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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

May - August 2000

So, did you miss the enigmatic promos for Angel and Buffy?  Don't worry, you can download them and try to figure out what the heck is going on.  The Angel promo is available here and Buffy is here.  (Thanks Kristina!)

The season premieres of both shows will air on September 26th in an Olympics counterprogramming attempt by the WB.  (Thanks Randy!)

Well, this is certainly a new one... Universal Studios Hollywood is bringing "Buffy" and "Angel" to the live stage for their Halloween show.  You can read more about it here.

Seth Green will be a guest star on a three-episode arc of NBC's upcoming show "Tucker".  The show will air on Mondays from 8:30pm - 9pm starting this fall.

IGN Sci-Fi has an great article about the next season of Buffy, which includes comments from Joss Whedon and Michelle Trachtenberg.  You can read the article here.

The Teen Choice Awards were held on Sunday, August 6th.  Though they will not air until August 22nd on Fox (check clicktv.com for local times), the winners were announced and Sarah Michelle Gellar nabbed the award for Choice TV Actress.  You can see pictures of her at the awards here.

Let's start with the super amazing and wonderful news... the first season (yes, the whole thing) will be released on DVD in January.  Can you say "awesome"?  I'm excited... as soon as Amazon.com lists it, I'll be ordering my copy and I'll post a link here for it.  Yay!  Something to look forward to.

If you didn't make it to ComicCon in San Diego last week, there's a charming article at IGN Sci-Fi about it. You can read it here.  Both Amber Benson and Emma Caulfield made appearances.  (Thanks Sarah and Michael!)

I received an e-mail from a wonderful guy named Phazer just recently with some lovely new info about the upcoming Buffy figures.  Since it's quite long and I'm too tired to paraphrase, here's what he had to say:
"Further to what was written in Toyfare [see 7/20/00], there WILL be a new Buffy figure in wave II. I've seen the prototype, and it's pretty good. There's also a new variant of the original Buffy figure, wearing a denim jacket, which I believe is an exclusive to Moore's collectors club (more info is probably on their website). I've no idea who the Werewolf Oz and Cheerleader Cordelia will be exclusive to though yet. However, I do know about another exclusive, that is supposed to be part of wave II - Spike! This figure will apparently be an AnotherUniverse.com exclusive. This doesn't fill me with hope though, as exclusives are usually just new heads on existing figures (So I'd expect yet another Angel with Spike's head:(). Lastly, Raving Toy Maniac has pictures of some of the new figures from the Comic Con (Xander, Giles {which looks a LOT better in the flesh, so to speak}, Oz {which is just fantastic}, and an unpainted Buffy II). The link is here. Just scroll down a bit. Hope you find this interesting."  (Thank you so much Phazer!!)

Glenn Quinn's made-for-tv movie, "At Any Cost", will be airing on VH1 on August 16 at 9pm (you can also check clicktv.com for more air times, since VH1 likes to repeat stuff).  Here's a description of the movie (Glenn plays Ben):
    "Rock 'n' roll can be serious stuff, stuff on which lives crest and crash. There's no mistaking the dedication that Lance and Mike, two brothers from Austin, have made to the band Beyond Gravity - all they really care about is music. With the brothers' best friend as a manager, a full family spirit sets the tone of their every move.
    "And as in any family, there are lots of balancing acts in place to keep everything moving forward. Mike's a great guitarist, but he uses heroin. Ben wants to stay artistic, but big time business maneuvers beckon. Bassist Chelsea is Lance's wife - she wants to rock, but also has maternal responsibilities, leaving to care for their son. How are life's daily problems overcome in the rock 'n' roll workplace? Watch as Beyond Gravity has its story told in At Any Cost."

