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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

Yup. You've managed to reach the news area of chosentwo.com. Here you can see some of the interesting tidbits of news regarding Buffy and Angel, brought to you by Anna, Kristina, and Little Willow.

Lots and lots of news to report since we missed quite a bit with the site being down! Not quite sure what to start with, so I'll just jump into it with this TV Guide Online interview with Joss about life after BtVS ends. Read that right here.

Next up... it looks like we won't see a spin-off from Buffy just yet. There were talks of a Faith spin-off, but Eliza Dushku has signed on to do a pilot for Fox next fall. You can read the details of that one over here. And some BtVS stars talk about why another spin-off probably won't happen right away in this article from Sci Fi Wire.

Speaking of new projects... lots of BtVS folks are picking up jobs for next season at various other shows, etc. Here's a few articles/tidbits about some of them:

Nicholas Brendon has signed on for Fox comedy pilot entitled "The Pool at Maddy Breakers." More info.

Writer/Executive Producer Marti Noxon is executive producing another Fox show, "Still Life," a supernatural family drama. More info.

And writer Jane Espenson has quite a few projects on her plate. This info comes from janeespenson.com:

    "Buffy is ending this season, but we'll still be able to get our Jane fix. This spring she'll be working on a new Warner Brothers series for FOX, called "The O.C." about teenagers in Orange County. Nothing's definite, but hopefully it'll be picked up for the summer season. Then come fall, Jane will be doing double duty, working on the yet-to-be-named Gilmore Girls spinoff, and as Consulting Producer for Gilmore Girls."
Moving on... an article about Nathan Fillion guesting on BtVS (he began his arc tonight in "Dirty Girls"). Kinda fun with some nice Joss quotage about Nathan.

And some more articles from Sci Fi Wire: first one has some quotes from David Greenwalt about the end of BtVS, second is about Seth Green taking a part in the Scooby-Doo sequel (which happens to co-star SMG!), and the last article is about the final episodes of BtVS, including airdates.

The 29th Annual Saturn Award nominations were announced recently and both BtVS and Angel are up for various awards. Check out the list of categories our shows are nominated in.

A couple of sites for you to lend your support to. The first one, renewangel.com is a campaign to have The WB renew Angel. WB still has not announced anything about Angel, though they have renewed several other shows currently on their schedule. So if you'd like to see a 5th season, please check out the site! And buffythankyou.com is trying to collect money to place a "Thank You" ad from fans in the Hollywood Reporter to the cast and crew of BtVS. Lend your support and show your appreciation for everyone behind the show.

The Angel Season 2 DVD release date has been announced for August 19, 2003. It's not available for pre-order yet, but as soon as it is, you'll see that here. There have also been rumblings around the web that Firefly will be released on DVD in it's entirety (including the unaired episodes) before the end of the year. More on that as it comes!

Dark Horse Comics has finally announced the release dates for the last two issues of Joss' comic series, Fray. Issue #7 will be released on April 23, 2003 and the final comic, Issue #8 will be seen on June 18, 2003.

And a bit of a spoiler for the finale... just a guest appearance. It's not major, but I'm spoiler-proofing this just in case anyone is trying to remain completely spoiler free. Just highlight the space below to read.

Nerf Herder, the band which performs the theme song for BtVS, will be making an appearance in the final episode of the show, "Chosen." Talk about coming full circle!
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