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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

September - December 2000

Just a short message to say that the Golden Globe nominations were released and Sarah Michelle Gellar is up for Best Actress in a Drama Series! Her competition is: Lorraine Braco in "The Sopranos", Amy Brenneman in "Judging Amy", Edie Falco in "The Sopranos", Jessica Alba in "Dark Angel", and Sela Ward in "Once and Again. The Golden Globes will air on NBC on January 21.

Lots and lots of new articles... hmmm... what to start with... the Dec. 23-29 issue of TV Guide (with "Gone With the Wind" on the cover) contains the list of the 10 best shows for 2000. Click here to see what Matt Roush said about Buffy, which was number seven on the list.

TV Guide Online has an interesting review of Angel's Darla story arc, which you can read here. There's also an article on tonight's Buffy episode, mainly dealing with Riley. Click here to read that one.

And to top it all off, EW.com has a lovely interview with Angel's Christian Kane (Lindsey). Read that here.

TV Guide Online had a lovely little article on Julie Benz this past week, which you can read here.

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be appearing in an upcoming episode of WB show "Grosse Pointe" during February 2001. She will be playing herself.

Some movie news about Buffy actors. Marc Blucas has won the role of Gwyneth Paltrow's love interest in the upcoming film "A View From the Top". And SMG is reported to be starring the future live-action movie version of Scooby Doo with Freddie Prinze, Jr. Lastly, the official site for "Valentine", the upcoming David Boreanaz movie, has a trailer of the movie for you to check out.

Entertainment Weekly's Best of 2000 issue was released this week and Buffy was number five on list of the ten best TV shows. Read what Ken Tucker had to say about the show here.

A little old, but cool, nonetheless... Cape Cod Times ran a wonderfully informative and interesting article on Andy Hallett (the demon karaoke host on Angel) back in October, which you can check out here. (Thanks to Jen of BuffyNewsWire for discovering this gem!)

Buffy as a cartoon? According to David Fury, it's in the works... find out more at IGN Sci-Fi. (Thanks Sarah!)

There's a lovely and interesting interview with Marti Noxon up at Teen Hollywood. Be aware that the article does contain some spoilers. Click here to read it.

Some figure news from our resident expert Phazer:
    "The new 12" Buffy doll has been delayed until Feb 2001, but there is some good news. The reason for this is that the assortment is being increased! There are also going to be the 3 gentlemen figures from Hush! While this is cool, they seem to be a bit of a funny choice in preference to any of the other cast.
    Other news - Moore's action collectables has gained the rights to do action figures based on the Angel TV series as well as Buffy. Best date I have at the moment thought is '2001' for the first wave. I don't know which figures will be released, but if it isn't Angel, Cordelia, Doyle and possibly Wesley I'll be very surprised."

And lastly, I kept meaning to post this before, but my memory just sucks. Christian Kane (Lindsey on "Angel") is starring in a made-for-MTV movie this coming Friday, December 1st. The movie is called "Love Song" and it also stars the singer Monica. Here's the description from MTV.com: "Will Camille Livingston follow her heart -- or her parents' ideas for her future? Camille's life may seem perfect with her fiancée and her plans for medical school, that is, until she meets singer Billy Ryan (Angel's Christian Kane). Billy shows her the new and exciting world of music and more. Award-winning singer Monica makes her acting debut as Camille in this original MTV made-for-tv movie, airing without interruption, on December 1 at 8 p.m. ET Tune-in to hear the song." You can also visit this page to see pictures from the movie. (Thanks Rashna!)

The December 1st issue of Entertainment Weekly (with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson on the cover) has a great interview with Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters in it. I highly recommend picking up a copy, even if it's just to get the pictures. Click here to read the article.

There's a great interview with Clare Kramer (Glory) up at EW.com... you can read that here.

People.com has a great and very informative article about Michelle Trachtenberg... it does contain some spoilers, but nothing major. Check it out here.

Kept forgetting to mention this... Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the cover of the December issue of CosmoGIRL!, so be sure to pick up a copy (even though the cover shot is from an old photo shoot... grrr).

And lastly, some funny, but definitely interesting news... Salon Selectives will be holding "See it. Do it. Celebrity Challenge", a celebrity filled hairstyling competition. The list of celebrities is chock full of Buffy peoples... Amber Benson (Tara) and Julie Benz (Darla) will both be participating, as well as Elizabeth Anne Allen (Amy) and Christopher Wiehl (Owen in "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"). The competition will air online on December 6th at 10pm EST / 7pm PST, but you need to sign up to get the URL of the webcast. Go to helenecurtis.com to find out more and to sign up.