So, the Emmy nominations were released early this morning.  And though Buffy didn't get nominated for Best Drama Series, nor was the amazing cast acknowledged, the show managed to get one major nomination: Best Drama Series Writing for Joss Whedon's "Hush".  Buffy also received nominations for Best Hairstyling and Best Cinematography, though I was most disappointed by the lack of a nomination for Chris Beck's music... but enough about my sorrows.  Angel received one nomination: for Best Makeup.  You can see a list of the nominations here (along with the shows Buffy and Angel are up against) or read what TV Guide Online has to say about Buffy's nominations here.  The Emmys will air on ABC on September 10th.

From Toyfare Issue #37:
"For all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer diehards facing an unbearably long summer of Buffy reruns, take heart.  The Hellmouth is set to open again this fall, with not only brand-spankin'-new episodes but also a slew of new Buffy toys from Moore Action Collectibles---in addition to the usual array of ancient vampires, mummy girls and vengeance demons. The release of watcher Rubert Giles and the lovably sardonic loser Xander Harris will round out the original Scooby Gang.  And Buffy's Sunnydale High crew wouldn't be complete without snobby rich girl Cordelia Chase and Willow's guitarist/werewolf ex-boyfriend Daniel "Oz" Osbourne.  Accessories for each are still being ironed out, but expect the typical axes-and-stakes weaponry.  "No weapons too simple or too elegant,"  Moore Creations Project Manager Aaron Ethridge confirmed.  Moore Creations also has at least two variant figures planned--Cheerleader Cordelia and Werewolf Oz--but other possible variants remain clouded in Hellmouthy darkness.
    But where is the eponymous Vampire Slayer herself?  Some reports have had Buffy mysteriously AWOL from the second wave of figures.  "Rumors, schumors!"  according to Ethridge.  "Of course there will be a Buffy in the next Buffy the Vampire Slayer [toy line]."
    And what about Wave 3 of the Buffy toys?  With the gang completed, what characters are left?  Everybody's favorite vampire couple, Spike and Drusilla?  The delightfully evil Sunnydale Mayor?  Or maybe Faith, the Vampire Slayer seduced by the Dark Side of the Force?  "If we told you, we'd have to stake you,"  Ethridge responded. Fair enough.  Expect the wait for Buffy Wave Two to come to an end this fall."

Since I'm in deep depression because of this, I'll let Chris Beck's (the amazing composer on BtVS) words speak for themselves:
    "Good news, bad news, bad news:
    The good news is, Sony will definitely be putting out a score album.
    The bad news is, it won't be until Spring 2001. They plan on releasing a second song album in time for Christmas 2000, and that one may have one or two score cues like the first one from TVT.
    The other bad news is, I've decided that it's time to pursue my dream of becoming a big famous superstar movie composer, and I'm leaving "Buffy". It was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made, but it's made, and I feel it's the right one, at least for me in the long term.
    Besides all that I got back from Africa two weeks ago and I'm in the midst of moving my studio across town, so things are chaotic everywhere."

There's a new article up at IGN Sci-Fi... this month has some casting news for next season (so beware of spoilers) and is an all-around fun read.  Check it out here.  (Thanks Sarah!!)

Alyson Hannigan will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Monday, July 17.  Check clicktv.com for more info.

The short film "Spoof", starring our very own Danny Strong, is going to be at: http://www.ifilm.com starting next Thursday the 13th. The film needs as many hits as possible in order to have Variety and Entertainment Weekly run a story about it. This is make or break for this film. Help Danny (The Strong man portrays 'Jonathan' on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.')  and hit that site starting Thursday the 13th! "Spoof" is a take on the current round of short films that are spoofs.  Allyn McBeal, Lucas in Love, etc.  (Thanks LW!)

Hmmm... I guess it's been a while, hasn't it?  There's just not a lot to report and I've been on vacation.  Here are a couple items though:

In the Entertainment Weekly issue of their annual "IT List" (a list of the 100 most creative people in entertainment), Eliza Dushku was named the "It Dark Star". Click here to read the small article and see the picture from the magazine.

