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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

January - April 2001

Huge news to report: Buffy will be moving to UPN next season. The WB failed to offer enough money to Fox in order to renew their contract for the show, but UPN has offered plenty, and everything has been finalized. So, next fall, the show will be airing on a new channel. There are tons and tons of articles about this on the Net, so I'll just list a few here and you can take your pick. But first, a little Joss quotage on the whole thing:

    "WHAT'D I DO TODAY? Talked to a bunch of reporters, mostly. About you know what, so I thought I'd better drop in and talk to you all about it. We're movin'. It's all true, we're moving to UPN, and what does this mean for you, the viewer? WRESTLING! Well, no, Buffy won't be wrestling. (Sadly.) She will be doing exactly the same thing she'd be doing on the WB. Why we're moving is a long and boring story that you all will no doubt get lots of from the entertainment pres, so I just wanted to let you know this: NOTHING is going to change except the number on your remote. We're still making the same eps, hopefully even at the same time. So if you're panicking, don't. And if you're not panicking, where's the love?

    "Okay, a couple of issues: ANGEL: wwil it move as well? That depends on the WB, and we honestly won't know what they're gonna do until they do it. If the they drop it, UPN will put it on as a block with buffy, just like the old days. If not... well who knows where it'll be. I just know it'll be cool (we're already working out next year.) THE WEB SITE: One of the first things I told the UPN execs about was the site. I don't know who finances/runs it exactly, but if it's WB based and they pull it, UPN has promised to have a new one up BEFORE that happens. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BRONZE. Hopefully we can just keep this site up but no matter what, we'll have a home. MY SKIN CONDITION: Getting better. Really."

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    In the Great Perfomances blurb of TV Guide, Matt Roush raved about Andy Hallett of "Angel". Here's what he had to say: "He's the host with the most. Attitude, that is. As the fey proprietor (known only as the Host) of a supernatural karaoke bar on WB's Angel, Andy Hallett is a psychic lounge lizard slithering with devilish zeal and glib humor-a welcome combination in the dark-as-midnight drama. His beady red eyes twinkle as he teasingly calls the brooding Angel (David Boreanaz) "a big hunk of hero sandwich" or lists the pitfalls of earthbound humanity as mortality and "the so-called musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber." Who needs the phantom of the opera when you have a ghoulish host like this?

    In celebration of the upcoming 100th episode of Buffy, E!Online has set up a special Buffy section on their site which you can check out here.

    And lastly, congrats to Elisabeth Rohm (Kate on "Angel") for snagging a regular role on "Law & Order". Since Angie Harmon is leaving at the end of this season, Kate will be playing the new assistant D.A. starting this fall. Her character is described as "an extremely gifted, intelligent and aggressive young prosecutor with Harvard Law Review on her resume and aspirations beyond the District Attorney's office."

    Just a reminder: if you haven't already, please donate to ScoopMe's "Give Buffy an Emmy" campaign. It's important. This is our chance to help get an Emmy for the show.

    The Saturn Award nominations have been announced. Click here to see what awards Buffy and Angel are up for and what shows they'll be competing against.

    Joss is speaking his mind on "Dark Angel" and Fox's scheduling it opposite "Angel" this season. Read his comments here.

    Remember a cartoon version of Buffy being mentioned a while ago? Well, it's really in the works now. Fox Kids will have the show on their Saturday morning lineup, possibly as early as February 2002. Joss is developing the half-hour show now, and it will take the characters back to high school. Read more here.

    Oh so much to mention thanks to my extreme lack of time lately... let's start with the super important... in light of the amazingness that was "The Body", ScoopMe has started a fundraising campaign to help bring the Emmy voters attention to the episode. Please visit this page to find out more and how you can help. It's really important that we all pitch in. This is our chance to help make a difference in how Buffy is viewed by the Emmy voters.

    Speaking of fundraisers... Amber Benson has written her very own movie and is set to direct and produce it, as well as star in it with some fellow Buffy/Angel castmates. But since the it's an indie film, she needs help in funding it. You can find out how to help at the movie's website. (Thanks, Little Willow!)

    A whole bunch of cast movie news to report... SMG has been filming the Scooby Doo movie in Australia... you can see a picture of the cast here. Meanwhile, Eliza Dushku has been working on the new Kevin Smith movie, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", and there's a picture of her on set here. And reportedly starring in that movie as well is Marc Blucas. Marc seems to be an extremely busy guy these days. He's also set to star in the new John Sayles' movie, "Gold Coast", and Randall Wallace's "Lost Patrol".

