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Normal Again Quotes
Normal Again Quotes

Jonathan: What do you expect? I haven't had a decent night's sleep since... I mean, I'm going Jack Torrence in here, you know? Stuck in this basement for weeks! I mean, we rented the whole house, can't we at least sleep upstairs?
Andrew: We're on the lam. We have to lay low. Underground?
Jonathan: It's figurative, doofus! Did you even read Legion of Doom?

Xander: I don't know how stuff got so mixed up! I blew it.
Buffy: No. Well... maybe it wasn't the best time to break up with her, but...
Xander: No. It wasn't about breaking up. I love her, and god, I miss her so much.
Willow: So, you left her at the altar, but you still wanna-
Buffy: You still wanna date?
Xander: I guess. I know that I'm a better person with her in my life. But things got so complicated with the wedding, and with my family, and with her... demons, and... what if it all goes to hell, a-and forever? But then I left... and ever since... I've had this painful hole inside. And I'm the idiot that dug it out. I screwed up real bad.
Buffy: Hey. We all screw up.

Buffy: I was, uh, checking houses on that list you gave me, and looking for Warren and his pals... and then, bam! Some kind of gross, waxy demon-thing poked me.
Xander: And when you say poke...
Buffy: In the arm. It stung me or something, and... then I was like... no. It, it wasn't "like." I was in an institution. There were, um... doctors and... nurses and, and other patients. They, they told me that I was sick. I guess crazy. And that, um, Sunnydale and, and all of this, it... none of it... was real.
Xander: Oh, come on, that's ridiculous! What? You think this isn't real just because of all the vampires and demons and ex-vengeance demons and the sister that used to be a big ball of universe-destroying energy?
Buffy: I know how this must sound, but... it felt so real. Mom was there.
Dawn: She was?
Buffy: Dad, too. They were together... like they used to be... before Sunnydale.
Willow: Okay! All in favor of research? Motion passed. All right, Xander, you hit the demon bars. Dig up any info on a new player in town.

Joyce: Are you saying that Buffy could be like she was before any of this happened?
Doctor: Mrs. Summers, you have to understand the severity of what's happened to your daughter. For the last six years, she's been in an undifferentiated type of schizophrenia.
Hank: We know what her condition is. That's not what we're asking.
Doctor: Buffy's delusions are multi-layered. She believes she's some type of hero.
Joyce: The Slayer.
Doctor: The Slayer, right, but that's only one level. She's also created an intricate latticework to support her primary delusion. In her mind, she's the central figure in a fantastic world beyond imagination. She's surrounded herself with friends, most with their own superpowers... who are as real to her as you or me. More so, unfortunately. Together they face... grand overblown conflicts against an assortment of monsters both imaginary and rooted in actual myth. Every time we think we're getting through to her, more fanciful enemies magically appear-

Doctor: Buffy, it's all right. They can't hurt you here. You're with your family.
Buffy: Dawn?
Hank: That's the sister, right?
Doctor: A magical key. Buffy inserted Dawn into her delusion, actually rewriting the entire history of it to accommodate a need for a familial bond. Buffy, but that created inconsistencies, didn't it? Your sister, your friends, all of those people you created in Sunnydale, they aren't as comforting as they once were. Are they? They're coming apart.
Joyce: Buffy, listen to what the doctor's saying, it's important.
Doctor: Buffy, you used to create these grand villains to battle against, and now what is it? Just ordinary students you went to high school with. No gods or monsters... just three pathetic little men... who like playing with toys.

Warren: Ah, now, there's the vault.
Andrew: I still say we're gonna need eight other guys to pull this off.
Warren: I never should have let you see that movie.

