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Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa

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Written by Zinna

Spike thinks he and Buffy should talk or maybe kiss some more, but either way Buffy just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened (Once More with Feeling). Of course Spike is unwilling or unable to forget their brief indulgence in passion, so he continues to follow Buffy around as she finishes her patrol of the cemetery trying to get a more benevolent answer. What he gets is Buffy's complete and utter refrain. She says she will never touch him in that way again, then she propels herself towards him ending with them both on the ground (Buffy straddling Spike).

When Spike was standing, he was the target of flying stake issued from the hands of a demon loan shark's minion. The loan shark (I like to call him Shark-head because, well, he has a shark's head.) lets Spike know that he needs to come up with some Siamese kittens to fulfill a gambling debt or he's going to catch a bad one. Shark-head tries to have his vampire posse strong-arm Spike to make his threat more sinister, but those vamps are as sure as dust with the Slayer present. Buffy attempts to tell Shark-head the error of his ways, when old Sharky (also a rather fitting nickname) points out that Spike has already vanished.

Over at Xander's house, Buffy's friends discuss their selfish act of raising Buffy from the dead. Willow seems to be the most distraught and the most responsible, since Willow assumed the lead position in the Scoobies' plans to resurrect their slayer. Xander tries to make things better by simplifying their motives - they shouldn't feel bad because their friend is no longer dead. Tara tells the group they should focus on ways to make Buffy feel better about her current situation, as it makes no sense to dwell in what's past. Willow knows of a spell that will make Buffy forget that she was ever in heaven and offers it as a solution. Tara is flabbergasted. She can't believe Willow obliviousness to her excessive and power-hungry use of magic. Tara takes the opportunity to confront Willow about the spell she cast (All the Way) to make Tara forget their fight. Anya and Xander leave so the couple can fight without an audience.

Tara expresses feelings of hurt and betrayal. Tara demands Willow justify how she could think it would be okay to violate Tara's mind, especially after all they went through with Glory (Tough Love). Willow claims her sole intent was to fix things between them. Tara maintains that Willow is using her powers to fix things to her liking and it is a dangerous practice. Tara suggests that she can't be part of their union with Willow acting this way. Willow says that she does not need magic but she does need Tara. They compromise: Tara will stay if Willow proves she can go without magic for an entire week.

Tara is not the only one of the Scoobies contemplating a departure. Simultaneous to Tara and Willow's near break-up, Giles tries to explain to Buffy why he must leave Sunnydale. He has taken serious note of Buffy's unwillingness to deal with her life, her responsibilities to her sister and to herself. He cannot allow their co-dependence to continue. The best way to get Buffy to take a more active role in her life is to leave and allow her to stand on her own. Buffy is beyond grief or understanding when reacting to the news. She is unable to comprehend how someone she loves and trusts so much could desert her when she needs him most. Giles says it's the only way. Buffy tells him he's wrong.

The next day Giles calls all of the Scoobies to Magic Box for an important announcement. Willow tells Tara and Dawn to go ahead of her because she is not yet dressed. As soon as the two leave, Willow breaks her agreement with Tara. First Willow dresses her self in a magical flash, then she arranges selected ingredients in front of the fire place and says an incantation that should selectively erase Buffy's memory of heaven and Tara's memory of their fights. The spell is set into motion when Willow chants Tabula Rasa (3 times). Apparently the spell has some time-release complication so Willow pockets a crystal that will indicate when the spell's effect has begun by changing its color from glowing green to black.

Everyone gathers at the Magic Box for Giles' news. Giles tells the Scoobies of his plans. He is briefly interrupted by Spike's dramatic entrance. Spike is wearing a reddish brown tweed suit complete with a vest and hunter's hat. The suit is Spike's attempt at a disguise, to throw Shark-head's flunkies off his trail. Following Spike's antics, Giles breaks the news of his departure. They all seem surprised, except for Buffy, who is somewhat hostile. Before the group has adequate time to react, Buffy gets up to leave, stating her inability to handle the circumstances. Willow attempts to stop her and apologizes for bringing her back. Buffy is tired of their sorries; they don't make her pain any easier. Buffy begins to express how inexpressible her pain is when she appears to faint. A second look around the room reveals that all of the Scoobies have fallen into slumber.

Night falls and the Scoobies awake without identities. None of them, including Willow, remembers anything. Being the detectives they are, they use their surroundings and driver's licenses to brilliantly deduce who they are. Needless to say, some of the clues are misleading. Willow is wearing Xander's jacket and they wakes up lying on top of him, which leads both Willow and Xander to believe that they are dating. Tara and Willow find their college IDs and assume they’re just study buddies. Anya and Giles woke up near each other, notice Anya's engagement ring, and find official documents that state that Anya and Giles own the store together. Anya and Giles, therefore, believe that they are engaged. Spike does not have a wallet but the name in his suit suggests that he is Randy. Because he and Giles have British accents and opposing natures (Giles notes a disapproving familiarity towards Spike and Spike notes a rebellious familiarity towards Giles), Spike and Giles assume they are related. In fact, Randy suggests that Giles is his father.

