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Dirty Girls Quotes
Dirty Girls Quotes

Shannon: Thank you. Thank God you were there.
Caleb: Well, let's not give him credit for everything. No, I'm funning you. I don't believe it was a coincidence. I also don't believe young girls should be out in the woods late at night—should be tucked in bed.

Caleb: Now, I know what you're thinking. Crazy preacher man spoutin' off at the mouth about the whore of Babylon or some-such. That ain't me. I'm not here to lecture you. I mean, what's the point? My words just curdle in your ears. Wouldn't take in a thing. Head's filled with so much filth that ain't no room for words of truth. Well, you know what you are, Shannon? Dirty.
Shannon: What? I'm not! What're—
Caleb: Now, now, now. There's no blame here. You were born dirty, born without a soul. Born with that gaping maw wants to open up, suck out a man's marrow. Makes me puke to think too hard on it.

Willow: This girl's bleeding badly. We have to get her to the hospital.
Faith: Yep. Guess I'm back in Sunnydale.

Rona: Xander!
Xander: Wha—?
Rona: God damn it!
Xander: What's going on? I was sleeping.
Rona: Dominique has the stomach flu, and the toilet bowl is backed up.
Xander: I'll be right out. Got, uh, a leg cramp.

Faith: Something's killing girls all over the world, trying to end the slayer line. Thing like that, figure I might get a heads up.
Willow: Faith...
Faith: Guess it doesn't really matter as long as you got the true slayer intact.
Willow: You were in prison. Figured you were safe there.
Faith: Yeah, that's prison. Safe as a kitten.
Willow: Sorry, I... don't know much about the big house. Was it— I mean, did something happen in there?
Faith: Someone came at me with a nasty looking knife. Didn't really know why 'til now.
Willow: Oh, Faith, we didn't—
Faith: Forget it. It's cool. I get by.

Faith: Whatcha wanna do to her, vamp? Huh? Somthin' like this?
Spike: Nice punch you got there. Lemme guess. Leather pants, nice right cross, doe eyes, holier-than-thou glower... you must be Faith.
Faith: Oh, goodie. I'm famous.
Spike: Told you were coming. Bit of a misunderstanding here. I'm—
Faith: Spike. Yeah, we've met before.
Spike: We have? I don't think we— Bloody hell! What're you doing? I'm on your side.
Faith: Yeah? Maybe you haven't heard. I've reformed.
Spike: So have I. I reformed way before you did. Stop... hitting... me! We're on the same side.
Faith: Please. You think I'm stupid?
Spike: Well, yeah.

Buffy: Sorry, Faith. I didn't realize that was you.
Faith: It's all right, B. Luckily, you still punch like you used to.

Faith: Are you protecting vampires? Are you the bad slayer now? Am I the good slayer now?
Buffy: He's with me. He has a soul.
Faith: Oh, he's like Angel?
Spike: No.
Buffy: Sort of.
Spike: I am nothing like Angel.

Spike: Angel's dull as a table lamp. And we have very different coloring.
Faith: OK, catching up. Anything else I gotta know?
Buffy: Nice to have you back.

Faith: Whoa. Memory Lane. Same old house.
Buffy: Yeah, well, every piece of furniture's been destroyed and replaced since you left, so, actually, new house.

Faith: Hey, got a spare bed for a wanted fugitive?
Giles: Hello, Faith.
Faith: Well, I guess "wanted" wasn't really accurate.
Dawn: Does she have to stay here? Because there's some nice hotels that welcome tried-to-kill-your-sister types.
Faith: Check it out. Brat's all woman-sized.

Spike: Not all that tension was about you. Giles was a part of a plan to kill me... for Buffy's own good.
Faith: Well, that makes me feel better about me... worse about Giles... kinda shaky about you.

Caleb: "Drink of this, for it is my blood." You know, I always loved the story of the Last Supper. The body and blood of Christ becoming rich, red wine. I recall, as a boy, though, I couldn't help but think: what would happen if you were at the Last Supper, and you ordered the white? A nice oaky Chardonnay or White Zin... I mean, would he make that out of his lymph or some-all? Never did bring it up. Suppose there was a reason why I never spent too long in one parish. Just looking for answers. Just looking for the Lord in the wrong damn places. Then you showed me the light.
Buffy/First: Do you think I'm God?
Caleb: I certainly do not. I am beyond concepts like that.
Buffy/First: But you still wear the outfit.
Caleb: Man can't turn his back on what he come from. Besides, black is slimming. Everyone knows that.
Buffy/First: How do you like what I'm wearing?
Caleb: Just another dirty girl. And, since you only dress up in dead folk, I'm guessing, one who's already been paid her wage.
Buffy/First: Look hard. What do you see?
Caleb: Strength. And the loneliness that comes with real strength.
Buffy/First: Nothing about my pert and bouncy hairdo?
Caleb: You're her.
Buffy/First: The slayer.
Caleb: At long last. All this time. All the work I've done for you... Blowing up the Council, organizing the Ray Charles Brigade, and stickin' all them splits—you never showed me.
Buffy/First: Well, you've earned it. And you'll be meeting her soon. Am I right?
Caleb: Oh, yeah. Yeah, she'll get the message.
Buffy/First: And what makes you so sure she'll come?
Caleb: Curiosity. Woman's first sin. I offer her an apple. What can she do but take it? I'll see you soon.

