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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

May - August 2001

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly (the fall TV preview issue) has Sarah Michelle Gellar featured on the cover. The magazine also includes a fairly lengthy article on the show's upcoming season, which you can read here. Scans from the magazine are also on there. That same issue includes a tidbit for "Angel", so check that out here. Be aware that both contain spoilers!

As some of you may know, the evil Fox is once again going after Buffy websites. TheSlayer.Net has been temporarily closed so that Rave can remove all the stuff Fox feels is infringing, while Rayne's The Buffy Shooting Script Site is gone for good. *Sniff sniff* Hugs and many many thanks to both Rave and Rayne for giving us such joy through their sites.

Amber Benson writing an episode of BtVS? Hey, it could be true! Amber's not denying or confirming the rumors. See what she had to say on the matter here at The Essence of Amber.

With Buffy's syndication set to begin on September 24th, FX has finally added Buffy to their website. Check out the section here to see the schedule of episodes airing and more. And for the folks in Canada, Buffy begins it's syndication on the Space Channel on September 10th.

Hmmm... so much to say... must consolidate. First off: Buffy's sixth season premiere date on UPN is now scheduled for October 2, in order to keep the show's premiere close to that of the new Star Trek series, "Enterprise". The premiere is still set to be a two hour episode event. As for "Angel", the latest word says it's premire is set for September 24th.

More info on the Giles spin-off show Joss is planning for the BBC... it should be a six episode series. Read more about the show here.

Some lovely Amy Acker (Fred on "Angel") interviews... one from IGN Sci-Fi's Sarah Kuhn is located here, and one from BuffyNewsWire's Jen is up here.

There's a nifty little Marti Noxon interview up at Zap2it.com... it does include some spoilers, but for those of you brave enough, you can read it here.

Some upcoming TV appearances by Buffy folk... Alyson is scheduled to be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on the evening of August 8th (technically August 9th). For times, check clicktv.com. She's also set to be on "The View" on August 10th, presumably to promote the upcoming "American Pie 2". Seth Green is also scheduled to be on the show on August 8th to promote his film, "Rat Race".

A big congrats to Tim Minear for inking a development deal with Fox and becoming co-exec producer on "Angel" (and hopefully an exec producer in the future?)! Read more about it here.

And for those of us in the US still dying to get our hands on DVDs of Buffy, this interview with Marti Noxon says we should be getting them soon!

Lastly, UPN is now showing promos on their channel for Buffy. So far I've seen promos featuring James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, and Michelle Trachtenberg. Be sure to watch for them on UPN or you can always try downloading them from slayage.com.

If this sounds delirious, I apologize... it's 6:45am and I've been up since 5:20am. So, not that it's new news, but the Emmy voters suck. Just so we're all straight on that. Buffy didn't get a single nomination. Not even for make-up, not even for hairstyling. Not only was this amazing show snubbed in the major categories, but in every single other one as well. 22 nominations for "The Sopranos" and apparently no one saw "The Body", or they're just completely braindead over there (I lean towards the latter). I'm pissed, and I'll be pissed for a long time to come.

In other depressing news, The WB has seen it fit to close buffy.com and the Bronze. Yes, they suck almost as much as the Emmy voters (more so on any other day). But don't despair. UPN will be giving Buffy's it's new official web home soon enough and as Joss as said in the past, there will always be a Bronze, it'll just have a new home.

In case you're interested, the 53rd Annual Emmy Award Nominations are scheduled to be announced July 12 at 5:38am PDT (that's 8:38am for the those of you on the East coast). If you want to watch them live, try CNN, Fox News or E!TV. All three usually broadcast the announcements. If you want to see a full list of the nominees (the broadcast only includes the major categories), check out the Emmy website at emmys.org on that day.

If you've got the chance, I'd recommend attending the San Diego ComicCon July 19-22 at the San Diego Convention Center. Amber Benson and Andy Hallett will be in attendance! Amber Benson will be there on July 21st on a panel hosted by the New York City Comic Book Museum to discuss "Women in Comics". Andy Hallett will be at the Inkworks booth hosting the Inkworks Karaoke Lounge July 19-22. To see a list of the scheduled times he'll be there, as well as more info, go here.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured on the cover of the August issue of Seventeen magazine. The article includes loads of Buffy tidbits and fun. I'll have more on this once I get my hands on a copy of the magazine. :o)

MTV is airing a Making of the Movie for "American Pie 2" and Alyson Hannigan is prominently featured in the special. The special will be airing July 5 and July 8 at 10:30pm, as well as July 9 at 12:00am (so technically the date should be July 10).

