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Innocence Quiz
Innocence Quiz

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1. What activity of the Judge, to Spike, looks "looks a great bit like sitting on your ass"?

2. Who is a fun machine?

3. Which is NOT a reason Spike gave as to why Dru can't really see the stars?
It's day
She's looking at the ceiling
Her eyes are closed

4. Where did Buffy tell Willow she was stopping first before coming to the library?
Angel's place
Her home
Doughnut shop

5. What office did Xander hold in the "We Hate Cordelia" club?

6. What makes Cordelia say they've hit a place lower than bottom?
The Slayer's a basket case
Xander has a plan
Angel joined up with the unkillable demon

7. What does Spike say is their raison d'etre?
Hurt the Slayer
Kill people
Destroy the world

8. In Buffy's dream, where is Jenny standing in relation to her?
To Buffy's left
To Buffy's right
Behind Buffy

9. What regiment did Xander say he was with?

10. Posters for what movie surrounded Buffy and Angel while they fought in the movie theater?
The King and I
Quest for Camelot

The Usual
The Usual

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If the apocalypse comes, beep me.
-Buffy (Never Kill a Boy on the First Date)

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