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Beneath You Quotes
Beneath You Quotes

Dawn: Buffy! Buffy!
Buffy: I heard screaming.
Dawn: That was you.
Buffy: There was a girl.
Dawn: That would be me.
Buffy: No, it was…
Dawn: Just a dream. It was just a dream, right?
Buffy: "From beneath you, it devours." That's what she said and then they… There's more like her, Dawn. Out there, somewhere… and they're going to die.

Spike: No, no, no. Now is not the time. You know it. I know it. But making them understand… is a totally different matter. No manners is the problem. Proper breeding… lack of etiquette. All of it lacking. All of it lost on them. He stops creeping up on the rat and looks around warily as the ground beneath him begins to shake. He stands up and looks around, panicked. Not the time. Not hardly ready. Stop! Please, mum! Begging now… make it stop! Oh, god.

Dawn: Could you die? 'Cause seriously, speaking for everybody who are me in the car right now, we're very excited.
Buffy: Well, I'm glad for all of you, then.
Dawn: I mean, it's just so cool. You're coming to school with me. You'll be like there the whole time. You understand you cannot talk to me, look at me or hang out with any of my friends, right?
Buffy: I doubt we'll even see each other. Assuming I even half-understand my fuzzy job description.
Dawn: It's not fuzzy. You're what? Dealing with troubled kids?
Xander: At a spankin' new Hellmouth High. Please… outside of drugs and violence and unwanted pregnancy and… the unleashing of hordes of Armageddon that comes pouring out of the school's foundation every now and then, what trouble could these kids have?
Buffy: Guess I'll find out.
Xander: Those kids are damned lucky having a Slayer and a friend on campus there for them. I hope they appreciate it. I know I did. Days gone by, huh?
Dawn: I thought you hated Sunnydale?
Xander: Yes and no. With an emphasis on the yes.

Dawn: You guys really need to ease up on the whole "dating demons" thing.
Buffy: Hello, I'm sorry… wasn't that you having the smoochathon with teen vampire last Halloween?
Dawn: See? This is why I don't want you talking to my friends!

Principal Wood: We'll sort of feel our way around. Some students will be sent to you and others, I'm hoping, will start to come in on their own.
Buffy: What if they don't? Should I panic?
Principal Wood: You'll be surprised, Buffy. You're the youngest and… least stuffy member of this faculty. I think the students are going to want to come in and talk to you and when they do, don't evaluate them. Just listen. They need to feel like there's someone around here who actually understand them.
Buffy: Can I give detention?
Principal Wood: Okay by me. A little authority can be a wonderful thing. Just remember that while you are here to help, you're not here to be their friend. Trust me, you open that door and these students will eat you alive.
Buffy: You heard about Principal Flutie, right?
Principal Wood: Hmm?
Buffy: Forget it.

Principal Wood: There's only three things these kids understand: the boot, the bat and the bastinada. It's… it's a bad joke. It's the bastinada… no one ever knows what that thing is.
Buffy: A wooden rod used to slap the soles of the feet in Turkish prisons but if made with the correct wood, makes an awesome billy club.

Giles: The taxi's here.
Willow: I know.
Giles: And in keeping with quaint old British tradition, you would now be expected to get into it.
Willow: I don't know if I can. Giles, I'm not done here.
Giles: That's your fear talking.
Willow: Yes, and my fear is being an obnoxious blabbermouth. You're the one that keeps telling me to trust my instincts.
Giles: True.
Willow: So? Shouldn't we be listening? I don't want to go back home just so I can screw up again. Why don't I stay? Not forever. Just long enough to, I don't know… make my fear shut up a little, maybe?
Giles: It's possible but… try to be very specific. What exactly are you afraid of?
Willow: Well, for starters, the Hellmouth's getting all rumbly again. And now I know it's got teeth. And are those literal teeth? 'Cause I don't know if I can handle it. And what if I can handle it? Does that mean I have to be a bigger, badder bad-ass than the source of all badness? And what if I give up all this control stuff and I go all veiny and homicidal again? And what if—
Giles: They won't take you back?
Willow: Uh-huh.
Giles: Willow, we could spend another two years here training and practicing and learning to hone your powers and still there'd be no way of knowing for sure that the friends you left behind you… are still your friends.
Willow: Well, sure. I mean, if you put it that way, duh.
Giles: I'd love to offer you some guarantee that you'll be welcomed back to Sunnydale with open arms but I can't. You may not be wanted. But you will be needed.
Willow: Is that all ya got?
Giles: For the moment, yes.
Willow: Okay. Guess I'd better…
Giles: Trust yourself and the others might follow.