Some action figure news for those of you interested... Moore Action has announced that there will be an exclusive Xander figure, along with the exclusive Cordelia Cheerleading figure for BtVS Series III. The Xander figure will be featured in a military outfit ala Season 2's episode "Halloween". See a picture of the figure here. Moore Action's website, mooreaction.com also has some images of the Angel Series I and Buffy Series IV figures in progress. Check the images out here.

Along with the September 24th start date for Buffy's syndication on FX, we now have an time for it... the show will be airing at 7pm, Monday through Friday. If you don't have FX, contact your cable provider.

Speaking of air dates... the rumored date for the season 6 premiere of Buffy is October 9th, at 8pm on UPN. This won't be completely definite until we get closer to the time of the premiere though.

The third and final part of Sarah Kuhn's interview with Joss is up at IGN Sci-Fi. It's wonderful, so be sure to check it out here, and if you haven't already, read Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview.

Zap2it.com has a lovely interview with longtime Buffy writer and newly appointed co-executive producer Marti Noxon. Some interesting tidbits on Season 6 and dispelling of rumors. Enjoy the fun here.

A whole bunch of new TV Guide Online articles... it's nice to see they're paying so much attention to BtVS and Angel! I'm just going to list them. Please be aware that the last two do contain some spoilers though.

Just a reminder: Joss Whedon's comic, FRAY, is being released today. It's about a slayer a few hundred years in the future. You can purchase the comic from darkhorse.com, which is the comic's publisher, or from a local comic store (check out this site to find a store in your area).

The nominations for the 17th Annual Television Critic Awards were announced recently and Buffy is up for three awards. You can find out more about the awards and the view nominations in this article from Zap2it.com.

IGN Sci-Fi's mightily awesome Sarah Kuhn has an absolutely wonderful interview with our very own Joss. The interview is in three parts... the first two are up already and the third will be coming later this week. Read part one here and part two here.

TeenMag.com has a lovely feature all about Charlie Weber (Ben). Lots of charming tidbits which you can read here.

I keep getting questions about a US release of the Buffy DVD set, so here's all I know (this is from The Digital Bits): "Tons of TV product is in the offing from Fox for DVD in late 2001, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete First Season, The Simpsons: The Complete First Season (hopefully by September), Angel: The Complete First Season and The X-Files: The Complete Fourth Season."

Though I have yet to see the ad, I've been hearing that FX is running a commercial for their upcoming syndicated shows. Buffy is one of the shows and the ad says that it's scheduled to begin airing September 24th. No word yet on the regular air times for the show.

Just one more reassurance: Buffy is returning next season. It will air Tuesday nights at 8pm on UPN. It will be followed by "Roswell". In terms of summer repeats, WB is doing some shuffling: Buffy will be on Wednesday nights at 9pm throughout the summer starting June 6, while Angel is moving into it's timeslot of Monday at 9pm on June 4.

WB has a nice little feature up in tribute to Buffy's 100th episode. It has clips of Joss and various cast members. Quite nice. Check it out here.

Well, it's official. Angel will be remaining on the WB next season, while Buffy moves to UPN. Angel will be switching to Mondays at 9pm, after "7th Heaven". Buffy is expected to keep it's old timeslot of 8pm on Tuesday, just on a new network (UPN announces their fall schedule on Thursday). To see the WB's official fall schedule, click here. If you've got something to say about their schedule (as I did), you can post your opinion here.

Michelle of The Buffy Cross & Stake is running a petition to send to UPN about fan treatment. Basically asking them to respect the fans and our websites, as well as give us the stuff we love, such as promo pictures, and hopefully more network affiliates around the country for those without UPN. To submit your name onto the petition and find out more, please visit this page.

EW.com has a couple Buffy-related articles... first a lovely interview with Nicholas Brendon (the guy is a riot), which you can read here. And there's also a small blurb about the future of Buffy's official site, buffy.com, which you can check out here.

Angel moving as well? According to this article, it's true. Word is that the WB has cancelled Angel and UPN will be picking the show up for at least two more seasons (thanks to a stipulation in the contract made with Buffy's move). This seems to be confirmed, but nothing is completely definite until the WB officially announces their schedule for next fall. If both shows are moving, it's highly unlikely that we'll see any repeats of the shows on the WB over the summer.

It seems another Buffy spin-off may be in the works - for Giles. Check out this little tidbit from Cinescape Online to find out more.

A few new articles from tvguide.com... first a bit more on the move from Joss himself... you can read that here. He seems quite confident about the move, which will hopefully make other feel better about it. Next, an article focusing on the season finale (which also happens to be the 100th episode of the show) which you can check out here. And lastly, an article with some more info on the upcoming Buffy animated series. Read that one here.

The amazing Sarah Kuhn of IGN Sci-Fi has another great article up... this one is all about Amber Benson and the making of her movie "Chance" (for which I hope you all donated some funds). It's wonderful, so be sure to read the article here.

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