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Shadow Quotes
Shadow Quotes

Dawn: What is a CAT scan exactly?
Buffy: I don't know. It's some... x-ray, I guess.
Dawn: Where do they get the CAT scan from? I mean, do they test it on cats or... or does the machine sort of look like a cat?

Xander: I'm just saying, I think it's rude.
Willow: I wouldn't call it rude.
Xander: Rude-ish. Rude-esque. Whatever you want to call it. When a person makes a 'destroy all vampires' date, it's simple courtesy to wait for your co-destroyers. Am I right, Giles?
Giles: I'm almost certain you're not, but to be fair, I wasn't listening.

Xander: Okay, we were supposed to hook up with Riley this morning, to take on a nest o'vamps holed up in a tomb? So we get there, and guess what? Tell him, Will.
Willow: Tomb go boom.
Xander: Yep. Captain America blowed it up real good. All by his lone wolf lonesome.
Giles: Hmm, uh, rather reckless of him.
Xander: I'd say very rather.
Giles: All that aside, I should think you'd be pleased to avoid the confrontation.
Anya: That's what I've been saying. I mean, I for one didn't want to start my day with a slaughter. Which really just goes to show how much I've grown!

Dreg: Most beauteous and supremely magnificent one, this dark spell I hold in my worthless and scabby hand is our gift to you, most tingly and wonderful Glorificus...
Glory: Please, call me Glory. And get up, looking at you is hurting my neck.
Dreg: Forgive me, shiny special one. I beg of you to rip out my inadequate tongue.
Glory: Gimme.

Glory: Dreg, is it?
Dreg: Yes. Dreg. Your creamy coolness has honored me by speaking my name. Your voice is like a thousand sweet songbirds that-
Glory: Yeah, I never tire of hearing that. Look, just so we're clear, the spell's gonna work, right? I mean, nothing worse than a gift that doesn't work. Then I'd have to get all mad and kill you! It's this whole big thing.

Riley: Were you... were you just smelling her sweater?
Spike: No. Well, yeah, all right, I did. It's a... predator thing, nothin' wrong with it. Just... know your enemy's scent, whet the appetite for a hunt. Ah, that's the stuff! Slayer musk, it's bitter and aggravating!

Spike: Hey, watch it! Easy, you're bruising the leather! Look. I know for a bleeding fact the Slayer wouldn't mind me being here.
Riley: Right. What's a little sweater-sniffing between sworn enemies.
Spike: Your girl in the habit of buying her enemies drinks? 'Cause she spent the better part of last night with me, doing just that.
Riley: 'Cause you guys are such tight pals.
Spike: Yeah.
Riley: That's good. Tell me another.
Spike: Okay, how 'bout this one. Twice in recent memory, she's had the lover-wiccas do a deinvite on the house. Keep out specific vamps. Ever ask yourself why she's never taken my name off the guest list?
Riley: Because you're harmless.
Spike: Oh yeah, right. Takes one to know, I suppose. Least I still got the attitude. What do you got, a piercing glance? Face it, white bread. Buffy's got a type, and you're not it. She likes us dangerous, rough, occasionally bumpy in the forehead region. Not that she doesn't like you... but sorry Charlie, you're just not dark enough.

Dr. Isaacs: Excuse me, I'm just gonna check on the status of the OR.
Buffy: The OR?
Joyce: Dr. Isaacs says I'm... lucky there's one available on such short notice. Some people wait for days, sometimes, weeks.
Buffy: Mom, what did they find?
Joyce: A shadow. I've got a shadow. Somewhere... over there... he showed it to me, but, um... they have to do a biopsy to find out exactly what it is.

Tara: Maybe she's not in the books.
Willow: What do you mean?
Tara: I mean, what if she's not a demon or sorceress or spirit or whatever these books cover? What if she's something else altogether?
Giles: Thank you, come again. Something new, you mean?
Tara: Something old. So old it pre-dates the written word.
Willow: Giles, the Dagon sphere. You said that was created to repel...
Giles: That which cannot be named.
Willow: So I'm thinking maybe she...
Giles: Predates language itself?
Xander: Well hey, if it means I don't have to read any more, woo! And might I add a big hoo!

Buffy: Do we have the results yet?
Dr. Isaacs: Let's, um, sit down over here for a minute.
Buffy: No! Excuse me, no, I... I don't mean to be rude, I just, I've been sitting for hours, I don't wanna sit. I just... tell me, please.
Dr. Isaacs: Your mother has... the term is low-grade glioma. It's a brain tumor. The clinical name is oligodendroglioma. It's in the left hemisphere of the cerebrum. In your mother's case the tumor seems to have started there. In other words, it hasn't spread from another part of the body...

Ben: Thought you looked like you needed a break. Guy's great, but he doesn't have the bone in his head that tells him when to back off.
Buffy: You mean... they, they didn't need him?
Ben: Well, I'm sure someone does somewhere, they always do. He really is a good doctor. Your mom's in good hands.
Buffy: Thank you. It's Ben, right?
Ben: Right.
Buffy: He, um, he was just telling me that there's nothing I can do.
Ben: Yeah, I'm gonna tell you the same thing. Give yourself a break. Listen, your mom's gonna be unconscious for at least another six, seven hours.
Buffy: A break?
Ben: Well, I just mean go out, get some air. Come back later on this evening, talk to the doc then if you want. My unsolicited advice of the day.

Buffy: It's bad.
Riley: I know.
Buffy: I... I have to do something.
Riley: Do something?
Buffy: Yeah, like, you know, magic, like a healing spell.
Riley: Buffy... people get sick. I don't think magic-
Buffy: That attitude's not helping. I have to try.