We might as well start with the bad news... just to get it over with. Apparently Amazon.com put up the pre-order page for the Season 1 DVD set a little too early. Since Buffy is going into syndication in the Fall of 2001, the DVD release has been delayed until late in 2001 to prevent conflicts with that. So, if you already pre-ordered the set, Amazon.com should be sending you a message (if they haven't already) about it. As far as I can tell the video set, The Slayer Chronicles, will still be released in January since it's not a complete season set. I'm just annoyed I have to wait even longer to get the complete season on DVD... my videos are wearing out!

TV Guide Online has a fun little article about tonight's crossover with some info on Juliet Landau. You can read it here, but be aware the article does contain spoilers.

It seems that FOX is trying to make up for taking down transcripts... a book of the scripts from Season One will be released in two volumes on November 28. You can pre-order the books from Amazon.com right now:

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Script Book Season One Volume One: $12.60 (Contains "Welcome to the Hellmouth" through "The Pack")
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Script Book Season One Volume Two: $12.60 (Contains "Angel" through "Prophecy Girl")

    Some more info on the possibility of Buffy moving to another network once the WB's contract with them ends... EW.com has an interesting article about it with quotes from Anthony Stewart Head and Marti Noxon. Read the article here.

    I'll start with the awesome news... Amazon.com is now allowing people to pre-order the Season 1 DVD set of BtVS. The DVD set is being released on January 9, 2001 and is selling for $41.99 right now. On the same day, a new 3 video set is also being released, titled the Slayer Chronicles that sells for $34.95. It will contain three tapes, each with two episodes from Season 3. The episodes are also available on separate tapes for $12.99 each: "Bad Girls" & "Consequences", "Enemies" & "Earshot", and "Graduation Day (Parts 1 and 2)".

    TV Guide Online has an interesting article about James Marsters... seems he wants to do more work on "Angel". You can read it here.

    Something else to pre-order for the holidays... AnotherUniverse.com is now taking advance orders for the Buffy Series II figures for $32.95. Right now, the set contains Buffy, Giles and Oz. Speaking of the action figures... our action figure guru, Phazer, informed me that there are reports of an exclusive Giles figure wearing a sombrero a la "Fear, Itself". Quite exciting, eh?

    Did you miss seeing Anthony Stewart Head and Amber Benson on VH1's 25th Anniversary Special for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"? Don't despair... it's being repeated Tuesday (Halloween) at 1pm and again that night at 12:30am, as well as November 9th at 8pm and November 10th at 1am. Amber performs "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" and Anthony performs as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Definitely a must see.

    Speaking of Amber Benson... she will be co-writing a comic entitled "WannaBlessedBes" with comic and novel regular Christopher Golden for Dark Horse Comics. The comic will spotlight Willow and Tara and will be illustrated by Terry Moore. (Thanks to Little Willow of The Essence of Amber for the news!)

    And last, but not least, a huge congrats to Danny Strong aka Jonathan on getting his first screenplay optioned! I can't wait to hear more about it.

    I know I posted this a while before, but just a reminder: Sarah Michelle Gellar is scheduled to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow, October 16. Also, Alyson Hannigan will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn that same night. You can check the times at clicktv.com.

    Entertainment Weekly has a small but interesting article about Buffy's TV future in the October 20 issue. Apparently rumors are going around that ABC has an interest in picking up the show if The WB can't afford it. Check out the article here.

    Just a couple quick things because I don't have a lot of time... David Boreanaz will be making a few TV appearances this week. First, he'll be on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Monday, October 9th, and also MTV's Total Request Live that same day. And on the 10th, he'll be on Live with Regis. Also, Charisma Carpenter's appearance on Craig Kilborn has apparently been rescheduled to October 20. You can check clicktv.com for local times on all of those. And that's all she wrote (at least for tonight).

    So, the wait has finally ended... I sure enjoyed my night, even if I'm extremely tired now from working on the site. Remind me never to move again, or plan a site opening on premiere night. Anyhoo, onto the news.

    More TV appearances by Buffy actors: Charisma Carpenter is scheduled to be on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn next Monday, October 2nd. And soon after that, Sarah Michelle Gellar is reportedly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno... Monday, October 16th to be exact. You can check local times and such at clicktv.com.

    TV Guide Online posted three (yes, three!) articles on Buffy today. The first talks about the show in general, the second focuses specifically on Dracula and the season premiere, while the third is all about Tara.

    Sci-Fi IGN has a wonderful interview with Marc Blucas, and yes, it does deal with the rumors going around about his, so if you're trying to stay spoiler free, you've been warned. You can read the article here. And speaking of interviews, TheWB.com has posted an interview with Michelle Trachtenberg, which you can read here.

