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Out of Mind, Out of Sight Quotes
Out of Mind, Out of Sight Quotes

Ms. Miller: 'If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?' Okay. So talk to me, people. How does what Shylock says here about being a Jew relate to our discussion about the anger of the outcast in society?
Cordelia: Well, how about color me totally self-involved?
Ms. Miller: Care to elaborate?
Cordelia: Yeah. With Shylock it's whine, whine, whine, like the whole world is about him. He acts like it's justice, him getting a pound of Antonio's flesh. It's not justice, it's yicky.
Ms. Miller: But has Shylock suffered? What's his place in Venice society?
Willow: Well, everyone looked down on him.
Cordelia: That is such a twinkie defense. Shylock should get over himself. People who think their problems are so huge craze me. Like this time I sort of ran over this girl on her bike. It was the most traumatizing event of my life, and she's trying to make it about her leg! Like my pain meant nothing.

Cordelia: Here's a chocolate... Oh. I don't think I need the loony-fringe vote.
Buffy: Well, I-I don't even like chocolates. Okay, that was the lamest comeback of our time.

Xander: So, what's Cordelia up to?
Buffy: Bribery. She's desperate to be May Queen.
Xander: Cordelia, man, she does love titles!
Willow: Oh, God! Remember in sixth grade with the field trip?
Xander: Right! Right! The guy with the antlers on his belt!
Willow: Be my Deputy!
Xander: And remember the, the hat?
Willow: Oh God! The hat!
Buffy: Gee, it's fun that we're speaking in tongues.
Willow: I'm sorry.
Xander: It's just that we had this, uh... You had to be there.
Willow: It's not even funny.
Xander: Really.
Willow: Uh, Cordelia just has a history of trying too hard.
Xander: Yeah, what kind of moron would wanna be May Queen anyway?
Buffy: I was.
Xander: You what?
Buffy: At my old school.
Xander: Oh! So the, uh, good kind of moron would do that. The, uh, non-moron, I mean.
Buffy: Well, we didn't call it 'May Queen', but we had the coronation, and the dance, and all that stuff. It was nice.
Xander: Well, you know, you don't need that anymore. You got us!
Willow: Be my Deputy! Oh, God...

Snyder: There are no dead students here. This week. Clear back, make room, all of you.

Snyder: Where do you think you're going?
Buffy: Um, Mitch wanted me to get his comb. He, he likes his comb.
Snyder: I don't think Mitch needs his comb right now. I think Mitch needs medical attention. And you need to stay away from the crime scene. Always sticking your nose in.
Willow: Sue? What did you say? Mitch was gonna sue the school?
Snyder: Sue? Who?
Xander: Well, his dad is the most powerful lawyer in Sunnydale.
Snyder: Hold on. What have you two heard?
Xander: His dad, the lawyer. You haven't heard of him?
Willow: Other lawyers call him 'The Beast'.

Buffy: And monsters don't usually send messages. It's pretty much crush, kill, destroy. This was different.
Giles: I'd have to say you're right.
Buffy: I love it when he says that! Any theories?
Giles: Uh, I'm, uh, it's a bit of a puzzle, really. Um, I've never actually heard of anyone attacked by a lone baseball bat before.
Xander: Maybe it's a vampire bat. I'm alone with that one, huh?

Giles: And, uh, I'll research all the possibilities, ghosts included. But, uh, Xander, if you're not doing anything, would you like to help me?
Xander: What, so there's homework now? When did that happen?
Buffy: It's all part of the glamorous world of vampire slayage.
Xander: Well, what part do you have?
Buffy: Gonna find out what I can about Mitch. This attack wasn't random.
Xander: Well, I want that part.
Buffy: Fine. You can do it. Ask around, talk to his friends. Talk to Cordelia!
Xander: Talk to Cordelia? So, research, huh?

