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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

January - April 2000

There's a small article at TV Guide Online with Joss talking about having a show about Faith.  You can read it here.

Just one thing for today... the whole Rolling Stone article is here for your reading pleasure.  I highly recommend that you pick up the actual magazine though because there are some wonderful pics in there and reading on paper's so much better, isn't it?

Hmmm... what shall we start with?  How about Sarah Michelle Gellar being on the cover of Rolling Stone (Issue 840)?  The magazine should be hitting newsstands soon and rollingstone.com has a nifty online feature with a photo gallery that you can check out here.  They have part of the article up there and as soon I receive a copy, I'll post the full thing here.

The MTV Movie Awards were announced just recently and SMG received three nominations, all for "Cruel Intentions."  The nominations were: Best Female Performance, Best Villain, and Best Kiss (with Selma Blair).  You can vote for her here.

Remember the TV Guide interview with SMG where she commented on Keri Russell's (Felicity) Jane article?  (If not, go here.)  Well, Keri Russell has responded... but don't worry, she's not offended and Russell says she respects SMG.  Read about it here.

PEOPLE Magazine is holding a poll where you can choose someone for their list of the 50 Most Beautiful People.  Anthony Stewart Head is on their list of nominees, or you can do your own write-in choice.  Go here to participate.

Lastly, James Marsters will be chatting TV Guide Online on April 25th at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.  And on May 22nd, David Boreanaz will be doing a TV Guide Online chat at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.  Be sure to check them both out!

Okay, I just have to start off by saying how awesome IGN.com is when it comes to Buffy's actors.  They've had so many amazing articles and interviews and they just keep coming.  Now there's an interview with Emma Caulfield which you can read here.  (Thanks for the info, Sarah, and thanks for writing the great article!!)

There's also a small article about Nick Brendon with some info on Star Wars: Episode Two at Cinescape which you can read here.  (Thanks Michael!!)

E! Online has a great section on the celeb race at Long Beach's 2000 Toyota Grand Prix which Aly Hannigan participated in.  One of the areas on the site has Alyson's diary from the race, as well as pics and video clips.  You can see the stuff here.

And 11th Hour has a wonderful interview with David Fury that is a must read. Check that out here.

First off, the "Making of the Video" STP show with SMG will be airing on MTV this Wednesday, April 5 at 4:30pm, according to the MTV website.  So be sure to watch/tape (whatever).

Also, SMG is reported to be signing on for another new movie.  This was in TV Guide Online's Insider newsletter:
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, IT GIRL!: Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to be a busy little girl this summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, everyone's favorite vampire slayer is set to star in Andrew Fleming's new flick, The It Girl. She's also expected to headline James Toback's semi-autobiographical film Harvard Man, but it's not clear whether she'll make both films on her summer hiatus from the WB's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A small article from the NY Daily News on Charisma Carpenter: (Thanks Sneaker!!)
"Charisma-tic Star Needs R&R"
Charisma Carpenter, leading lady on David Boreanaz' "Angel," has been eagerly awaiting the end of shooting for the season- so she can relax.  "I need a rest," she told us as the WB series was wrapping.  According to the 30-year-old actress, "After shooting the series for eight and a half months, I don't even want to think of work. When I was on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' I was so far down the totem that I was able to have a balanced life.  But with 'Angel,' there's no time for anything but work.  We have worked up to 19-hour days, and on Fridays, when we shoot, we start at four in the afternoon and go straight through until the sun comes up.  We've shot as late as 7a.m."  Charisma knows herself well enough to know, "two months into the summer I'll be telling myself, 'I can hardly wait to return to work.'"

And yet another IGN.com article.  This one is on Alyson Hannigan's role in the movie "My Stepmother is an Alien."  No significant news in the article, but a fun and interesting read, nonetheless.  Go here to read it.  (Thanks Michael!!)

A few new articles for everyone to read: In the April 3rd issue of US Weekly, there's an article on David Boreanaz that you can read here.  (DB's milk ad is also on the back cover of the magazine.)