Anya: Hey. Hey! HEY! HEY!!
Giles: Anya, your heys are startling the customers.
Xander: And-and pretty much the state.
Anya: You sold someone a Khul's amulet and a Sobekian bloodstone.
Giles: Yes, I believe I did.
Anya: Are you stupid or something?
Giles: Allow me to answer that question with a firing.
Xander: She's kidding! An, we talked about the employee-employer vocabulary no-nos. That was number five.
Anya: You never sell these things together, ever! Bad news! Don't you know about the Sobekites?
Willow: Oh! I do. It was an ancient Egyptian cult, heavy into dark magic.
Tara: And the Khul's amulet, wasn't that a transmogrification conduit?
Anya: Damn straight!
Giles: Be that as it may, I still see no reason for concern. I mean, the-the Sobekian transmogrification spells were lost thousands of years ago. And besides, the young woman to whom I sold them would have to have had enormous power-
Willow: Young woman?
Giles: Oh, dear lord.

Dawn: I'm really glad you're here.
Riley: Thanks.
Dawn: Buffy's glad too.
Riley: Yeah?
Dawn: She sure cries a lot less with you than she did with Angel.
Riley: Angel... made her cry a lot, huh?
Dawn: Everything with him was all... eee, you know?
Riley: All...?
Dawn: You know... 'my boyfriend's a vampire' crazy crazy. Every day was like the end of the world. She doesn't get all worked up like that over you. I think you've been really good for her.

Buffy: So I figured there has to be some kind of mystical cure, right? I mean, like a, a potion, or a spell or something. We have to look.
Willow: We can look... I mean, we will, but... I haven't seen anything.
Giles: The truth is, uh, the... mystical and the medical aren't meant to mix, Buffy. Sorry, um... the human mind is very delicate. Too much can go wrong.
Tara: Yeah, I've heard stories about people trying healing spells... if we did something, it could make things a lot worse, Buffy.

Xander: Anya broke a... bippity boppity boo. A thing. Don't worry about it.
Anya: I did not! I didn't break-
Giles: Anya, Buffy doesn't need to hear about your... clumsiness right now.
Anya: My clumsiness. I mean, that is so- ...like ... me. Slippery, slippery ... butterfingers.
Buffy: What happened?
Giles: Nothing to concern you, uh-
Buffy: Giles!
Giles: The, uh, demon woman was here, the one who attacked you.
Willow: It's no biggie, she-she just got an amulet and a bloodstone.
Anya: That can create a monster.
Willow: Okay, biggie.
Buffy: My god, are you guys okay though? I mean, did - no one got hurt, right?
Giles: Oh no, thankfully, no, uh, no violence to speak of.
Buffy: Okay, so, that's good... How did she get away with this bad mojo stuff?
Anya: Giles sold it to her.
Giles: I, I, I... I didn't know it was her! I mean, how could I? If it's any consolation, I may have overcharged her.

Anya: Yeah, a few thousand years ago there was this cult, the temple of Sobek.
Buffy: Sobek.
Anya: Reptile demon. Sobekites were reptile worshippers.
Xander: Just once I would like to run into a cult of bunny worshippers.
Anya: Great. Thank you very much for those nightmares.
Xander: Sorry.
Anya: Anyway, their high priest Khul had great mystic powers. He, um, forged an amulet with transmogrifying crystal.
Willow: Transmogrifying is changing a living thing into a different kind of thing.
Giles: We've managed to decipher the markings that were on the bloodstone that I sold - that she left with. Um, cobra. She's going to transmogrify a cobra.

Glory: Chill, worm. I'm gonna make you a star! Chant!
Dreg: The form is vessel, rendered new. The base is stone, bathed in blood. The gem is fire and elements rarified...
Glory: Sobek, grant the power... that it may mold this wretched creature... that it may be reborn... that it may serve... ah! Dark incantations! Always overwritten! Why can't they just cut to the-
Buffy: Fight?

Glory: The power is yours... to see what is unseen. To find what is shrouded in shadow. Already, you know what I seek. I have given you form, now find for me the key. Seek it out in the holy places. Yes, yes, yes! Let your vision guide you to its hiding place, and then return to me and tell me where it lies. Now would be good. Fun, fun, fun!

Buffy: I've gotta stop this monster before it gets back to Glory.
Giles: Glory?
Buffy: That's what he called her. Giles, she's gonna know Dawn's the key if we don't-
Giles: We will.

Dreg: Please! Please, mistress! Perturbed, yet ultimately merciful- Please, don't-
Glory: What is taking so long, Dreg? You told me snakey-wakey would find my key. Now why isn't he back here with a beautiful message for me?
Dreg: I grovel like a bug, most silky and effervescent Glorificus- Glory! Glory. Your most fresh and cleanness, it's just a matter of time.
Glory: Ohh! Everything takes time! What about my time? Does anyone appreciate that I'm on a schedule here? Tick, tock, Dreg! Tick frickin' tock!

Buffy: You want me to stay?
Joyce: No, I'm fine. I-I think I should... talk to Dawn alone.
Buffy: Okay.
Joyce: Oh. Do I have bad hair? I don't look like scary mom, do I?
Buffy: No. You look beautiful.
Joyce: Okay. Let's do this. Stay close.
Buffy: I will.

Riley: You okay? You look pretty beat up.
Buffy: Minimal damage of the fighting kind. It's all the other kind.
Riley: Come here. It's okay. Just let it out. I'm right here.
Buffy: I can't. Not now. They need me. If I start now... I won't be able to stop.

The Usual
The Usual

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You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood... blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.
-Spike (Lover's Walk)

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