Harmony: Oh, Mitch. How is he? Will he be okay?
Cordelia: Well, the doctor says he'll be fine. They're gonna send him home tomorrow. But... you should've seen him lying there. All black and blue? How's he gonna look in our Prom pictures? How am I ever gonna be able to show them to anyone?
Harmony: Well, they can do wonderful things with airbrushes these days.
Cordelia: You think?

Harmony: Ow! Oh, my ankle! I think it's broken.
Buffy: What happened?
Snyder: Hey! Who's the principal here? What happened?
Cordelia: She fell! She, she, we were standing at the top of the stairs and she just fell! All by herself!
Harmony: No! I was pushed! Ow!
Snyder: Don't sue.

Xander: So, we're talking about what, an invisible person?
Buffy: A girl. She laughed.
Giles: A girl on campus with the ability to become invisible.
Xander: That is so cool!
Willow: Cool?
Xander: Well, yeah, I would give anything to be able to turn invisible. Well, I wouldn't use my powers to beat people up, but I'd use my powers to protect the girls' locker room.

Xander: Oh, hey, do you wanna come to our place tonight for dinner? Mom's making her famous phone call to the Chinese place.
Willow: Xander, do you guys even have a stove?

Buffy: I think Cordelia's gonna be workin' on her May Queen dress tonight. Maybe there'll be some action. Guess I'm gonna start the hunt.
Giles: How exactly do you propose to hunt someone you can't see? You may have to work on listening to people.
Buffy: Very funny.
Giles: I thought so.

Giles: Buffy told me you don't feed from humans anymore.
Angel: Not for a long while.
Giles: Is that why you're here? To see her?
Angel: I can't. It's, uh... It's too hard for me to be around her.
Giles: A vampire in love with a Slayer! It's rather poetic! In a maudlin sort of way.

Angel: Legends of Vishnu?
Giles: There's an... invisible girl terrorizing the school.
Angel: That's not really my area of expertise.
Giles: Nor mine, I'm afraid. Uh, it's fascinating, though. By all accounts it's a, a... a wonderful power to possess.
Angel: Oh, I don't know. Looking in the mirror everyday and seeing nothing there. It's an overrated pleasure.

Cordelia: God! I am never sitting through another one of those alumni lectures again. Two hours of 'My Trek Through Nepal'. Hello! There is nobody caring.
Marcie: And did you guys see his toupee? I mean, it looks like a cabbage.
Cordelia: And those slides! 'That's a mountain. That's a mountain, too. Now look at some mountains.'
Harmony: I swear, he had three slides and just used them over and over.
Marcie: I know, but did you guys see his toupee? I mean, it was, like, the worst!
Harmony: We're talking, okay?
Cordelia: Oh! And did you guys check out that extreme toupee? Yeah, that's realistic. It looked like a cabbage.

Buffy: It looked like she'd been there for months. It's where I found this.
Willow: Oh, my God! 'Have a nice summer. Have a nice summer.' This girl had no friends at all.
Giles: Uh, once again I teeter at the precipice of the generation gap.
Buffy: 'Have a nice summer' is what you write when you have nothing to say.
Xander: It's the kiss of death.
Buffy: You guys didn't know Marcie Ross?
Xander: Never met her. Why?
Buffy: 'Cause you both wrote it, too.
Xander: 'Have a nice...' Yeesh!
Willow: Where am I? Oh. 'Have a great summer.' See, I cared!

Buffy: So, no one noticed her, and now she's invisible.
Xander: What, she turned invisible because no one noticed her?
Giles: Of course! I've been investigating the mystical causes of invisibility when I, I should have looked at the quantum mechanical! Physics.
Buffy: I think I speak for everyone here when I say, huh?
Giles: It's a rudimentary concept that, that reality is shaped, even, even... created by our perception.
Buffy: And with the Hellmouth below us sending out mystical energy...
Giles: People perceived Marcie as, as, as invisible, and, and, and, and she became so.