Dawn and Buffy are also without IDs, but Dawn has a necklace with her name on it. Buffy is the only one without a clue as to her identity and decides to name herself, Joan. The two also figure that they are sisters. They base this deduction on their resemblance and Buffy's familiar connection (the two note their inclination to bicker, coupled with a strong instinctive desire to take care of one another) to Dawn.

Once they have more of a handle on their identities they begin to discuss possible reasons for their group amnesia. Joan suggests they go to the hospital. The rest of the gang finds this to be an acceptable idea, so they head out the front door. Blood-sucking vampires instantly surround them. Scared witless, they retreat inside the store; they have the presence of mind to lock the door. The locked door doesn’t hold the vampires for long, soon they break in. They only seem to be interested in Randy. Joan, however, accidentally steps in their way and finds herself grabbed from behind. Joan is able to defeat her attacker and stake the vamps attacking Randy. She is driven purely by instinct and unperceived skill. Apparently, Joan is a superhero or something.

Joan decides her super strength deems her the leader. She quickly comes up with a plan. She and Randy will fight the vamps and lead them away from the store, while the others will take the back way out to sewers. Randy isn't so hot on the idea but goes along with it anyway. Anya declares that she must stay in the store and guard the money. Anya also thinks she maybe able to do spells because she is the co-owner of a magic shop. Giles chooses to stay with his bride-to-be. Everyone else follows Joan's plan.

Outside the store, Joan and Randy attempt to dash through a crowd of vamps. A few seize Randy. Randy turns bumpy-faced and fights back with vigor. Unaware of his vampire appearance, he shouts to Joan that he must be a superhero too. Joan runs from him in horror.

Willow, Alex (Xander), Tara and Dawn find that the sewers aren't so safe. They are hunted by a vampire and are forced to hide.

Meanwhile, Anya tries her hand at sorcery and only succeeds in conjuring up her worst fear, bunnies. Giles attempts to reason that maybe she doesn't have the most sophisticated knowledge of spells or maybe she should read from another book of spells. She stubbornly continues, to her horror, conjuring more bunnies. This goes on for quite awhile until the store is covered with hares.

Randy takes out the vamps that were after him and goes to find Joan. When he catches up to her, Joan drop-kicks him to the ground and then straddles him. She informs him of his vampire status. Randy is very surprised by this revelation because he has no desire to bite Joan, but every desire to fight with his own kind. Randy assumes that this must mean he is a vampire cursed with a soul, destined to fight evil in atonement for his soulless vampire atrocities. Joan finds Randy's explanation to be rather lame, but she doesn't have much time to dwell on it. More of Shark-head's goons have come looking for a fight.

In the store, Anya and Giles are hiding from some monstrous result of one of Anya's spells gone wrong. Giles finally takes the spell book from her and says an incantation that reverses all of Anya's whacked-out spells. During the commotion, Giles notices his one-way ticket to England and tells Anya that he must have wanted out of their engagement. Anya wants to invoke vengeance on him, but once he reverses the spells, she loses sight of her revenge inclinations. They apologize to each other. Giles tells her that he does not want to leave. They engage in a steamy embrace.

In the sewers, the others fight with their one vampire. They are able to best him, but the in process, Willow finds her body propelled into Tara's. The two notice an undeniable attraction. It looks as though Willow is about to cheat on her boyfriend when suddenly Alex steps on the black crystal that must of fallen from Willow's pocket. As soon as the crystal is smashed, everyone's memories come flooding back (The crystal must have also been the power source for Willow's forget spell). Realizing that the ordeal was the result of Willow's spell, Tara pushes Willow away from her.

When Joan remembers she's Buffy, she lets the wind get knocked out of her by the vampire she is fighting. Spike finishes the rest of the vamps off without Buffy's help. He then tells Shark-head (without his goons, he kindly offers to forget about Spike's debt) that he is a vamp of his word and he will pay the shark in due time.

Equipped with their true identities, Buffy wallows in her sorrows, Giles takes a flight back to England, Tara packs her things to leave, Willow cries for the love that she is losing, and Spike changes into something more comfortable.

Spike, decked out his usual all-black attire, finds a depressed Buffy at the Bronze. She rebukes him with her eyes. He wanders away.

Tara finishes packing and leaves. She attempts to bid a heartfelt farewell to Dawn, but Dawn can't bare to say goodbye and runs upstairs.

Lastly, we see Buffy has changed her mind about Spike. The two misfits can be found getting it on, real hot and heavy like, near the staircase at the Bronze.

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