    Whoo hoo!  That's my celebration and the start of my countdown to the season premieres of Buffy and Angel.  Can we say "excited much"?  Ummm... anyways... onto the news.  David Boreanaz is scheduled to be on Late Late Night with Craig Kilborn on Monday, September 25th in order to promote the new season of Angel, so be sure to catch it.  You can check for local times at clicktv.com.

    Forgot to mention this in my last update (Thanks for reminding me, Rashna!)... Alyson Hannigan is on the cover of the October Teen Style.  I'm still trying to get my hands on that and the Premiere issue with SMG cover, so those articles will have to wait.

    E! Online has a lovely Q&A with Michelle Trachtenberg, which you can read here.  Be aware that it does contain a few spoilers.

    IGN Sci-Fi has a great interview with Julie Benz (Darla) about the new season of Angel and herself.  Check it out here.  There's also a wonderful new Buffy Bonus up there all about Julie Benz, Emma Caulfield, James Marsters, Amber Benson and Danny Strong, so go forth and do the reading thing.  (Thanks Sarah!)

    Fox Interactive announced the release of the BtVS game for Color Game Boy today and you can read all about it in the press release.  Or go purchase it from Amazon.com for $29.99 (btw, they mention in the press release that the PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC versions will be available in Spring 2001).

    And let's end up with the stuff that made my day... AOL released some season 5 promo pics for Buffy and season 2 pics for Angel today.  The pics are not the best quality, but they're still great and the top quality ones should be released when the WB station sites do their updates.  So for now, content yourself with these, courtesy of The Buffy Cross & Stake.

    Well, I like to start with bad news, if there is any, so: Joss did not win the Emmy for Best Drama Series Writing for "Hush".  The award went to Aaron Sorkin and  for "The West Wing".  So, no joy for us this year... let's hope the academy wises up next year and gives the show what it truly deserves in nominations.

    Lots of magazine covers and articles for the month of October... Sarah is on the cover of Glamour as well as Premiere and Nicholas Brendon is on the cover of Teen Magazine.  The article about Nicky from Teen is here, as well as some pictures.  The articles on Sarah will be coming later this week, but you can see the pics here.  CosmoGIRL! (Leslie Bibb of "Popular" is on the cover) also has an article on Marc Blucas and the pics and article can be seen on this page.

    From the ever amazing Phazer:
    "Moore's are offering exclusive unpainted Giles and Oz figures from their website, they're available now (they were previously comic con exclusives), but I think you need to be a member of the MAC fan club to get them. Also, online store Entertainment Earth will have an exclusive Oz before Christmas. Not the rumoured Werewolf though, just another repaint. This one is wearing black trousers and a dark green 'Entertainment Earth' T shirt. Apparently the colours for this one were choosen by Seth Green himself, which is kinda cool. It's also limited to 3000 figures."

    The new composer for BtVS has been chosen.  His name is Thomas Wanker and his previous works include the film "The Thirteenth Floor".  Check out IMDb for more info on him.  While announcing this, former BtVS composer Chris Beck reported that Sony Records would be releasing another song compilation before the end of this year and a CD of Buffy score music in the spring of 2001.

    Just in time for the holdiays: Moore Creations is releasing Buffy ornaments.  Go here to see them and to pre-order.

    If you're impatient for the season to start, check out this article at IGN Sci-Fi by the always entertaining Sarah Kuhn.

    TV Guide Online recently had an article on Eliza and her new movie, "Bring it On", which you can read here.

    The Creative Arts Emmys were held last weekend neither Buffy or Angel won any of the awards that they were nominated for.  Buffy lost Best Cinematograpy to The West Wing and Best Hairstyling to Saturday Night Live, while Angel lost Best Makeup to The X-Files.  So our last hope for this year is Joss' nomination for Best Writing (for "Hush").  That award will be presented on the TV broadcast airing on Sunday, September 10th on ABC.

    More from the awesome Phazer on the upcoming Wave II Buffy Action Figures:
    "Raving Toy Maniac has posted some better pictures of the Buffy II, Giles and Oz figures (http://www.toymania.com/news/messages/824.shtml), including a painted Buffy II. Unfortunately they also report that the wave has been pushed back to December, and that Cordy and Xander won't appear until February! (probably meaning Spike getting pushed to March/April at least). Have to say that sounds dubious to me, I just can't see them releasing a figure case with 2 figures in it."

    The WB has posted a longer Buffy promo for the season premiere that's at the same address as the previous (see below), but at least we get to see a bit more in this one.  Here's the link again.  (Thanks Kristina!)

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