In the April 1 - April 7 issue of TV Guide, Matt Roush's Roush Rave is on Spike and you can read that here.

There's a wonderful interview with Eliza Dushku at Daily Radar that you can go here to read.  (Thanks Michael!!)

And last, but not least, IGN.com has yet another awesome Buffy-related article.  This week it's an interview with Christopher Golden, who writes Buffy novels, as well as Buffy and Angel comics.  Read it here.  (Thanks Michael!!)

Loads of news today since I haven't updated too recently... SMG is scheduled to be on MTV's Fanatic sometime soon, but the date keeps changing.  First MTV listed it as 03/24, but switched it to 03/31 because of Spring Break and now MTV.com reports that the air date will be 04/14.  I'll keep you updated as I find out more about this.

The STP video with SMG in it, might debut April 3 on MTV's TRL, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.  The "Making of the Video" program for it will be airing sometime in April.  There's also a pic of SMG and STP's lead singer, Scott Weiland from The STP Network, which you can view here. (Thanks Nikki!)

Marc Blucas has signed on to film a movie this summer with Freddie Prinze, Jr. called "Summer Catch."  Click here to read an article about him that mentions the movie.

There's also a wonderful article at IGN.com about Danny Strong (Jonathon) which you can read here. (Thanks Michael!)

I've also heard that the Buffy video game will be coming to Game Boy Color, as well as the platforms listed below.

Good news today!!  It's been confirmed by Fox Interactive that there will be a Buffy video game for Sega DreamCast, PlayStation, and the PC.  To read more about it and see some stills from the game, check out this article at IGN.com or go the Fox Interactive page for the game.  The game is scheduled for a Fall 2000 release.

The second half of ET Online's Q & A with Joss is now up, so go here to read it.

Nominations for the annual Saturn Awards were announced recently and both Buffy and Angel received quite a few nominations.  Both shows were nominated for Best Network Television Series and SMG was nominated for Best Actress, and DB is up for Best Actor.  Both Nick Brendon and James Marsters are up for Best Supporting Actor, and Charisma Carpenter was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.  The awards will be presented in June.

Anthony Stewart Head will be starring in the E! original movie, "Best Actress," this Sunday, March 19 at 9pm.  For more info and repeat airdates, go to this page.

More SMG music video news from The Stone Temple Pilots Network. The filming of the STP video for "Sour Girl" with SMG will be featured in an episode of MTV's "Making the Video."  No word on the release date yet. (Thanks Nikki!)

There was a nice little article on Emma Caulfield (Anya) at TV Guide Online today and you can read it here.

A few things to mention today.  First off, there's an awesome Q & A with Joss at ET Online and you can go here to read it.  It's only the first part and as soon as the second half is up on March 15th, I'll have the link to that as well.

There's also a lovely interview Amber Benson (Tara) at IGN, which you can read here.  (Thanks Michael!)

FHM Magazine is holding their annual vote for the "100 Sexiest Women."  SMG was last year's winner and you can vote for your top ten choices here.

According the STP website, The Stone Temple Pilots Network, SMG will be in the upcoming video for the song "Sour Girl."  The single for the song is set to begin airing on radios April 3, with the video to follow it. (Thanks Nikki!)

There's a wonderful article in this month's Cosmopolitan that's written by Sarah Michelle Gellar about violence on TV.  I have to say congrats to SMG for taking a stand and writing this extremely intelligent and eloquent article.  Go here to read the article.

As you may know, the TV Guide Awards were on this evening and Buffy won two awards: Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show and Best Teen Show.  DB was nominated for Best Actor in a New Series, but unfortunately lost to Martin Sheen of "The West Wing." He did get to present the award for Best Actress in a New Series.

Exciting news!! The WB announced they have picked up Buffy and Angel for next season (2000-2001) so we can look forward to another year of both shows!!

As I mentioned earlier, more Buffy action figures are in the works and now you can see what they look like while in process.  Visit this page to see them.

