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A Midsummer Night's Ramble
A Midsummer Night's Ramble

Yup. You've managed to reach the news area of chosentwo.com. Here you can see some of the interesting tidbits of news regarding Buffy and Angel, brought to you by Anna, Kristina, and Little Willow.

Lots of lots of news to report... first off, Fox finally announced the release date of the BtVS Season 3 DVD set. It's set to be released January 7, 2003. You can see a full list of what will be on the set, including extras, right over here.

Next up... a couple interviews with Joss. The first is from Science Fiction Weekly and contains some spoilers for the upcoming season, as well as some tidbits with Clare Kramer, Adam Busch, and Emma Caulfield. The second is a wonderful article/interview all about Joss and a focus on "Firefly".

Next up, a great article from EW.com about why Buffy is constantly snubbed by the Emmys (btw, we didn't win any of the Emmys we were nominated for). Read that one here.

In non-article news... the official BtVS website has been redesigned and has managed to become even more lacking in the content areas. Hmmm... fits right with our lack of promo pictures and trailers for the upcoming season, right?

And to finish it off, a few reviews of the series premiere of "Firefly". Enjoy!

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Are you ready to take a "CHANCE?" Amber Benson wrote, directed, and produced the film. She also stars as the title character, Chance. Appearing opposite the multi-hat-wearing young woman is James Marsters (Spike on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"). Other cast members include Andy Hallett (Lorne on "Angel") as Jack, a nightclub singer; Jeff Ricketts (a member of The Watchers Council on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel") Shamus Murphy ("Deuces Wild"), Nate Barlow, Christine Estabrook, and Tressa diFiglia ("Pi?ata").

Mark the day: September 22nd. Chance has a screening today at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama. Amber will be a part of a cool Q&A session after the film. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

For more details, please visit the movie site at http://www.chancemovie.com

For more information on the festival in general, click over to http://www.sidewalkfest.com

If you want to meet up with other fans who are attending, post at the Sidewalk thread at Amber's board.

To see what's what in the world of Amber, drop by Amber's website

The film has not been released nationally nor internationally in theatres. It is not yet available for purchase on VHS nor DVD.

Thank you again to everyone who donated money to help the film. Thank you in advance to those who are attending the film festival. Thank you to all of the fans who constantly support Amber. You all rock!
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More Golden manuscripts up for sale via legit auctions...

Christopher Golden "BODY BAGS" edited manuscript: "Complete copy edited manuscript of Stoker award winning, and noted Buffy the Vampire Slayer author Christopher Golden's Jenna Blake paperback original BODY BAGS. This is a computer printout, but with extensive annotations, ALL of the editor's and copyeditor's notes are in pen and both red and black pencil, handwritten. Completely one of a kind. Including pages of front matter mocked up by the publisher's production department. Contact me for more information. Reserve is only $40. Signed by Chris on the first page." Ends Sep-13-02 11:19:36 PDT

Bid now!

Christopher Golden "IMMORTAL" Buffy Galley: "Unbound Galley (manuscript style) of Stoker award winning author Christopher Golden's Buffy hardback original IMMORTAL. Contact [NHLiterally] for more information. Reserve is only $40. Signed by Chris on the first page." Ends Sep-13-02 11:34:34 PDT

Bid now!

Don't forget - the maunscript of Straight on 'til Morning auction ends on September 6th, this Friday - just two days away!

Bid now!

For more information on the various titles, check out the book summaries at Christopher Golden's official website.

Also check out next week's issue of TV Guide. The cover story - Returning Favorites. Sunday's lineup includes an Angel recap that is fairly general and wary of the new Sunday timeslot. Tuesday's lineup includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer information, a picture of Giles and Willow, and hints of what's to come.
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