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No Place Like Home Quiz
No Place Like Home Quiz

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1. What language were the Monks speaking?

2. Who made Joyce's breakfast?

3. How many customers were in Giles' store when Buffy arrived?
There were customers in there?
Between five and ten
Way too many to count

 4. How many CCs of phenobarbital did Ben ask for to give the now insane night watchman?

5. What did Anya say was over-priced in Giles' store?
Hour glasses
Conjuring powder
Newt eyes

6. Who wrote this episode?
Doug Petrie
Joss Whedon
David Fury

7. How much is the discount on ground cloven hooves at the Magic Box?

8. What's the name of French sorcerer who Anya said performed the trance to reveal spells?

9. What is the orb called?
Dalmion Sphere
Darten Sphere
Dagon Sphere

10. Who played the woman in red?
Nicole Bilderback
Lindsay Sloane
Clare Kramer

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

People can be coerced, Summers. I'm no stranger to conspiracy. I saw JFK. I'm a truth seeker. I've got a missing gun and two confused kids on my hands. Pieces of the puzzle. And I'm gonna look at all the pieces carefully and rationally, and I'm gonna keep looking until I know exactly how this is all your fault.
-Principal Snyder (I Only Have Eyes For You)

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