Andrew: Faith. Her name alone invokes awe. Faith. A set of principles or beliefs on which you are willing to devote your life. The dark slayer. A lethal combination of beauty, power, and death. For years and years—or to be more accurate—months, Faith fought on the side of good, terrorizing the evil community. But like so many tragic heroes, Faith was seduced by the lure of the dark side. She wrapped evil around her like a large, evil Mexican serape. She became a cold-blooded killer. Nobody was immune to her trail of destruction. Not friends, not family... Not even the most pacifist and logical of races.
Amanda: What the hell are you talking about? I thought Faith killed a volcanologist.
Andrew: Silly, silly... Amanda. Why would Faith kill a person who studies Vulcans?
Amanda: He studied volcanoes. He was a professor.
Andrew: Ah, yes. Well, regardless...
Molly: I thought you weren't supposed to be doing this anymore—making up stories.
Andrew: I'm not. This is true. Except for that... possible... word misunderstanding. They're the things you need to know about. Faith... has a history not to be taken lightly. She's a killer. Never forget that. You must stay on guard around Faith at all times. Your very lives may depend on it.

Buffy: You look better.
Robin: No, I don't.
Buffy: No, you don't.
Robin: But I'll be OK. Unless, of course, you start beating up on me now.
Buffy: I won't. Well, I thought about it. I made some doodles. As far as I'm concerned, we're on even ground. I meant what I said. I don't have time for your vendetta, but I need you in this fight. I want you on my side.
Robin: Thanks. That means a lot.

Buffy: You're firing me? I just refrained from kicking your ass.
Robin: Buffy, there's nothing here for you. I mean, people are leaving town, half the kids don't even bother showing up anymore. You've got things to deal with that are much worse than anything here. Look at the big picture.
Buffy: Right. The big picture. The one with the big war and the dead little girls.
Robin: Not dead. Not dead. Not if you get them ready.
Buffy: I don't want to lead them into war. It can't be the right thing.
Robin: Most wars aren't, you know.
Buffy: Some of these girl haven't even been tested in battle.
Robin: Then, I guess, maybe you should test them.
Buffy: Couldn't I just come to work part-time? I could make flyers for encounter groups and post them up all over school.
Robin: And you're fired again. Remember, Buffy, the mission's what matters.

Spike: You craving a moment alone in the dank, or can I bum one?
Faith: Well, I guess you can smoke all you want—the big C not really an issue.
Spike: Teeth get yellow after an eternity. Gotta watch that.

Faith: No more Starbucks for the wannabe's man. They've been spazzing for, like, hours.
Spike: Yeah, does get a bit much up there.
Faith: They're good girls. Just green is all.
Spike: So, why aren't you up there... imparting?
Faith: That's Buffy's thing. Anyway, I just spent a good stretch of time locked away with a mess of female-types. Kinda had my fill.
Spike: Hm. But you waited until Angel needed your help to bust out of jail.
Faith: Three squares, nice weight room, movie every third Sunday. Could've been worse.
Spike: What movie?
Faith: Last one was Glitter. I guess it couldn't have been worse.

Spike: You had the power to walk away anytime. Nothing to stop you.
Faith: I stopped me. I got dangerous for a while.
Spike: You over it?
Faith: More or less. I pull for the good guys now.

Shannon: He was a minister, or something... At least, he dressed like one. I thought he was trying to save me... at first.
Buffy: He—he picked you up on the side of the road?
Shannon: Bringers were chasing me. He said they were his boys... right before he burned me. He wanted to tell you something. Before he... cut me... he told me to give the slayer a message.
Buffy: What is it?
Shannon: He said, "I have something of yours."

Buffy: We've got a new player in town. Dresses like a preacher. Calls himself Caleb. Looks like he's working for the First. He's taunting us, calling us out. Says he's got something of mine. Could be another girl, could be something else. Don't know, don't care. I'm tired of talking. I'm tired of training. He's got something of mine? Fine. I'm getting it back, and you guys are coming with me.

Caleb: The words I use got a power to them. A power, now. They're not just words—they're truth.

Giles: And you're certain this is the best course of action? You don't even know what this man has of yours—if he, in fact, has anything.
Buffy: It could be a girl, a potential trying to get to us.
Giles: Could be a stapler.
Buffy: Going in anyway.
Giles: With the girls? Most of whom have yet to be in the field, let alone in a life or death situation.
Buffy: Then it's time we test them. Look, I'll just take the ones that have been here the longest. The rest can stay behind.
Spike: Could be that's just what he wants you to do—the old bait-and-switch.
Willow: Yeah, he lures us away and then kills the girls we leave behind.
Buffy: I know. That's why I need you to stay here with them. You're my most powerful weapon, Will. I know you can keep them safe if anything happens.
Xander: An unknown man breezes into town, says he has something of yours. Buffy, this thing's got "trap" written all over it.
Buffy: He won't be expecting a full attack—not this soon, that's why we have to move.
Giles: We know nothing about this man. We cannot go into battle unprepared. We have to have more time.
Buffy: Giles, we don't have time. And you're not going into battle. I need you to stay behind with the others. Help the girls who still need a teacher.