    For right now, Buffy's home for next season is up in the air. The WB and Fox failed to reach an agreement for the WB's renewal contract of the show by the deadline. It's been rumored that ABC and UPN are interested in getting the airing rights to the show, as well as Fox TV. However, the WB has the right to match or top the final offer. Read more about the situation here.

    It's been said that DVDs for Angel are in the works. The DVDs should include commentary by Tim Minear, David Greenwalt, and Joss Whedon, as well as some of the cast members. There may also be cut scenes from "Eternity", "Sanctuary", and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been".

    After all the waiting, the Christophe Beck score CD we've been promised may not even be released at all! But we can help. Find out more here. (Thanks Little Willow!)

    Some toy news... the BtVS Series 4 figures from Moore Collectibles have been announced. Included in the series will be: Drusilla, Anya, and the Gentelmen. You can read the Moore press release here.

    And, last, but definitely not least, I thought I'd share a few of the quality articles from the multitude of praise for "The Body" that has been going around. So, enjoy!

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  • salon.com - The Death of Buffy's Mom

    Sarah Michelle Gellar's guest appearance on "Grosse Pointe" will air on Friday, February 16 at 9:30pm. Here's the official blurb from thewb.com: "On a special Grosse Pointe Friday, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, er, Sarah Michelle Gellar shows up when Marcy (Lindsay Sloane) asks the Golden Globe Nominee to make an appearance on the show. However, everyone is surprised when Sarah asks for an on screen kiss with...(hint: it's not Johnny, Quentin, or Dave). Grosse Pointe - "Passion Fish" airs Friday, February 16th 9:30/8:30/C."

    Well, the voting is over for the TV Guide Awards, and the only person from the Buffy/Angel-verses to make it to the final rounds is Alyson Hannigan, who is up for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. The awards will air on Fox on March 7 at 8pm. Click here to see a full list of the finalists.

    If you tried to catch David Boreanaz on the Rosie O'Donnell Show today, you may have noticed that he wasn't on... that's because his appearance was rescheduled to February 2nd. So watch for him then. And some more DB appearances to report: on February 3rd he'll be on Fox's Mad TV, and on February 9th David will be appearing on CBS' Late Show with David Letterman.

    Seth Green will be one of the featured competitors on Celebrity Jeopardy! Tournament, which will begin airing February 5th. No word yet on which date Seth will be appearing.

    In May 2001, a 12" doll of Buffy will be released by Sideshow Toy, along with a set of three Gentlemen from "Hush". To find out more and see a picture, read the press release here.

    In order to promote his new movie "Valentine" (which is being released February 2, in case you didn't know), David Boreanaz will be making the talk show rounds. Come January 29, he'll be a guest on MTV's Total Request Live. And on January 30, he'll be on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, as well as Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Check clicktv.com for times.

    Jen of BuffyNewsWire has posted her wonderful interview with Andy Hallett (the Caritas Host on "Angel" for those of you who haven't been paying attention). It's absolutely lovely, so be sure to check it out here.

    Buffy has been nominated as Best Drama Series at the GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Awards. There will be an awards ceremony in Los Angeles on April 28.

    Sarah Kuhn at IGN Sci-Fi has a couple of great interviews up this week... first she's got Michelle Trachtenberg and J August Richards here, as well as James Marsters and David Boreanaz over here. Did I mention how jealous I am? ;o) At she's kind enough to share with the rest of us!

    Just a reminder... don't forget to watch the Golden Globes Awards this Sunday, January 21 on NBC since Sarah is nominated as Best TV Actress in a Drama!

    The craziness is starting... Fox and the WB have begun the negotiations to renew the WB's rights to air Buffy and it's already turning into a heated battle. To find out more, check out this article from Cinescape Online.

    EW.com has a lovely little interview with Anthony Stewart Head, which includes some comments on Fox/WB stuff. Read that here.

    There's also a great interview with Nick Brendon at IGN Sci-Fi, thanks to Sarah Kuhn. Read it here.

    You may (or may not, I guess) have noticed the little blurb on the main page about the TV Guide Awards... Buffy has been nominated for four awards: Best Drama Series, Best Actress in a Drama (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (James Marsters), and Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (Alyson Hannigan). And Angel is up for one award: David Boreanaz was nominated for Best Actor in a Drama. You can vote by picking up a copy of TV Guide and using the ballot in there, or vote here at the TV Guide website. The TV Guide Awards will be airing March 7 on Fox.

    This is kind of random, but I thought it was funny. Kevin Smith's column "Developing the Monkey" at Psycomic had a bit about his meeting with Eliza Dushku. It's small, but quite fun to read. You can read it here. You might also want to check out his Tenth Anniversary Column as it mentions Jason Mewes' love for Buffy. Quite hilarious.

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