Another Eliza siting: She was mentioned in the VANITIES section of the July issue of Vanity Fair, with a full page picture and small article, both of which you can see here.

EW.com had a small article about next season with some quotes by Joss.  Be warned that there are a couple of spoilers in the article, which you can read here.  (Thanks Michael!!)

You can vote for Buffy and various cast members for the Teen Choice Awards here.

Fossil will be releasing a special collectible Buffy watch this fall.  You can see a preview for it here.

More bad news: Sophia Crawford will not be stunt doubling for Sarah Michelle Gellar next season.  Instead, she will be filming a movie in Bulgaria.  Needless to say, I'm worried about the quality of the stunts and fight scenes for next season with both Sophia and Jeff gone.  But I wish Sophia all the best luck and I look forward to seeing what she does next.

Last Thursday, June 9, the MTV Movie Awards aired (though they were taped on June 3) and SMG took home two of the three awards she was nominated for.  She and Selma Blair won Best Kiss for their smooching in "Cruel Intentions" and Sarah won the award for Best Female Performance in the same movie.  She was also up for Best Villain, but that went to Mike Meyers for "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me".  Sarah also presented the award for Breakthrough Male Performance and Seth Green introduced D'Angelo.  You can see some pics for the ceremony here.

I found this bit on the Buffy DVDs at The Digital Bits: "Word has apparently leaked to the Home Theater Forum that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is coming to DVD - complete seasons of the TV show - in 2001. These would be released in sets, like Fox is currently doing with The X-Files."

There is an official site for the Buffy video game, though most of it is still in the process of being built up.  You can check it out here.

Hmmm... what to start with... how about the really stupendous news?  According to SMGfan.com, Sarah has signed on for two more seasons of Buffy.  Her previous contract took her through to the end of Season 5, so this means she is now comitted to the show until the end of Season 7.

More good news: David Boreanaz has signed on for a feature film called "Valentine".  You can read more about it here. (From The Hollywood Reporter)

Also, David's Boreanaz's official website at Celebrityblvd.com is now open, so be sure to visit it.  It has audio clips and some lovely personal photos, as well as methods of contacting him and such.  Celebrityblvd.com also has the official website for Julie Benz (Darla), and Glenn Quinn is listed in the "Coming Soon" area there.

Joss spoke to TV Guide Online about the possibility of a Buffy movie in the future.  Read the article here.

All the Sarah Michelle Gellar summer movie news that I've heard is very confusing and most of it is all different stories, but according to Dark Horizons, she will be working on "Harvard Man" and "The It Girl" this summer.  I've heard that the role SMG was being considered for in "Cletis Tout" has gone to Portia De Rossi.  Again, none of this is completely reliable, but we'll see what happens.

According to the Politically Incorrect website (remember that they like to change things frequently), James Marsters will be on PI on June 7.  Check clicktv.com for local times and channels.  (Thanks Rashna!!)

There's another wonderful Buffy interview at IGN Sci-Fi, this time with James Marsters.  Go here to read it.  (Thanks Michael!!)

Glenn Quinn will be celebrating his 30th birthday on May 28, but instead of sending gifts, he's asked that people donate to Women's Cancer Research.  Click here to read more and find out what you can do.

And now for the multitude of articles:

There's a whole bunch Joss stuff to report: He's featured in the Breakthrough section of Entertainment Weekly's 10th Anniversary issue, which you can read about see the picture from it here.  There's also a great interview with him at Fandom.com which you can read here. A couple of weeks ago, Fresh Air also had a radio interview with Joss and  if you have RealPlayer, you can listen to the show on your computer here. (Thanks Michelle!!)  And the last Joss-related piece: Scifi.com has an article about Joss' upcoming comic, entitled Fray.  Read the article here.  (Thanks Michael!!)

Celebrityblvd.com is a brand new website that will be launching May 31 and will feature official sites for some of our favorite actors.  David Boreanaz is one of the many celebrities participating, so be sure to check it out or read more here.