Cordelia: What? I knew you'd be here. Buffy, I, uh, I, I know we've had our differences, with you being so weird and all, and hanging out with these total losers... Ooo! Well, anyway, despite all of that, I know that you share this feeling that we have for each other, deep down...
Willow: Nausea?
Cordelia: Somebody is after me! They just tried to kill Ms. Miller? Uh, she was helping me with my homework. And Mitch! And Harmony?! This is all about me! Me, me, me!
Xander: Wow! For once she's right!
Buffy: So you've come to me for help.
Cordelia: Because you're always around when all this weird stuff is happening. And I know you're very strong, and you've got all those weapons... I was kind of hoping you were in a gang.

Giles: You know, I... I don't recall ever seeing you here before.
Cordelia: Oh, no, I have a life.
Buffy: Okay. Cordelia, your attacker is an invisible girl.
Xander: Who is really, really angry at you, which I... can't imagine personally, but it... takes all kinds, y'know?
Cordelia: Well, I don't care what it is, just get rid of it!
Buffy: Well, it's not that simple, it's a person, it's... It's this person. Now, do you have any idea why she'd be so...
Cordelia: Oh, God! Is she really wearing Laura Ashley?
Xander: So homicidal?
Cordelia: I have no idea! I've never seen this girl before in my life!

Buffy: Marcie's not quite ready. But from what she did to Cordelia's picture, I would say that she's wigged on the whole May Queen thing. Maybe she's gonna do something about it.
Willow: Stop the coronation tonight, maybe. Keep you guys away from the Bronze?
Cordelia: Nothing is keeping me from the Bronze tonight!
Xander: Uh, can we just revel in your fabulous lack of priorities?
Cordelia: If I'm not crowned tonight then, then Marcie's won! And that would be bad. She's evil, okay? Way eviler than me.
Buffy: Cordelia has a point.
Cordelia: Buffy's with me on this.
Buffy: Anyway, continuing the normal May Queen activities may be the best way to draw Marcie out. We can use Cordelia as bait.
Cordelia: Great! Bait?
Giles: Willow, Xander, you'll help me begin our research anew. Unless we find a way to cure Marcie's invisibility, then Buffy will be...
Buffy: A sitting duck.

Cordelia: So, how much the creepy is it that this Marcie's been at this for months? Spying on us? Learning our most guarded secrets? So, are you saying she's invisible because she's so unpopular?
Buffy: That about sums it up.
Cordelia: Bummer for her. It's awful to feel that lonely.
Buffy: Hmm. So you've read something about the feeling?
Cordelia: Hey! You think I'm never lonely because I'm so cute and popular? I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone. It's not like any of them really know me. I don't even know if they like me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes when I talk, everyone's so busy agreeing with me, they don't hear a word I say.
Buffy: Well, if you feel so alone, then why do you work so hard at being popular?
Cordelia: Well, it beats being alone all by yourself.

Buffy: You know what you were saying before? I understand. Somehow it doesn't seem to matter how popular you are when...
Cordelia: You were popular? In what alternate universe?
Buffy: In L.A. Th-the point is, I did sort of feel like something was missing.
Cordelia: Is that when you became weird and got kicked out?
Buffy: Okay. Can we have the heartfelt talk with a little less talk from you?

Buffy: Y'know, I really felt sorry for you. You've suffered. There's one thing I really didn't factor into all this. You're a thundering loony!

Cordelia: Look, um, I didn't get a chance to say anything yesterday with the coronation and everything... but, um, I guess I just wanted to say thank you, all of you.
Xander: That's funny, 'cause she looks like Cordelia.
Cordelia: You really helped me out yesterday, and you didn't have to. So, thank you.
Buffy: It's okay.
Willow: Listen, we were gonna grab lunch in a minute if you wanted to...
Mitch: Whoa, whoa. You're not hangin' with these losers, are you?
Cordelia: Uhhh! Are you kidding? Heh! I was just being charitable. Helping them with their fashion problems. Heh. You think I really felt like joining that social leper colony? Puh-leeease!
Xander: Boy, where's an invisible girl when you really need one?

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