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The Initiative Quiz
The Initiative Quiz

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1. Riley is a TA in which of Buffy's classes?
Foreign Arts

2. Who was not featured in the episode?

3. Who wrote the episode?
Joss Whedon
Marti Noxon
Douglas Petrie

 4. What CD of Spike's did Harmony have?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sex Pistols

5. Who has a crush on Buffy?

6. How many vamps escaped from the lab?

7. Why did the other vamp tell Spike not to drink the blood?
It was drugged.
It wasn't human.
It wasn't real blood.

8. Where is the Initiative located?
Underneath Sunnydale High
Underneath The Bronze
Underneath UC Sunnydale

9. What does Willow tell Riley Buffy's favorite food is?

10. Who is the leader of The Initiative?
Buffy's Psych teacher
Buffy's Foreign Arts teacher
Buffy's Physics teacher

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

I'm on a beach, but not one of those American beaches, one of those island beaches where the water's way too blue, and I'm laying on my towel, and it's just before sunset, and Gavin Rossdale's massaging my feet!
Oh, that's good! Uh, I'm in Florence, Italy, I've rented a scooter that's parked outside, and I'm in a little restaurant eating ziti, and there are no more tables left, so they have to seat this guy with me, and it's John Cusack!
Ooo! Very impressive. You have such an eye for detail.
'Cause with the ziti!
-Buffy and Willow (The Dark Age)

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