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Anne Quotes
Anne Quotes

Xander: First of all, what was with the acrobatics? How did that happen?
Oz: Wasn't Andy Hoelich on the gymnastics team?
Xander: That's right, he was! Cheater! Okay, and the, uh, second problem I'm having... 'Come and get it, Big Boy'?
Willow: Well... W-well, the Slayer always says a pun or-or a witty play on words, and I think it throws the vampires off, and, and it makes them frightened because I'm wisecracking. Okay, I didn't really have a chance to work on that one, but you try it every time.
Oz: Uh, if I may suggest: 'This time it's personal.' I mean, there's a reason why it's a classic.
Xander: I've always been amazed with how Buffy fought, but... in a way, I feel like we took her punning for granted.
Willow: Xander, past tense rule.
Xander: Oh, sorry. I just meant we in the past took it for granted and, uh... we won't when she gets back.

Xander: I can't wait to see Cordelia. I can't believe I can't wait to see Cordelia.
Willow: I wonder what our first homework assignment's gonna be. Hey, you're excited over Cordelia, okay? We've all got issues.

Buffy: How did you find me here?
Angel: If I was blind, I would see you.
Buffy: Stay with me.
Angel: Forever. That's the whole point. I'll never leave. Not even if you kill me.

Giles: So, no joy at the cemetery?
Willow: No, he got away. We still have some glitches in the system, like... vampires getting away. But I think we're improving.
Giles: For God's sake be careful. I mean, uh, I appreciate your efforts to keep the vampire population down until Buffy returns, but, uh... Well, if anything should happen to you and... you should be killed, I should take it somewhat amiss.
Willow: You'd be cranky?
Giles: Entirely.
Willow: Well, we try not to get killed. That's part of our whole mission statement. 'Don't get killed.'

Cordelia: Is Xander around?
Willow: Well, uh, yeah. Somewhere.
Cordelia: Good. Great. I haven't seen him yet. Do I look okay?
Willow: Oh, yeah!
Cordelia: How's my hair?
Willow: Uh, it's good!
Cordelia: He didn't meet anybody over the summer, did he? No, who's he gonna meet in Sunnydale, but monsters and stuff? But then again he's always been attracted to monsters. How's my hair?
Willow: Still good.

Willow: But you never said anything. How am I supposed to react to this rather alarming news?
Oz: Well, actually, I was pretty much banking on you finding it cute.
Willow: Well, traditionally, you know, repeating a grade isn't exactly a turn-on. A-and you're practically a genius. You're Mr. Test Scores. I-it's all a little weird.

Xander: Have you guys seen Cordelia?
Willow: Yeah. She's around here somewhere.
Xander: I don't want to come on too geeky, but, uh, okay, I'm psyched! There's gonna be some heat, if you know what I mean. So you guys might want to duck and cover. And I'm starting to be geeky. Okay, bye. How's my...
Willow: Your hair is fine.
Xander: Cool.

Giles: I have a lead. A friend in Oakland has a-a-a sketchy report of a... young girl fending off a group of vampires... about a week ago. There's a plane out in about an hour.
Xander: And what makes this different from the last nine leads?
Giles: Well, there's a meal on this flight.
Xander: Look, I don't mean to poop the party here, it's just, you get your hopes all up, and then it's just a big fat raspberry, and I feel bad.
Willow: But it's good that you're looking, though. You shouldn't give up.
Xander: Oh, yeah. Definitely.
Giles: Yes, one must try. Well, I-I-I should go.
Willow: You don't think maybe he'll find her?
Xander: I think he'll find her when she wants to be found.

Xander: Boy, I'm glad we showed up for 'Depressing Night'.
Willow: I wonder what she's doing right now.
Xander: Oh, I know what she's doin'. Gabbing to all of her friends about her passionate affair with Pedro the Cabana Boy, laughing about me, thinking how she still might have feelings about me. Oh, it's possible you were talking about Buffy.

Xander: Yeah, and the slaying isn't getting any easier, either.
Oz: I don't know. I think we're kinda getting a rhythm down.
Xander: We're losing half the vamps.
Oz: Yeah, but... rhythmically.

Giles: Buffy is the most capable child I've ever known. I mean, she may be confused, unhappy, but I honestly believe she's in no danger.
Joyce: I just wish I could talk to her. The last thing we did was fight.
Giles: Joyce, you mustn't blame yourself for her leaving.
Joyce: I don't. I blame you. You've been this huge influence on her, guiding her. You had this whole relationship with her behind my back. I feel like you've taken her away from me.
Giles: I didn't make Buffy who she is.
Joyce: And who exactly is she?

Cordelia: Why do I have to be bait? I'm always bait. Why can't Willow be bait?
Xander: He's already seen Willow. And could you complain louder so that all the vampires leave?

Cordelia: I'm doing this for Buffy's sake. This has nothing to do with you.
Xander: Yeah, like I needed that cleared up. Go away. This is my hiding spot.
Cordelia: Where do I hide?
Xander: You don't hide. You're bait. Go act baity.
Cordelia: What's the plan?
Xander: The vampire attacks you.
Cordelia: And then what?
Xander: The vampire kills you. We watch, we rejoice.

Buffy: You know, I just... I woke up, and I looked in the mirror, and I thought, hey, what's with all the sin? I need to change. I'm... I'm dirty. I'm, I'm bad with the... sex and the envy and that, that loud music us kids listen to nowadays. W... Oh, I just suck at undercover. Where's Ken?

Guard: Who are you?
Buffy: I'm Buffy. The Vampire Slayer. And you are...?

Buffy: Hey, Ken, wanna see my impression of Gandhi?
Lily: Gandhi?
Buffy: Well, you know, if he was really pissed off.

Lily: I'm not... great at taking care of myself.
Buffy: Gets easier. Takes practice.
Lily: Hey... Can I be 'Anne'?

The Usual
The Usual

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So, Buffy, how'd the slaying go last night?
I mean, how'd the laying go? No, I don't mean that either.
-Xander and Buffy (Never Kill a Boy on the First Date)

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