Buffy: I feel so lost.
Willow: I know. You're confused. It's, it's that crazy juice inside you.
Buffy: It's more than that. Even before the demon... I've been so detached.
Willow: We've... all been kind of slumming.
Buffy: Every day I try to... snap out of it. Figure out why I'm like that.
Willow: Buffy, look at me. You are not in an institution. You have never been in an institution.
Buffy: Yes, I have.
Willow: What?
Buffy: Back when I saw my first vampires... I got so scared. I told my parents... and they completely freaked out. They thought there was something seriously wrong with me. So they sent me to a clinic.
Willow: You never said anything.
Buffy: I was only there a couple of weeks. I stopped talking about it, and they let me go. Eventually... my parents just... forgot.
Willow: God. That's horrible.
Buffy: What if I'm still there? What if I never left that clinic?
Willow: Buffy... Buffy, you're not. I'm... so sorry you had to go through that. But, i-it's the past. You've got to trust me. We're gonna get you that antidote.

Spike: So, she's having the wiggins, is she? Thinks none of us are real. Bloody self-centered, if you ask me.
Xander: Spike, we need muscle, not color commentary.
Spike: On the other hand, it might explain some things -- this all being in that twisted brain of hers. Yeah. Thinks up some chip in my head. Make me soft, fall in love with her, then turn me into her soddin' sex slave-
Xander: What?!
Spike: Nothing. Alternative realities. Where we're all little figments of Buffy's funny-farm delusion. You know, in a different reality, you might not have left your bride at the altar. You might have gone through with it like a man.
Xander: Okay, one more syllable about Anya-
Spike: Oh, balls. You didn't say he was a Glarghk Guhl Kashma'nik.
Xander: 'Cause I can't say glar-

Spike: I hope you don't think this antidote's gonna rid you of that nasty martyrdom. See, I figured it out, luv. You can't help yourself. You're not drawn to the dark like I thought. You're addicted to the misery. It's why you won't tell your pals about us. Might actually have to be happy if you did. They'd either understand and help you, god forbid... or drive you out... where you can finally be at peace, in the dark. With me. Either way, you'd be better off for it, but you're too twisted for that. Let yourself live, already. And stop with the bloody hero trip for a sec. We'd all be the better for it. You either tell your friends about us... or I will.

Buffy: Oh... please, help me. I-I wanna go home, with you and dad.
Joyce: I know, Buffy. But first you've gotta get better.
Doctor: It's not gonna be easy, Buffy. You have to take it one step at a time. You have to start ridding your mind of those things that support your hallucinations. You understand? There are things in that world that you cling to. For your delusion, they're safe-holds, but for your mind they're traps. We have to break those down.
Buffy: Slaying?
Doctor: Yes... but I'm talking about those things you want there. What keeps you going back.
Buffy: My friends.
Doctor: That's right. Last summer, when you had a momentary awakening, it was them that pulled you back in.
Joyce: They're not really your friends, Buffy. They're just... tricks keeping you from getting healthy.
Doctor: You have to do whatever it takes to convince yourself of that, Buffy. Whatever it takes.

Xander: Hello! I'm back! Clean and with the better smell now. Friends? Romans? Anyone?

Xander: Hey, there, sane girl. So did Willow get that antidote to you all right?
Buffy: Yeah. I'm better now.
Xander: Great. So, it's settled. We're, uh, we're real, right? Guess we should finish off that demon and drag it out of the basement. And tell me you're up for that. I so don't wanna see Spike right now. I mean, talk about losing touch. Hate to say it, but I almost... feel sorry for the guy. Almost. The things the poor guy was saying... I mean, I get it, you know. Been a part of the Buffy obsess-

Dawn: Buffy... look at me. I'm right here. You're my sister. I need you and love you. Somewhere inside you must know that's real.
Buffy: Sure it is. 'Cause what's more real? A sick girl in an institution...
Dawn: Don't. Please. Listen to me.
Buffy: Or some kind of supergirl... chosen to... fight demons and... save the world. That's ridiculous. A girl who sleeps with the vampire she hates?! Yeah, that makes sense.

Joyce: Buffy? Buffy! Buffy, fight it. You're too good to give in, you can beat this thing. Be strong, baby, ok? I know you're afraid. I know the world feels like a hard place sometimes, but you've got people who love you. Your dad and I, we have all the faith in the world in you. We'll always be with you. You've got... a world of strength in your heart. I know you do. You just have to find it again. Believe in yourself.
Buffy: You're right. Thank you. Good-bye.

The Usual
The Usual

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