Faith: Do they just roam free around town?
Buffy: Well, normally, they show up out of nowhere, and then either stab or get stabbed, and then they run off. Looks like this guy wants to be found.
Faith: Lends weight to the whole "it's a trap" theory.
Buffy: I'm through waiting around for people to attack us.
Faith: Hey, I'm with you. Drop me in the hornet's nest, what the hell? You got a rough sitch here, trying to turn a bunch of little girls into an army...
Buffy: They're potential slayers, just like we were.
Faith: Right. Maybe they'll do as good as us.
Buffy: They're getting better.
Faith: I'll work with 'em. Some of 'em seem real eager. Fashion disasters, yeah, but they're ready to fight.

Buffy: Why did you come back?
Faith: Willow said you needed me. Didn't give it a lot of thought. Do you—Am I getting you want me to be not here?
Buffy: No, that's not what I meant. I'm... glad that you're here. It's good. Thank you.

Xander: And here's a handy rule: don't go for the flashy tentacles just because they're waving 'em about trying to get attention. Go for the center— brains, heart, eyes. Everything's got eyes.
Dawn: Except the Bringers.
Xander: Except the Bringers.
Molly: I don't want there to be tentacles. I'm not good with squishy.
Kennedy: I don't care if it's Godzilla. I want to get in this thing.
Andrew: Godzilla's mostly Tokyo-based, so he's probably a no-show.
Amanda: Besides, if Matthew Broderick can kill Godzilla, how tough is he?
Andrew: Xander...
Xander: Matthew Broderick did not kill Godzilla. He killed a big, dumb lizard. That was not the real Godzilla.
Rona: You people are even crazier than her.
Xander: Than who?
Rona: Buffy, man. I mean, taking us right into the bad guy's lair.
Xander: Well, that's where, generally speaking, you'd go to find the bad guy. And I don't think you came here to fight plaque.
Rona: No, I came here for protection.
Xander: Well, you signed on to fight with—
Rona: Look, I know, but... this plan is trouble. OK, Buffy doesn't care how many of us she puts in danger—
Xander: Let me tell you something about Buffy. In fact, you should all listen to this.
Kennedy: Uh, we kinda were.
Xander: I've been through more battles with Buffy than you all can ever imagine. She's stopped everything that's ever come up against her. She's laid down her life—literally—to protect the people around her. This girl has died two times, and she's still standing. You're scared? That's smart. You got questions? You should. But you doubt her motives, you think Buffy's all about the kill, then you take the little bus to battle. I've seen her heart, and this time—not literally. And I'm telling you, right now, she cares more about your lives than you will ever know. You gotta trust her. She's earned it.
Faith: Damn. I never knew you were that cool.
Buffy: Well, you always were a little slow.
Faith: I get that now.

Molly: What is this place?
Buffy: Looks like an old vineyard.
Kennedy: An evil vineyard, huh?
Spike: Like Falcon Crest.

Caleb: Well, now, you girls are just burning with righteousness, aren't you? Problem is, you think you're blazing like suns, when really you're burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness. You having fun? Now, I hope my boys haven't worn you out too much—I need you fit for when I purify you.
Buffy: Save the sermon, padre. I heard you have something of mine.
Caleb: Well, I do now. You liked my little message, did you? You know, I ruined a perfectly good knife on that girl. Got her soiled blood all over the place. I may have to get a new truck. So, you're the slayer. The slayer. The strongest, the fastest, the most aflame with that most precious invention of all mankind—the notion of goodness. The slayer must indeed be powerful. So, what else you got?

Caleb: Well, you're the other one, aren't you. Your Cain to her Abel. No offense meant to Cain, of course.
Faith: Never was much for the good book.
Caleb: Oh, it has its moments. Paul had some good stuff, for instance. But overall I find it a tad complicated. I like to keep things simple. Good folk, bad folk, clean folk, dirty folk...

Caleb: You're the one who sees everything, aren't you? Well, let's see what we can't do about that.

Caleb: Now, it's a simple story. Stop me if you've heard it. I have found and truly believe that there is nothing so bad it cannot be made better with a story. And this one's got a happy ending. There once was a woman, and she was foul, like all women, for Adam's rib was dirty—just like Adam himself—for what was he, but human. But this woman, she was filled with darkness, despair, and why? Because she did not know. She could not see. She didn't know the good news, the glory that was coming. That'd be you. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever. You show up, they'll get in line. 'Cause they followed her. And all they have to do is take one more step, and I'll kill them all. See? I told you it had a happy ending.

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