Dawn: Should we round up the gang?
Xander: Good thinking, except… this is the gang.

Spike: I did. Before I start, and for the record, last you saw me, I was a mess. Out of my head. Admitted. Last week, living in the school basement, well, you saw me.
Dawn: You did?
Buffy: Guys, just a second, okay. Yes, I saw Spike, I just—
Dawn: What? You just forgot to mention it?
Buffy: Things were insane in the basement. I saved your life. We can discuss this later.
Dawn: Sure.
Xander: Whatever you want.
Dawn: Right. Because that seems to be the only time you let us in, Buffy. Whenever you want.
Spike: Now, in fairness to Buffy—
Xander: Shut up, Spike!

Buffy: Do not start by saying you're sorry.
Spike: I didn't come here to atone.
Buffy: Then what the hell do you want?
Spike: Only to help you.
Buffy: Help me what?
Spike: I was hoping you'd tell me. You're the Slayer, connected to the visions, long line of worthies, right? I'm just a guy with his ear to the ground but even I can feel it. Something's coming. I don't know what, exactly, but something's brewing and it's so big, ugly and damned, it makes you and me look like little bitty puzzle pieces. If I'm wrong, say so. Lovely. No hard feelings. I'll go out that door and you can lock it behind me with any spell you like. So… am I wrong?
Buffy: Everything about you is wrong, Spike. But something is coming.
Spike: You're gonna need some help.
Buffy: Since when did you become the champion of the people?
Spike: I didn't. I'm just a guy who can lend a hand if you'll let me. Ball's in your court, Slayer.

Nancy: Shouldn't we call the police or something?
Xander: And tell them?
Nancy: I'll stop interrupting.

Nancy: Is your girlfriend always this commanding?
Xander: Who? Buffy? Oh, no, no! I mean, she's a girl and she's a friend but she's not my girlfriend.
Dawn: Xander… little drool.

Buffy: Spike and I will check out the scene.
Xander: Okay, in the biggest way I am not loving this plan. I'm not loving Spike. He tried to rape you.
Buffy: And he failed. I know I can take him. Xander, take Nancy home. Spike and I will patrol.
Dawn: I'm command central so everybody check in with me. Okay, I'll be here doing my homework but the other one sounded cooler.

Dawn: Spike? You sleep, right? You, vampires… you sleep?
Spike: Yeah, what's your point, niblet?
Dawn: Well, I can't take you in a fight or anything, even with a chip in your head. But you do sleep. If you hurt my sister at all… touch her… you're going to wake up on fire.

Spike: You're awfully quiet.
Buffy: Wouldn't know what to say.
Spike: Fine with me. I was more than half-expecting to get an earful anyway. And when exactly did your sister get unbelievably scary?

Spike: I don't fancy sticking my head in there.
Buffy: But if something bites it off, that'd be a clue.

Buffy: Look, this… us working together, it's not a way for us to get back together if that's what you want.
Spike: It's not. Look, I can't blame you for being all skittish.
Buffy: Skittish? That's not a word I would use for it. You tried to rape me. I don't have the words.
Spike: Neither do I. I can't say “sorry”. I can't use “forgive me”. All I can say is, Buffy, I've changed.
Buffy: I believe you.
Spike: Well, that's something.
Buffy: I just don't know what you've changed into. You come back to town, you make with the big surprises… twice. I don't know what your game is, Spike, but I know there's something you're not telling me.
Spike: You're right. There is. But we're not best friends anymore so too bad for me. I'm not sharing. We've been through things. The end of the world and back. Now I can be useful 'cause, honestly, I've got nothing better to do. Make use of me if you want.

Nancy: I still can't believe all this is happening. I mean, even with this town's reputation for, you know, unexplained weirdness.
Xander: Right. Sunnydale— come for the food, stay for the dismemberment.
Nancy: There's good food? Well, thanks. And that's a couple of levels of lameness right there, me saying thanks after everything you've done for me tonight.
Xander: Well, you could slip me a twenty but then I'd have to act all offended.
Nancy: Got it. So… do you think I might, instead, give you a call sometime?
Xander: Just to check in?
Nancy: No, actually, I'm hitting on you.
Xander: Even better. I'm very listed.
Nancy: And I'm really pushy so that works out well, then.

Buffy: Anya, that thing you created burst through solid pavement and ate her dog.
Anyanka: Oh, puppy!
Xander: Wait! That gets your sad noise? People's lives are in danger and you give it up for the Yorkie?

