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Seeing Red Quotes
Seeing Red Quotes

Willow: When did morning happen?
Tara: After the moon went down.
Willow: Mmm. I forgot how good this could feel. Us. Together. Without the magick.
Tara: There was plenty of magic, Will.

Willow: I'm not worried about her going up against Warren and the others. I know this is going to sound crazy but... I think there might be something going on. With Buffy and Spike. She looked so hurt when she saw him with Anya. I think maybe-
Tara: They've been sleeping together.
Willow: I don't know if I'd go that far.
Tara: No, I mean she told me they've been sleeping together.
Willow: They're sleeping together? The naked kind of together?
Tara: I'm sorry I didn't say anything. I promised her I wouldn't.
Willow: Does everyone else know? Am I the only one she didn't-
Tara: No, god... she didn't even mean to tell me. It just came out.
Willow: How could she hide something like that from me?
Tara: I think she was afraid of the look you'd get on your face. Kinda like the one you're wearing now.
Willow: No, I'm not... I'm just trying to understand.
Tara: So is she.

Dawn: You... you two... oh, my god! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!
Tara: Think that's my cue to put some clothes on.
Dawn: No! I'm totally not here. You guys do whatever you want. I'll watch TV. Really loud. In the basement. Where I can't hear. Anything. Oh, my god! Oh, my god! I love you guys!

Andrew: You think he knows?
Warren: Well, if he did, why would he be here?
Andrew: Why is he? Our mojo's tight, bro. We could have pulled this ourselves.
Warren: Yeah, well someone had to guinea pig the meat suit. Were you gonna volunteer?
Andrew: I don't trust that leprechaun.
Warren: Okay, just stay frosty. If this works the way we planned it, by the end of the evening Jonathan won't be a problem.

Buffy: She loves you. You know that. Anya was just... she was hurting. She was hurting and she did this really stupid thing.
Xander: With your boyfriend.
Buffy: He's not my boyfriend.
Xander: I know why Anya... I understand. I do. But you? All those times I told Spike to get lost, that he didn't have a chance with a girl like you.
Buffy: You don't know how hard it's been.
Xander: What? Lying to me?
Buffy: Being here. After I was brought back... You have no idea how hard it is just being here.
Xander: You could have told me.
Buffy: You didn't want to know.
Xander: So you went to him instead.
Buffy: Xander, what I do with my personal life is none of your business.

Spike: I'm sorry. Not that it matters anymore but I need you to know that.
Buffy: Why?
Spike: Because I care about you.
Buffy: Then you might want to try the not sleeping with my friends.
Spike: I didn't go to Anya for that. I was looking for a spell.
Buffy: You were gonna use a spell on me?
Spike: It wasn't for you. I wanted something. Anything to make these feelings stop. I just wanted it to stop! You should have let him kill me.
Buffy: I couldn't do that.
Spike: Why?
Buffy: You know why.
Spike: Because you love me.
Buffy: No. I don't.
Spike: Why do you keep lying to yourself?
Buffy: How many times do- I have feelings for you. I do. But it's not love. I could never trust you enough for it to be love.
Spike: Trust is for old marrieds, Buffy. Great love is wild and passionate and dangerous. It burns and consumes.
Buffy: Until there's nothing left. Love like that doesn't last.

Buffy: Ask me again why I could never love you!
Spike: Buffy, my god... I didn't-
Buffy: Because I stopped you! Something I should have done a long time ago.

Warren: Don't worry, babies. Daddy's gonna give you some, too.
Xander: See, now I think it's the "daddy" thing that's throwin' her. 'Cause incest- not that sexy.
Jonathan: Oh, crap...
Xander: So why don't we leave the ladies to their impending nausea and move the freak show outside? What do you say?
Warren: Okay, but let me ask you something first. You think maybe you could put in a word for me with that Anya chick? 'Cause if she's taking it from a vamp, I think I might have a chance. No wonder she's screwin' a dead guy. You hit like a girl.
Xander: Well, at least I know how to get one.

Xander: Is this what you call not seeing Spike anymore? ...What did he do? Did he hurt you?
Buffy: He tried. He didn't...
Xander: Son of a bitch!
Buffy: Don't. Please, just... don't.

Willow: We were able to decipher pretty much everything except these.
Tara: It isn't written in any ancient language we could identify.
Xander: It's Klingon. They're love poems. Which has nothing to do with the insidious scheme you're about to describe.

Spike: What have I done? Why didn't I do it? What has she done to me?
Clem: "She done" who? Oh! Slayer, huh? Gosh, did she break up with you again?
Spike: We were never together. Not really. She'd never lower herself that far.
Clem: She's a sweet girl, Spike, but hey... issues! And no wonder, what with the whole coming back from the grave and whatnot. I had this cousin who got resurrected by some kooky shaman. Oh, boy! Was that a mess.

Spike: You know, everything always used to be so clear. Slayer, vampire. Vampire kills Slayer, sucks her dry, picks his teeth with her bones. It's always been that way. I've tasted the life of two Slayers. But with Buffy... It isn't supposed to be this way! It's the chip! Steel and wires and silicon. It won't let me be a monster... and I can't be a man. I'm nothing.
Clem: Hey! Come on now, Mr. Negative. You never know what's just around the corner. Things change.
Spike: Yeah, they do, huh? If you make them.

Buffy: Hey. Is this your bank? 'Cause if not, there's gonna be a fee for that.
Warren: I was wondering when Super Bitch would show up.
Buffy: You've really got a problem with strong women, don't you?

Warren: Say good night, bitch.
Buffy: Good night, bitch. You're nothing but a sad little boy, Warren, but it's time you grow up and pay for what you've done.

Jonathan: Jet packs! You jerks were setting me up to take the fall.
Andrew: He left me. He flew away and left me! Oh, god...
Jonathan: The big house.
Andrew: How could he do this to me? He promised we'd be together but he was just using me. He never really loved... hanging out with us. You think he'll come back for us? I mean, he wouldn't just take off, would he?

Xander: I thought I'd hit bottom but... it hurt that you didn't trust me enough to tell me about Spike. It hurt.
Buffy: I'm sorry. I should have told you.
Xander: Maybe you would have if I hadn't given you so many reasons to think I'd be an ass about it.
Buffy: Guess we've all done a lot of things lately we're not proud of.
Xander: I think I've got you beat.
Buffy: Wanna compare?
Xander: Not so much. I don't know what I'd do without you and Will.
Buffy: Let's not find out. I love you. You know that, right?

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood... blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.
-Spike (Lover's Walk)

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