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Teacher's Pet Quiz
Teacher's Pet Quiz

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1. According to Dr. Gregory, what are the two ways that ants communicate?
Touch & Smell
Touch & Feel
Smell & Feel

 2. What did Angel give Buffy at the Bronze?
Claddaugh ring
His jacket
Cup of coffee

3. According to Blayne, Cheryl's sister was looking to make it ____?

4. What did Angel warn Buffy "the Fork Guy" would do?
Rip your throat out
Poke your eyes out
Cut off your hair

5. What room was Miss French looking for?
Science 150
Science 109
Science 200

6. Why was Cordelia in the cafeteria?
To eat lunch with her friends
To pick up her medically prescribed lunch shipped by her doctor
To laugh at Buffy

7. Where did Buffy go patrol against Giles' wishes?
Weatherly Park
The Cemetary
The Sewers

8. How much weight did Cordy lose as told to the "crisis counselor"?
5 pounds
7.5 ounces
6 pounds

9. What drink did Miss French fix for Xander?
Alabama Slammer
Midori Sour

10. Which is NOT one of the reasons why Buffy suspected Miss French was the "She-Mantis"?
Her fashion sense
Her teaching style
She can turn her head 180 degrees

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

If they hurt Willow, I'll kill you.
-Xander (When She Was Bad)

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