Anyanka: Hey! Hands off the merchandise, Spike. You don't get to go there again.
Spike: Please… I've already forgotten about our little time together.
Nancy: I thought you were Xander's ex-girlfriend?
Anyanka: I am.
Nancy: But you and Spike?
Anyanka: Had a thing.
Spike: Didn't last.
Nancy: But weren't you Buffy's…
Spike: Briefly.
Buffy: Never serious.
Nancy: Is there anyone here who hasn't slept together?

Anyanka: Oh, my god…
Spike: What are you staring at?
Anyanka: Oh, my god!
Spike: Right. Let's go.
Anyanka: How did you do it?
Buffy: Spike, what is she talking about?
Anyanka: I can see you.
Spike: Nothing. Let's go. Got some worm-hunting to do.
Anyanka: How did you do it?
Spike: Shut up!
Anyanka: This shouldn't be possible!
Spike: Shut your mouth!
Anyanka: I mean, how did you get it?
Spike: I said you shut up!

Buffy: You haven't changed, Spike.
Spike: Working out some personal issues, are we? Hey, I guess this'll be first contact since… you know when. Oh, up for another round in the balcony, then? Right you are, luv. I haven't changed. Not a lick. And watching your face, trying to figure me out was absolutely delicious.

Xander: Reverse the spell.
Anyanka: It's not that easy, Xander.
Xander: You can do it.
Anyanka: Yeah, sure, the spell part. What about me? I'm in enough trouble as it is. Halfrek's all over my case. D'Hoffryn is not pleased with my work. You don't want to see him angry. Trust me.
Xander: Nice friends you got.
Anyanka: Nice friends I had. Chums, co-workers, bridesmaids. Oh, I had the whole package until something fell apart. What could that be, Xander?
Xander: Are you saying this is my fault?
Anyanka: All I'm saying is that none of this happened until you dumped me at the altar.
Xander: And sooner or later, Anya, that excuse just stops working.

Spike: Oh! Lucky girl Call it quits. Now there's an option. If only it was so easy. If only… if only… if only— What the hell are you screaming about? I can hear you. No need to shout! I get it. The joke's on me. Lots of laughs. Yeah. Bring the wife and kiddies. Come see the show… 'cause it's gonna be a circus. This… just the beginning, luv. A warm-up act. The real headliner's coming and when that band hits the stage, all of this… all this… will come tumbling in death and screaming, horror and bloodshed. From beneath you, it devours. From beneath… Poor Rocky.

Spike: It didn't work.
Buffy: What the hell are you—
Spike: It didn't work. Costume. Didn't help. Couldn't hide.
Buffy: No more mind games, Spike.
Spike: No more mind games. No more mind.
Buffy: Tell me what happened to you.
Spike: Hey, hey! No touching! Am I flesh? Am I flesh to you? Feed on flesh. My flesh. Nothing else. Not a spark. Oh, fine. Flesh, then. Solid through. Get it hard, service the girl.
Buffy: Stop it! You—
Spike: Right. Girl doesn't want to be serviced. Because there's no spark. Ain't we in a soddin' engine?
Buffy: Spike, have you completely lost your mind?
Spike: Well, yes. Where have you been all night?
Buffy: You thought you could just come back here and be with me?
Spike: First time for everything.
Buffy: This is all you get. I'm listening. Tell me what happened.
Spike: I tried to find it, of course.
Buffy: Find what?
Spike: The spark. The missing… the piece. That fit. That would make me fit. Because you didn't want… god… I can't! Not with you looking. I dreamed of killing you. I think they were dreams. So weak. Did you make me weak? Thinking of you, holding myself and spilling useless buckets of salt over your… ending. Angel, he should have warned me. He makes a good show of forgetting but it's here in me… all the time. The spark. I wanted to give you what you deserve. And I got it. They put the spark in me… and now all it does is burn.
Buffy: Your soul…
Spike: A bit worse for lack of use.
Buffy: You got your soul back. How?
Spike: It's what you wanted, right? It's what you wanted, right? And now everybody's in here, talking. Everything I did, everyone I… and him… and it… the other. The thing beneath… beneath you. It's here, too. Everybody. They all just tell me go. Go… to hell.
Buffy: Why? Why would you do that?
Spike: Buffy, shame on you. Why does a man do what he mustn't? For her. To be hers. To be the kind of man who would nev— To be a kind of man. And she shall look on him with forgiveness and everybody will forgive and love… and he will be loved. So everything's okay, right? Can we rest now? Buffy, can we rest?

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