There's a wonderful article about Sophia Crawford and the other stunt people on Buffy at Mothership.com which you can read here.  (Thanks Melanie!!)

Salon.com has an interesting review of this season of Buffy which you can check out here.

And, last, the San Jose Mercury News had an interesting article on the reaction of the public to Willow and Tara's relationship which you can see here.

We'll start with the bad news: Jeff Pruitt, the stunt coordinator for Buffy, has been fired for creative differences.  His fiancee, Sophia Crawford, who is SMG's stunt double on the show, is still scheduled to return next season.  I just want to thank Jeff for all his hard work and time and for doing such an amazing job on the show.  If you'd like to get a message to Jeff to tell him how much you appreciate the time and work he put into the show to give us all those amazing stunts and fights, e-mail your message to me, and I'll get it to him.

A dream is a witch your heart makes.
    Ask actress Amber Benson a question in an exclusive fan-based interview!
    Email all queries to Little Willow at willow99@vornet.com before the end of May. I'll then ask Amber the best of the best in June in the interview! Spread the word to other boards, lists, sites and other fans.
    Ask Amber about her weekly recurring role as Tara on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - as well as her favorites, her memories, her dreams. Don't forget to query about her other roles, such as Cheyenne in Alicia-Silverstone cult-classic "The Crush"; Meg in "Bye Bye Love," for divorced families everywhere;  Stoned Girl in "Can't Hardly Wait," and more.  Upcoming movies include "Prime Gig" with Vince Vaughn and "Hollywood, PA" as girl next door type Mandy.
    She rocks! Ask away before the end of May. :)
~ Little Willow / willow99@vornet.com

IGN Sci-Fi has an awesome new Buffy feature called the Buffy Bonus that I highly recommend you check out.  It will deal with important issues on the show and it's also a blast to read.  (Thanks Sarah!)

As well as being nominated for three awards, Sarah Michelle Gellar is scheduled to be a presenter at the MTV Movie Awards, as is Seth Green.  The awards are being taped June 3 and will air on MTV June 8.

There's an interesting interview with Emma Caulfield at TV Guide Insider all about her time on "Beverly Hills, 90210" which you can read here.

There will be Buffy DVDs sometime in the future, but there are no dates confirmed, just plans.

There's a wonderful interview at The 11th Hour with Jeff Pruitt, the stunt coordinator for Buffy.  Check it out here.

An upcoming Politically Incorrect appearance by Nicholas Brendon: he will be on the show May 19.  Check clicktv.com for local times.

There was a small article at TV Guide Online yesterday with Joss talking about Willow and Tara's relationship.  You can check it out here.

A few days ago, there was a nice little article at clicktv.com about Alyson Hannigan.  You can read it here.

Another TV appearance: SMG will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Thursday, May 18th, which airs at 12:35am on NBC.

Even more TV appearances!  David Boreanaz is scheduled to be on Regis & Kathie Lee on Monday, May 15th and Sarah Michelle Gellar will be on there Wednesday, May 17th.  Check clicktv.com for local times and channels.  David Boreanaz will also be a presenter at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on June 20th, airing on FOX at 8pm.

More pictures of the Buffy Series Two action figures from MAC have been released and you can check them out here.

Some Glenn Quinn news: he will starring in an original VH1 movie, tentatively titled, "At Any Cost."  The movie is about two brothers and their best friend who form a rock band in Los Angeles and is also set to star Eddie Mills, Maureen Flannigan, James France and Cyia Batten.

A couple of TV appearances to report.  If you missed SMG on MTV's FANatic, the episode will be repeated this Friday, May 5 at 1pm.  Next, James Marsters will be a guest on VH1's "The List" (Best Road Trip Song) on May 9 at 7pm.  And last (but certainly not least), David Boreanaz will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Friday, May 12 at 12:35am on NBC.

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