SMG has reportedly signed on for a movie.  This is from The Hollywood Reporter:
    "Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed on to play a young Harvard philosophy professor in James Toback's semi-autobiographical feature Harvard Man. In the contemporary tale based on Toback's 1960s misadventures, Gellar's character has an affair with a student basketball player. Shooting is scheduled to begin this spring while Gellar is on break from Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

As I mentioned before, SMG is on the cover of this week's TV Guide (February 19th issue).  There's also a really great interview inside with her that you can read here as well as see some pics from the article.

The finalists for the TV Guide Awards have been announced and Buffy is up for two awards: Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show and Best Teen Show, while David Boreanaz is up for Best Actor in a New Series for "Angel."  You can watch the awards presentation on March 5th on FOX to find out if our shows win.

Remember that poll that TV Guide Online ran a couple of weeks ago about our favorite Buffy episode?  Well here are the results:
1. Hush
2. Becoming, Part 2
3. Welcome to the Hellmouth
4. Graduation Day, Part 2
5. The Wish
6. Angel
7. Passion; The Prom  (TIE)
8. Surprise
9. Doppelgängland
10. Something Blue

There's a lovely article in this week's Metro (a local Silicon Valley newspaper) about Marti Noxon.  You can read the article here and for anyone who lives near Santa Cruz, Marti will be screening her favorite Buffy episode and then giving a talk about "Buffy" at UCSC's Recital Hall at 2pm on Monday, February 28th.  You can call (831)459-2495 or (831)459-3277 for more information.

The upcoming February 19th issue of TV Guide (hits newstands Monday, February 14th) will feature SMG on the cover.  There will also be an article inside with more pics of SMG and the results from TV Guide Online's survey of our favorite Buffy episode.

There's a very interesting article at the Entertainment Weekly website (it's also in the February 11th issue of the magazine) about new developments in Willow's character.  Read the article here.

The other day AnotherUniverse.com had this little blurb about the next line of Buffy action figures from Moore Action Collectibles:
    "According to Clayburn Moore, the new Buffy line will include a 'Beautifully dangerous new Buffy with a season II hairstyle and new threads, the erudite and handsome Giles in a three piece suit, the musical lupine Oz, the witty Zander and the ravishing Cordelia.' Spike may make an appearance in the future lineup, but Moore was cagey on details as to how the bad-turned-good vampire would join the line."

There's an interesting article an IGN.com about Marc Blucas.  You can read the article here. (Thanks Michael!)

As you may (or maybe not) know there is word that Buffy and Angel Playstation games are in the works.  Jeff Pruitt, the stunt coordinator for Buffy, said the following on the Buffy posting board (Sophia is Sophia Crawford, SMG's stunt double on Buffy):
"Sophia is feeling rested now that she's had the Christmas break. She starts fighting again next week on the show and I'm sure it won't be long till she's worn out again. Especially since we are going to try to shoot the Buffy and Angel Playstation Games on the weekends now. That'll mean zero days off for her for a while."
There's no word on when the games will be released, but I will post more info as soon as I get it.

There is an article in the January 21/28 issue of Entertainment Weekly dealing with Fox's shut down of Buffy sites.  I was a bit disappointed that there was no mention of The Buffy Bringers, especially since we have been working so hard to bring the media's attention to this cause, but it's still wonderful that a huge magazine such as EW is writing about this.  Click here to read the article.

I know this seems rather off topic, but maybe it isn't.  In visiting The X-Files Official Site the other day, I learned that a boxed set of all the episodes from Season One is scheduled to be released on DVD in May 2000 (I was extremely excited by this news, being a huge X-Files fan).  So, to get to the point, there is hope that we may get entire seasons of Buffy on DVD because it's owned by Fox, just like The X-Files.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Right now you can vote at tvguide.com for Buffy and Angel for the TV Guide Awards.  There will also be ballots in the January 8th and 15th issues of TV Guide, but the online voting is different.  It's five special categories that are not included on the paper ballots and one of them is Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Show, for which both Buffy & Angel are nominated.  So go vote for them here and pick up a copy of the January 8th or 15th issue of TV Guide to vote for them in other categories.

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