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Lie to Me Quiz
Lie to Me Quiz

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1. Which future Roswell cast member guest stars in "Lie to Me"?
Shiri Appleby
Brendan Fehr
Jason Behr

2. Ford was Buffy's crush in which grade?
Fifth grade
Sixth grade
Seventh grade

3. When did Ford discover that Buffy was the Slayer?
When he came to Sunnydale
Two months before coming to town
Right before Buffy was expelled from Hemery

4. What was Diego's previous name?

5. What nickname is coined by Willow in this episode?
Net Girl
Dead Boy

6. Why can't Willow drink coffee?
It makes her queasy
It makes her jumpy
She's allergic to caffeine

7. Where did Jenny take Giles on their date?
Mexican restaurant
Monster trucks
A movie

8. On what day did Angel - as Angelus - turn Drusilla into a vampire?
On Drusilla's birthday
On the day of Drusilla's mother's funeral
On the day Drusilla took her holy orders

9. What fatal illness does Ford suffer from?
A brain tumor
A heart murmur

10. When Giles advises Buffy on life in general, he tells her...?
The truth.
A sordid version of the truth.

The Usual
The Usual

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