the Official Buffy Magazine is back and under new ownership. Thanks to Titan Publications, the new magazine will be appearing on newsstands starting February 5th. You can read the press release here or take a look at the cover of the first issue over here.

Entertainment Weekly Online has a nice little interview with Marti Noxon. Some talk about DVDs and past and upcoming storylines. Read that one here.

And lastly, this tidbit is from Soundtrack Magazine (thanks to LW for the tip!):
"Attention fans of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Composer Christophe Beck has just completed the music to the new comedy BIG FAT LIAR with the 80 piece Hollywood Symphony Orchestra (no word on a CD release as of yet). And rumors are flying that there will be an album of the soundtrack to the musical episode of BUFFY that 'might' contain several suites from other episodes scored by Beck."

Some articles about the upcoming Angel episode, "Waiting in the Wings", which Joss wrote and directed. Be aware that spoilers are included in both of these! The first is from TV Guide Online and can be seen here. The second is from Zap2it.com is over here.

Some small Buffy DVD news. The Season 1 set that was released on January 15th contains an ad for the Season 2 set, saying it will be released in June 2002.

Nominations and awards tidbits... Buffy was presented a Special Achievement Award at the 2001 Golden Satellite Awards for Outstanding Television Ensemble. The Golden Satellites are presented by the International Press Academy. And you may remember that Buffy was nominated for Best TV Drama at the 1st Annual AFI Awards. Unfortunately, we lost to "The Sopranos".

About a month ago, news came out that CBS was taking over the running of UPN, and at that time, the future of Dean Valentine as the head of UPN was unknown. Now, it seems that he will no longer be the head of UPN. Read more about it in this article from Zap2it.com.

The NY Daily News recently had a small article/interview with Joss. In it, he mentions the future possibility of crossovers. So be aware, some spoilers. The article is up here.

Nicholas Brendon will be appearing on "Hollywood Squares" during the week of February 11-15 for show's annual college tournament. Check tvguide.com to find out local air times and channels.

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