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Reptile Boy Quiz
Reptile Boy Quiz

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1. In the movie Buffy, Xander and Willow are watching in the teaser, what language does the woman sing in?

2. Which of the show's producers wrote and directed "Reptile Boy"?
David Greenwalt
Joss Whedon
Marti Noxon

3. How many nights consecutively has Buffy dreamed about Angel?

4. What is Buffy's response to Richard's introduction outside the school?
"I'm Buffy. Buffy Summers."
"So not interested."
"Uh, how about, 'none of your business'?"

5. Complete this quote: "Oh, Buffy, it's like we're sisters..."
"...with really different hair."
"...except, you know, not."
"...except that I'm popular, and... you're a loser."

6. What initials are engraved on the bracelet?

7. What color wig do the fraternity boys force Xander to wear?
Hot pink

8. What is the name of the missing girl whom the lost bracelet belongs to?

9. Near which area in the cemetery did Buffy find the bracelet?
The south wall
The north wall
The east side

10. Which infamous quote of Giles' was first heard in this episode?
"Do you want me to answer that or shall I just glare?"
"I think the words 'Let that be a lesson' are a tad redundant at this juncture."
"Oh, as usual, dear."

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

Destructo Girl. That's me.
-Buffy (Teacher's Pet)

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