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Wild at Heart Quiz
Wild at Heart Quiz

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1. What did the professor ask Buffy to do?
Lead a discussion group
Get a tutor
Lead a study group

2. Who directed this episode?
David Grossman
James A. Contner
Scott McGinnis

3. Who wrote the episode?
Jane Espenson
Marti Noxon
David Fury

 4. Who saves Willow when she steps out in front of a car?

5. What had Willow been trying to do before Veruca came in?
Cast a spell on Oz and Veruca to break their hearts
Cast a spell on Veruca to kill her
Trying to kill herself

6. How did Willow find out about Oz and Veruca?
She heard them in his dorm room.
She saw them making out at The Bronze.
She found them in Oz's cage the morning after.

7. Why can't Willow keep Oz company the night before the full moon?
She and Buffy were going to a movie.
She wanted to study for her midterms.
She wanted to go to a wicca meeting on campus.

8. What does Willow say when she sees Oz and Veruca?
You bastard!
Don't touch me!
Nothing. She ran away right after she saw them.

9. Who plays Riley?
Larry Bagby III
Marc Blucas
Danny Strong

10. What happened to Spike?
He was captured.
He was staked.
He did a wild monkey dance.

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

It's all part of the glamorous world of vampire slayage.
-Buffy (Out of Mind, Out of Sight)

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