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Doomed Quiz
Doomed Quiz

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1. How many sacrifices were needed to perform the ritual?

2. Who directed the episode?
Bruce Seth Green
Nick Marck
James A. Contner

3. How tall did Riley say the demon was?
3 feet
2 meters
3 meters

 4. What is the Word of Valios?
A talisman
A book
A knife

5. Which of these people did not help co-write the episode?
Joss Whedon
Marti Noxon
David Fury

6. What actor is now in the opening credits?
Seth Green
Marc Blucas
Emma Caulfield

7. Who referred to Buffy as "all temperature Buffy"?

8. Who died during the last earthquake?

9. What did Percy call Willow?
An ugly loser
Just some chick
An egghead

10. Spike said Xander was doing his part to what?
Keep America constipated
Deliver melted cheese on bread
Save the world from an apocalypse

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

I love the smell of desperate librarian in the morning.
-Principal Snyder (Gingerbread)

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